6 Artists We’d Love To See Tribute George Michael At the 2017 Grammy’s

Published: Thursday 9th Feb 2017 by Rashad


The late 2016 death of pop star George Michael came as not only a shock to music lovers worldwide, but also another low light for a year filled with the losses of some of the entertainment genre’s most memorable & game changing figures (see:  David Bowie, Prince, etc.).

Now, to the pleasure of the ‘Faith’ singer’s fans, the Recording Academy has announced Michael and Prince are to be the recipients of a full on tribute to their groundbreaking and enduring achievements. And, while 2016 saw a number of unforgettable performances in homage of The Purple One, we at That Grape Juice are hoping the performers selected for Michael’s memorial are equally as talented and appropriate.

A multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer, and instrumentalist, George’s career spanned over 30 years and birthed a number of chart-topping hits with group Wham! (‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,’ ‘Careless Whisper’) before striking out solo (‘Faith,’ ‘Father Figure,’ ‘Freedom,’ etc.).  The first white artist to top the R&B charts, Michael’s interpolation of jazz, gospel, and other rhythmic formats into his pop sound was by no means unheard of for the day, but it was definitely one of the more authentic attempts to do so among his counterparts.

As such, we’ve formatted a list of artists across all genres who we think would give him a Grammy tribute worthy of his legacy.  Get into our list below and weigh in:

Justin Timberlake

With a narrative similar to George’s (transition from top selling boy band to respected solo sex symbol), Timberlake is an obvious choice to tribute him.  Add to this Timberlake’s affinity for weaving R&B into his brand of modern pop, we’d say he’d be a good pick to deliver songs like Michael’s ‘I Knew You Were Waiting’ (with an awesome female co-star) or ‘I Want Your Sex.’

Robin Thicke

Often compared to Timberlake for his heavy reliance on falsetto and affinity for more soulful sounds, Robin Thicke is another blue-eyedsoulster we’d love to hear put a spin on some of George’s signature songs – namely ‘Freedom.’

If you need proof of his abilities check out his impressive tribute to late pop icon Whitney Houston (seen above).

Sam Smith

If the music gods would only grant us one wish it would be to hear Sam Smith sing ‘Careless Whisper.’  In reality, if you ask us, he should be the GO TO for this tribute.  He is the most fitting pick.

Mariah Carey

A shock to many, pop diva Mariah Carey is a huge George Michael fan.  Even citing the ‘Father Figure’ singer as one of her reasons for wanting to do James Corden‘s ‘Carpool Karaoke,’   the songstress has earned thumbs up in the past for covering Michael’s ‘One More Try’ for her ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ album (hear it above)

It would be great to see it rendered live.

Elton John

John, a reported close friend of George’s, shared a memorable moment with the divo when they recorded a live remake of the 70’s hit ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down’ in the early 90’s.  A touching tribute would see Elton sing the song in “duet” with a video of the late singer.

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige has delivered inspiring tributes to the likes of Ray Charles (with Elton John) and Aretha Franklin over her storied career.  How awesome would it be to hear her revisit her remake of Stevie Wonder‘s hit, ‘As,’ as seen above?


Tamia (‘Careless Whisper’) and Michael Buble (‘Kissing a Fool’) – both of whom have covered George over their critically acclaimed careers – are also two picks of ours.  Let’s hope the Academy hears our plea and picks one of the 8 listed here.

Until we find out this Sunday, tell us:  who would you like to hear tribute George Michael?


Your thoughts?

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  1. pat February 9, 2017

    Wake me up (gogo) -Lady gaga
    Faith -Justin Timberlake
    Freedom -Bruno Mars with walk thrus from Chanel Iman, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi

    • Boosie February 9, 2017

      Nah, I’m not seeing it for any of the male artists TGJ picked. If you could get him on stage I’d like to see Zayn or Ed Sheeran or even Usher, Nich Jonas. Solange would do a good prince or Michael tribute or even SZA…. as I think about it JoJo or they could call Bilal
      There are so many artists that could do it.

    • LISA LEVINE February 9, 2017

      Freedom 90 – Lenny Kratviz
      Careless Whisper – Mariah Carey (she got the screaming bridge from this song for we belong together)
      Wake Me Up before you go go – Justin Timberlake
      Jesus to a child – Robin Thicke.

      Of course the grammys won’t make it happen. The show is high on hype and never delivers, not since Whitney Houston killed those vocals from the bodyguard and Mariah Carey annointed the house with Fly Like a Bird.

    • Elsie February 9, 2017

      Ummmm boy George, zayn, Jon b

    • JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2017

      Now that you mention it I´m sure Lady gaga will be there. She´s one of the few reliable artists for… anything.

      • Mariah Carey February 9, 2017

        I would love to hear Miss Gaga sing “One More Try”.

  2. Meteorite February 9, 2017

    No to Justin
    No to Robin
    No to Sam
    No to Mariah
    Yes to Elton
    Yes to Mary

    • Jen Sinwell February 9, 2017

      No singer can even come close to George Michael,He had such an impact on my life.He will be missed so much, and his music and the memories will live forever,My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. ..

  3. The Wig Snatcher February 9, 2017

    Miguel, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin…with Naomi Campbell as presenter.

  4. truthteller February 9, 2017

    Sam Smith – hell no

  5. Truthtea February 9, 2017

    Adam Lambert I Want Your S**
    Bruno Mars Father Figure
    Justin Timberlake Wake Me Up
    John Legend One More Try

  6. Jackx February 9, 2017

    Ed sheeran.!!!!!!!

  7. Drakonce February 9, 2017

    Beyoncé should just sing the whole night and let your faves watch.

    • SMH February 9, 2017

      Why, so she can get dragged for trying too hard and sounding a mess? No thanks.

    • Denise February 10, 2017

      no… smh… absolutely no Beyonce.

  8. XYZ February 9, 2017

    Elton, Mariah, Aretha, Adam lambert, Mary – probably Justin, though he would not have been the first to come to my mind. Usher would be quite cool as well, as he is a major vocalist – as was George Michael.

    Mariah, hell no. Let’s not make her embarrass herself again. We don’t need no butchered tributes anymore (yes, madonna – looking at you). Robin thicke’s child beating, alcoholic ass can stay where it is and Sam smith – nah…

    • LISA LEVINE February 9, 2017

      You sound stupid. end of story

  9. Benny February 9, 2017

    I’m not here for Timberfake’s screechie ass cat voice.

    • LmfaoHoe February 9, 2017

      My sentiments exactly f*** him. He is not a vocalist like George was. God I miss him his voice was so heavenly and I been playing Jesus To a child all week long ❤

  10. S****** Blonde February 9, 2017

    I’m just glad that Beyoncé is not on your list, so refreshing.

    • Prince Machiavel February 9, 2017

      Pauuuuullll…. You’re…so lokooo!!???

  11. Ocean8 February 9, 2017

    Mariah Carey do a rendition live?

    TGJ you so shady!!

  12. leveinard February 9, 2017

    Mariah? Do a tribute (to anyone but herself)? Ok, dear.

    • Mariah Carey February 9, 2017

      I love everybody dahhhing!

  13. Fancy BISH February 9, 2017

    Elton could do a great piano and Bruno could do an overenthusiastic vocal on Freedom…Justina’s squeaky voice can probably do an inferior Alvin & The Chipmunks rendition of Wake Me Up, M***** or Hard Day…Ed and Bruno could probably handle an inferior rendition of One More Try…Sam Smith could probably handle an inferior rendition of Father Figure…The Weeknd could do an ok job with I Want Your Sexx, but keep it short and sweet! Robin Thicke could be alright with Faith, but don’t get too cute…USHER will be pretty solid with Careless Whisper and Kissing A Fool…George Michael is a male vocal bible like Luther, so no one is going to come close! That is all lol

  14. SMH February 9, 2017

    Not a single artist on this list (or currently active) is worthy enough to tribute George, especially the first loser named. George Michael was a unique, one of a kind talent, and none of these mediocre artists are even worthy enough to be his pallbearers.

  15. gina February 9, 2017

    maybe elton john cuz that was george michael’s drag mother lol, but the rest? Mariah Carey? Lmmfao

  16. Xtina 1983 February 9, 2017


  17. LmfaoHoe February 9, 2017

    Im a huge George Michael fan and I dont wanna come off bias but s*** I don’t see anyone on this list giving me life unless they call up Jennifer Hudson how she did Purple Rain. Prince wouldve been proud and her vocals yes lord gave me spiritual feeling as gospel. George’s voice alone is all I wanna hear too. This generation dosent really have much vocalist at all especially for the males which is sad unless we consider Bruno, Luke James, or Miguel. JT….please okay with that dry ass flavorless voice.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2017

      Bruno has been truly the best male in all fronts these last few years. I agree I would love to only hear George´s voice to be honest. Kind of what they did with Whitney.

  18. JOHNVIDAL February 9, 2017

    O wow I think I had never seen that Robin tribute to Whitney houston. It was beautiful. Michael Jackson and Whitney´s deaths have truly been the most impacting celebrity deaths in years and years. They were everywhere.

    Anyway, George Michael was SO damn good! His voice and so many songs from his catalogue atre amazing and unique. And also timeless. With these two big tributes in the same night i don´t really know who i would wantg to see. Just do something good and respectful and it will be fine.

  19. Theman February 9, 2017

    If Mariah rehearses and actually does what she does best then she’d be awesome. This entire group would be. Justin can sing & certainly isn’t screech i.e. Y’all be saying anything.. No to Beyonce. Her voice doesn’t fit. She needs to go on hiatus..

    • leveinard February 9, 2017

      Singing is not what Mariah does best. Singing is what Mariah DID best. Now, she simply shows out with absurd antics beneath the caliber of celebrity she is.

  20. Theman February 9, 2017

    JHud is just powerful.

  21. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 10, 2017

    Some of them is a no

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