Grammy Producers Speak On Racism Claims, Show’s Tech Glitches, & More

Published: Friday 17th Feb 2017 by Rashad

It’s been nearly a week since the 59th annual Grammy Awards aired and people are still very much up-in-arms over a number of infamous moments from the telecast.

After Adele‘s historic sweep of the Album, Song, and Record of the Year categories, conversation erupted about how few times people of color have won the ceremony’s top honor over its 59 year history.  This added to the fact this year’s most nominated acts – Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West, and Chance the Rapper – mostly walked away with minor awards (if any awards at all).

As if that wasn’t enough, there were a number of sound snafus and technical mixups over the show including Metallica lead singer’s, James Hetfield, mic being completely off during a portion of the group’s performance with Lady Gaga and a picture of gospel singer Cece Winans being displayed behind a caption that read “Shirley Caesar.

Tuck in below to read the Recording Academy’s response to all the hoopla:

On claims of racism [quote by Recording Academy president Neil Portnow]:

“It’s more about personal taste, so it’s hard for me to criticize when we see no basis that [the results] are about anything other than music, and certainly not race” — Portnow does concede that while “we’ve come a long way as an organization, we’re certainly not complacent or satisfied with where we are — but we also need the participation of the communities to do more. That’s how democracy works.”

“[Some of] the comments I’ve seen come from not understanding at all how this works,” says Portnow. “It’s one thing to be a critic, and another to join and vote and be part of the change that you want to see.”

“I understand that people might feel left out,” says Portnow. “But it’s really simple: Participate and vote, and then you’re part of the conversation. Not only do we encourage and welcome that,” he concludes, “we need it.”


On technical mixups [quote by Ken Ehrlich, Grammy producer]:

“These kinds of things are horrible when they happen,” Ken Ehrlich said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. “That’s one of the risks of live television.”

“Obviously, we apologize to the band [Metallica],” Ehrlich said, calling the mishap “awful.”


“We obviously want to apologize to Shirley Caesar,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that happened.”

Metallica’s drummer weighs in on sound snafu:

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme February 17, 2017

    The people who are voting are racist. Point blank period.

    • 🤢 February 17, 2017

      Girl shut up was the Grammys racist when your girl won SOTY? Quit using racism as An excuse because certain members of the voting new committee don’t have their heads far up Beyonce’s ass

      • HailLegendBeysus February 17, 2017

        According to the NewYork Times Tue Grammy had a few select voter’s meet up and discuss Lemonade’s submissions from Rock, Pop, Urban, Country and R&B catagories. A Grammy voter who was in attendance basically said Those voter’s in that meeting felt like Beyonce and her team where cheating. So they basically punished her by snubbing her.
        Another voter also said There is a secret grammy committee that is basically nothing but white men who over rule any grammy nominations or wins should they feel it’s not apart of their “agenda”. This was the samr Grammy Committee HDD reported that made the decision to iver throw Grammy Voter’s choice for ROTY & SOTY and submit Formation in instead. I guess that explains why most black singers can only win multiple Grammys in R&B, Urban or Rap categories. They always toss em a bone for Main Catagory noms yet almost never award them. Hmmmm….

      • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2017

        What AGENDA?……To make Beyoncé the musician with more Grammys, that’s the only agenda I see, R&B or not, those are Grammys, I can’t at her fans.

    • Elsie February 17, 2017


    • Truth(yaaasss honey) February 17, 2017

      The grammys racist as hell. End of story honey

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Yeah, they’re so racist they gave that b*tch 22 trophies. Sit and shut up.

    • Tim Brown February 17, 2017

      You do know the grammy voters are diverse right? Lol

    • Elsie February 17, 2017

      And what’s crazy they shy us away and don’t tell us it was a time where it was an tie between to artist and both artist won the Grammy, actually Patti Labelle and lisa Fischer won the same award for best Rb performance… But they ain’t going to tell us that, here we are worried about ADELE. AND WE GOT CHRISETTE MICHELLE, FANTASIA. KEYSHIA COLE, K MICHELLE, TWEET, JAZMINE SULLIVAN, AND WE DONT EVEN SUPPORT THEM AS A BLACK COMMUNITY,ALICIA LOSING HER STEAM JUST A LITTLE BIT, JENNIFER HUDSON. CAN NEVER DELIVER A WORTHY Album, rihanna was blessed this time around, because she was almost out for the count with this anti album, Nicky want to be the only rap girl doing it, but in pray Remy win even though she won’t be commercial, Beyonce saves the day with her urban music, actually who is Beyonce friendly competitor, because us as fans always want to put artist against each other, like all these black girls can be winning together, because they all deliver something different, poor kmichelle she releasing albums back to back and the recording academy probably be mistaking her for keyshia Cole, fantasia can perform her tail off and probably could stand her own on the same ticket as beyonce if they were on the same award show, but they will not let fantasia win again. that black girl too talented and she will not try to outshine hey or rih, which she could never, because they already have their own established fan bases, Monica and brandy just retire and become our young legends we all grew up on their music, ciara. girl give Russell his baby and then become model, we sevyn streeter to the front, Now she is Rb, tiffany Evans. Girl that shipped sailed, Lauryn never coming back. She was late her, Keri I like you, keep pushing, Ashanti. I still like your offerings and I like that she stays in her lane, chance the rapper need to teach a class to the lesser Rb girls on going independent jasmine girl she gives us music that we can relate to and her voice is golden, but I’m sure she is always compared to lalah halfaway, Kelly girl, I just don’t know why don’t you become bwyonces publicist,.. Remember R&b soul is not dead, its just not promoted heavily, and we don’t support Rb, you know how these white artist have their white sand support them, radio should just drop the Rb and call it hip hop stations. Because all I hear is trap music during the day, future and two chains should be billionaires by now, no wait y’all, they play Rb during grave yard shift you know during the hours most people are sleep. I just don’t know anymore

    • Cory February 17, 2017

      STOP. Beyonce has more Grammy nominations than any other woman in history. More than Whitney, Janet, Madonna, Aretha, 4 women who have not only sold more albums than Beyonce, have also scored way more hits than Beyonce. Not to mention Beyonce has more Grammy awards than Janet, Madonna and Whitney combined, yet she has yet to release anything nearly as important as “Rhythm Nation,” “Bodyguard” or “Like a Prayer”. She even has more Grammy awards than Michael Jackson and Prince! Save it! She’s overrated and I’m glad she didn’t win Album of the Year.

    • Jj February 19, 2017

      Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and Lionel Richie won AOTY. I happen to know a few BLACK voters. Get over it. Lemonade is trash.

  2. Suicide Blonde February 17, 2017

    The Grammys racist, yeah sure 🙄 Ask Beyoncé and her 40 Grammys.

    • Molly #HeGiveItToMe #Everyday February 17, 2017

      👀 hmmm

    • DangerousWoman February 17, 2017

      98% of her Grammys come from R&B categories that don’t even exist anymore. She’s always snubbed in the big categories.

      • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2017

        As it she should, none of her albums deserve to win AOTY.

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) February 17, 2017

      Girl everybody know you a bigot.

    • Elsie February 18, 2017

      Y’all want Beyonce and rihanna to win all the awards and leave the other artist to be.

  3. Molly #HeGiveItToMe #Everyday February 17, 2017

    Beyonce and Rihanna were snubbed. Bey deserved more than two grammys

    • 🤢 February 17, 2017

      No Beyoncé deserved the number of Grammys she got.The only people that though lemon juice was worthy of AOTY are her delusional fans and sinking publications that have their heads up her ass and probably on her payroll

      • Molly #HeGiveItToMe #Everyday February 17, 2017

        Lemonade was way better than 25 just saying

    • Elsie February 17, 2017

      It amazes me that it took rihanna and Beyonce to lose, to realize they do black artist wrong. So what about the other Rb arist, because bey and rih are not the only artist we have

      • Tim Brown February 17, 2017

        Wow so I guess they did MJ, WH, LH and Outkast wrong also?

    • Jasmine February 17, 2017

      Just because you think Beyonce and Rihanna were snubbed does not mean they were snubbed. The beauty of being human is we all do not think alike. I liked Adele’s 25 album 10 times better than I did Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Does that make me a racist? Same goes for grammy voters who liked Adele’s album better.

    • Jason February 17, 2017

      Facts! They can call it whatever they want to feel better, but something is fishy. And I’m not even a Stan!!

  4. Datredd23 February 17, 2017

    Anti was snubbed completely but had the camera on her all night the fuckery is real

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2017

      Time you realize industry thinks she is a joke and they use her like one. In what world do you live in?

  5. pat February 17, 2017

    RHYTHYM NATION biggest album of 1990
    7 top 5 hits (most of any album ever)…written mostly by Janet herself (one of the most BLANTANTLY socially and impactful album of the 90s if not ever)

    Mariah Daydream had a number one single damn year the entire calendar year ,changed the game musically, written almost solely by Mariah herself

    The grammy’s been racist and Beyonce isn’t the biggest victim.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2017

      Honey, and Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill or Michael Jackson slayed the top categories some other years. Your point is?

      • pat February 17, 2017

        So to your point. Why is Beyonce whining? lol

      • pat February 17, 2017

        Just because they got it right 3 times doesn’t negate anything i said tho

  6. Matthew Charlery-Smith February 17, 2017

    Were the Grammys racist when they awarded Beyonce 22 times? Were they racist when they gave AOTY to Stevie Wonder for 3 consecutive albums? How about when Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Outkast, Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson won? Lauryn Hill also won with her dark skin, dreadlocks and Caribbean-Afro centric music style.

    The Hive must be the most uneducated, rabid and utterly deluded fan base in the history of Pop music. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2017

      I agree. it is being appalling. They really think she is the ebst musician tehre is and that their is no more to it. Appalling.

  7. Wonder Woman February 17, 2017

    Anti was only snubbed for best packaging

  8. Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm February 17, 2017

    Lol people claim the Grammys are racist every year their fav doesn’t win an award. It has nothing to do with race, simple fact is that the critics are on Adele’s cl*t so she won everything. Get over it.

  9. Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 17, 2017

    If the secret grammy committee is true…(which i think it is)..THEY YES THEY ARE NOT ONLY RACIST, OUT OF TOUCH OLD WHITE MEN WHO DON’T KNOW S***.

    • Tim Brown February 17, 2017

      Umm I know Black Grammy voters…wow

    • SMH February 17, 2017

      Funny how you beehive morons believe a secret Grammy committe but don’t believe beyonce purchased more than half of her awards.

  10. Beygency February 17, 2017

    The fact that Taylor Swift has two AOTY Grammys is the reason why the world is so f***** up

  11. Lola February 17, 2017

    In 2005 The four out of the five nominees were black,Ray Charles ended up winning and he’s black so was the Grammys racist when they awarded a black man that award?

  12. Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 17, 2017

    Why taylor won over kendrick is questionable?? HOW D HELL DID THAT F****** HAPPEN.

    • Molly #HeGivesItToMe #Everyday February 17, 2017

      The grammys are so tired at this point.

    • Igotstatellithowiseeit February 17, 2017

      Uhhh…. because his album didn’t appeal to the masses in the way that TS album did. We might have thought that it was a great album but we are not the majority. Also, I would bet that 3x the amount of people who heard Kendricks work have heard TS. Just my thought.

  13. King B February 17, 2017

    Maybe. I think Anti deserve best album packaging at least, she didn’t win that too. I wonder who are the other nominees. Adele as well?

  14. …… February 17, 2017

    People claim the voting committee consist of old white men yet they have no proof(like the names) to back that claim. People that vote for AOTY are singers,songwriters,engineers etc basically people that work in the industry even Adele admitted that she’s part of the voting committee

    • HailLegendBeysus February 17, 2017

      This is what was said by Victor Willis.
      According to Willis, the committee’s purpose is to “override the decision of Grammy voters in the event the select committee does not like who the Grammy voter has chosen” for the 4 top awards.

      He goes on to strongly suggest a racial element, saying, “The question is how many African Americans are on that committee?” He says in the letter, “If certain people at the Grammys don’t like who the voters have chosen, a Grammy committee will simply override the voters and subsequently select who they think should win. Like Adele, maybe?”

    • HailLegendBeysus February 17, 2017

      New York Times
      In September, about 70 members of the Rock Sorting Committee met to discuss, among other topics, whether “Don’t Hurt Yourself” is a rock song. Beyoncé wrote, produced and recorded the song with Jack White, and they used a Led Zeppelin sample. “We played it for the group,” Mr. Freimuth said. “There wasn’t all that much discussion. Everybody said, ‘That’s a rock song.’”

      According to a senior music executive who attended the meeting, and spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the internal deliberations, there was a “very spirited debate that took maybe five minutes” and included several voters’ suspicions that by recording a rock song and a country song (“Daddy Lessons”) on her album “Lemonade,” Beyoncé was trying to “run the table” on nominations in a diverse group of categories.

    • HailLegendBeysus February 17, 2017

      Can’t find the Hits Daily Double Article, but they reported about this select committee that have the final say in what is nominated. Formation wasn’t nominated in R&B categories yet made ROTY & SOTY noms because the select Grammy Committee ruled it in her favor to nominate them. Stan twitter was trying to say she cheated because of this but clearly she had nothing to do with this. They used Bey for views by pitting her and Adele against one another. They were never going to let her win. They did the samething last year when majority of the performers were black only to butter up their black audience in hopes thwir wouldn’t be a huge outcry in Taylor took home AOTY over Kendrick. That SECRET COMMITTEE IS THERE. You’re just choosing to look past it.

  15. …… February 17, 2017

    Yawn not this again….
    There are so many amazing albums that have achieved critical acclaim and did well commercially but failed to get one Grammy nod….

  16. Tutorial February 17, 2017

    Beyonce is a Grammy fave. She gets nominations even when her weak ass music don’t deserve the recognition. And wins. So now they’re going to call it racists. Even if adele didn’t get album of the year Beyonce didn’t deserve it. That album was for the ratchet. Aside from freedom, and daddy issues I don’t see where it’s worth listening to. So bitter stans including Adele can just go somewhere and the Grammy worse for responding

  17. Theman February 17, 2017

    This isn’t Twitter. They overhype everything that Beyonce does. Adele is more about the art. Beyonce comes with more than just the music. Her album was’nt necessarily better.

    • TheReal February 17, 2017

      Adele was not about “art”. It was the same boring mess we’ve seen before.

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Same goes for that tired ass lemonade.

  18. TheReal February 17, 2017

    The Nashville block didn’t vote for her – plain and simple. They’re one of the largest voting blocks and they had already thrown out her submission for “Daddy Lessons”.

    • Tim Brown February 17, 2017

      As they should…it was an epic fail at the CMT’s also

  19. Nene Leakes February 17, 2017

    So black folks, when the BET Awards come on, are ya’ll going to be this enthusiastic? Some of ya’ll are so thirsty for the white man’s caviar, that ya’ll forget about collard greens and smoked ribs in your own back yard.

    People wanna holla that the Grammy’s don’t appreciate blackness but yet fail to realize that Mary J Blige, CeCe Winans, Chaka Khan, Shirley Caesar, Leontyne Price, Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin and so many others have 10 and 20+ plus Grammy’s.

    Get Over It! Beyoncé can’t win every damn award and you’re just being biased towards your favorite without considering the other artist nominated! Nor is it fair to the other artist in that category who worked just as hard as Beyoncé. Did any of you guys listen to the other artist that were nominated? I’m sure you DID NOT! So please stop whining.

    Remember, this is a peer-voted award system, so if people in the music industry like 25 over Lemonade, then oh well. It’s always hard to create objectivity out of something that’s inherently subjective, which is what art and music is about.

  20. Suicide Blonde February 17, 2017

    Beyoncé fans are so arrogant and entitled that they still complain to the Grammys for not awarding their idol with the biggest award of the night, it’s not enough for them that she’s already the second female artist in music history with most Grammys.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 17, 2017

      Of course u being a prevalent racist will not get this. Shut up troll.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2017

        Nothing wrond with this @suicide comment. You should try a reality check. Beyonce is already the second most rewarded female by the grammys. Isn´t that enough? Are you serious? Let that sink in for a minute. Do you really believe she´s the second best musician that has walked the grammys stage? I mean come on. She has more than enough. And YOU and a few like you are the ones behaving like fools. It is truly being an awful spectacle to witness, the way many of you are disrespecting musicians and all. Doing the absolute most.

  21. Iconic Cici February 17, 2017

    There is definitely a big conspiracy that is taking place where the evil white man conspires and holds black people down , and if you don’t believe it you are just a big racist. Just look at Beyonce , Jay-Z , Kanye West , Oprah Winfrey , Russell Simmons , P-Diddy , Dr. Dre , 50 cent , Michael Jordan , Barack Obama , Lebron James and I can name a few hundred others that are concrete proof that the evil white man won’t let the blacks get any sort of fame or fortune

    • Tim Brown February 17, 2017

      You just named a whole slew of weatlhy black people…you do know AA are not the majority right? Clearly their income is generated by all different ethic backgrouds. Mayne this is too much breh..,

      • Iconic Cici February 17, 2017

        I know but I guess you missed the part where I was being SARCASTIC..

  22. B_Roni February 17, 2017

    Us blacks are starting to cry racist for everything. Smh. Asking for more blacks to perform but on social media saying horrible things about those black artist. Start buying music and voting or shut up . It’s simple. And don’t say it’s not because Beyonce and Rihanna both had straight urban and R&B music to fly up the charts and I’m sure a lot of blacks bought those singles. Also solange has accomplished slot with this album. The problem is people only vote or buy music from their favorites and that’s fine. But don’t comment and get mad about stuff if you are not supporting it. Even if the are being racist, counter it by supporting our black artist. Lies and deceit can only go so far.

    • Iconic Cici February 17, 2017

      Exactly,Bey and Rih had fire releases but they spent the whole year arguing back and forth on who had the best album instead of supporting each other now they wanna yell Racism

  23. JOHNVIDAL February 17, 2017

    WOW I really cannot believe this. Grammys are now racist just cause Beyonce didn´t win the big awards? What? Aren´t some of her fans super proud of her many grammys and are one of the arguments they usually use to praise her? If anything, Beyonce is a grammys darling. and you have loved grammys for that for the longest time. Now that they did something you didn´t like that much they are racist and unfair??? What teh hell? What about the black artists that have won the big awards in the past? Racist? It´s just ridiculous. The fact that they think Beyonce was snubbed (snubbed??? She got tons of nominations AGAIN! Many great musicians never get not even nominations sometimes) and that there is no more to it as if she were the best MUSICIAN is appalling. They truly think Beyonce is being disrespected. You want disrespect? Someone olike Beyonce having tons of more grammys than legendary real musicians. Now that´s disrespectful, but you don´t care or want acknowledge that little fact, do you? 🙂 What about Adele´s awful speech ignoring the rest of the nominees and only praising Beyonce like taht in live tv? I bet you didn´t even think for a second that was disrespectful to the other musicians in attendance. You are so living in Beyonce´s ass that it has really become your obsession. Reality is different. She has way more grammys than what would be normal. It should be enough for you.
    I´m not even going to address Rihanna as a factor when talking about teh grammys being racist cause Rihanna doesn´t deserve a pucking single nomination or grammy to begin with.If grammys were so racist Titties Perry (equaly basic) would have more grammys than Rihanna by now and she doesn´t.

    I´ve said many times grammys have gone downhill these last 10 or 15 years. Taylor winning big two times being one of teh reasons. Soem of teh awful nominations lately being another reason. And Beyonce having as many being another reason. But you cannot pucking think they were literally so great five years ago until they gave Beyonce so many and now all of a sudden they are racist and against Beyonce LOL

    • Iconic Cici February 17, 2017

      Beyonce is the only artist to have a Grammy for every album she has released

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        And that’s exactly why her guttertrash fans need to have several seats and STFU.

    • Suicide Blonde February 17, 2017

      They truly think Beyonce is being disrespected. You want disrespect? Someone olike Beyonce having tons of more grammys than legendary real musicians. Now that´s disrespectful, but you don´t care or want acknowledge that little fact, do you?
      I’ve been saying this for years, the fact alone that Beyoncé has more Grammys than The Beatles, is an insult to the music itself, I don’t care if the majority of her Grammys comes from R&B categories or whatever, it is shameful. AN INSULT TO THE MUSIC ITSELF.

      • Jamon February 17, 2017

        This just shows how much of a joke the grammy’s have become!! All of these artists wouldn’t be able to compete against artist like Mariah, Madonna, Whitney, Janet, MJ, Celine, back in the 80’s and 90’see. Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and possibly Adele would be lucky to get a pop or r&b nomination, let alone album of the year. Music sucks and the grammy committee knows it. I guess in their eyes, Adele is the closest thing to real music. A real snub is when Mariah was shut out in 96, not Beyonce for Lemonade!!

  24. Cough Cough February 17, 2017

    Beyoncé lost, get over it. She has sooooooo many Grammys. I’m more perturbed that better artists with better albums like Whitney, Mariah, Janet and a bunch of others, have much less Grammy recognition. Beys not bothered she has over 20. If she never one another in her life she’d be fine! And Rihanna? lol she’s only in the Grammy convo because music is shïît now. She ain’t a real Grammy worthy artist.

  25. MrsQuavo February 17, 2017

    I’m so tired of hearing about this! Beyoncé has 22 f****** Grammy Awards. Wasn’t she dusting them off in one of her videos? Get over it.

  26. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

    It’s not about Beyoncé taking home any and every award. No one is arguing for her to win things she shouldn’t. But she did deserve AOTY over ADELE’S lazy and uninspired album *drops mic and walks away*

    • Slaydele February 17, 2017

      10 million+ people disagree with you f**😜

    • SMH February 17, 2017

      Well Adele’s lazy & uninspired DIAMOND SELLING album took the award that you bugs are crying and having sissyfits over so you can have several seats with your worthless opinion.

      • Thebaddest February 18, 2017

        U trash box shut your non valid @ss up

    • Molly #HeGivesItToMe #Everyday February 17, 2017


    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

      Both of your logic promotes the idea that popularity alone constitutes a win. That is exactly why the Academy for Actors is always given more prestige than music. If sales alone are the only thing that justifies Adele’s win then she did not deserve it. We all know that 25 was not the most exceptional effort released in the last year. Not by a long shot. And If what you’re saying is the case, then Beyonce should’ve won for self titled, every artist with the most sales should be walking away with the win regardless of the artistic contributions of their competitors, and therefore the Grammys shouldn’t even bother with an AOTY category at all. The winner would already be obvious.

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Blah blah blah. BEYONCE LOST. Get over it. Stop coming up with BS rationalization to make a case for her overrated basic work. Change your diapers, stop crying, making excuses and move the f*ck on.

      • Slaydele February 17, 2017

        Blah blah blah f****** blah. The committee has spoken. 25 is the WINNER!!! I guess Lemonade was a little too SOUR for their tastes hehe.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        LEMONADE SHOULD’VE WON ALBUM OF THE YEAR. The album is iconic and avant-garde sophistication. I know it! You know it! ADELE KNOWS IT! The world knows it!

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        That’s clearly your point of view and your opinion not mine

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Avant garde sophistication? LMMFAO

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        Oh so you still wanna argue? Bring it! I GOT MY CAPS LOCK TURNED ON

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Lol keep your cap lock on little boy, as i close my business and head home while your unemployed asss stays on tgj crying over the L your fave took.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        Ayo fam! Hold this L. You wanna jump bad with me for rotessiering that ass when you’re the one who started it in the first place. Just tattoo an L on your forehead lol

  27. Jamon February 17, 2017

    Like if you listened to every album nominated and dislike if you didn’t….if not pleases give it a rest. Let’s be honest, Beyonce’s fans is all talk. She has over 94 million instagram followers, but only goes platinum. Her fans are always going after people who don’t share their love for her, however they don’t support her singles. She had 2 top 10’s in the last 7 year’s. You haven’t heard anything from the fans of the other artists nominated. Three of them sold more albums and had number singles. The point is, if y’all think Beyonce is the greatest, why don’t you support her music, cause let’s face it, her sales are mediocre. Adele is boring, but she sold 2 diamond albums, back to back.

    • Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) February 17, 2017

      Yet her tours stay sold out. A concert ticket is 10 times more expensive than an album

      • LOL February 17, 2017


  28. SMH February 17, 2017

    Beyonce fans have officially become the most vile, disgusting immature litte sh*ts of all time. Now they wanna cry racism because a b*tch with 20+ grammys couldn’t purchase the Big one. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, or that there’s some kind of “conspiracy” going on because her ego couldn’t get her what she wanted?

    Have several f*cking seats please beyonce fans. And STFU.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

      B**** instead of worrying Beyoncé’s fans you need to be questioning your mother about the whereabouts of your father.

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Lmao another immature insult from an immature beyonce sh*t stan. How about doing something with your pathetic poor excuse of a life instead of living on tgj every day with your head buried in the ass of a woman who doesn’t even know you or your s**** donor exists.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        I enjoy your type . When you have no defense the best approach in your mind isn’t to retract but to attack me for even taking on your b.s in the first place. Cool😊 carry on

      • SMH February 17, 2017

        Lol like the way you pests attack Carlos Santana & anyone else with insults who doesnt kiss your fave’s ass? Lol yeah carry on with your whining and crying little boy, you have no power here.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        B**** shut up! You’re the one fuming up and down this post like you just smoked 50 pipes of METH. Don’t dish out the negativity if you can’t take it.

  29. LOL February 17, 2017


    • ALT-grammy VOTER February 17, 2017

      the only H*** in this comment section is your mom & her mom. come for Bey again H**’s child….

      • LOL February 17, 2017


  30. ALT-grammy VOTER February 17, 2017

    Here are the qualifications to become a voter… Seems like there are some racial hurdles to cross here too…..

  31. Alex February 17, 2017

    People need to shut the f*** up trying to come for the Hive!! If the Hive could vote, best believe Beyonce ass would have won Album of the year, but we CANT!! You have to be in the music industry to VOTE!!! We do damage when we vote!! For example, Beyonce swept the damn VMAS!! Leaving ADELE empty handed. Why?? CUZ WE VOTED!!!! You’re also saying that we don’t support her music?? Well why did she break Taylor Swifts record for having the most simultaneous entries on the hot 100?? Bey charted her whole damn album!! No other female artist has done that! Why are all her albums platinum? Why is she the ONLY artist to have her first six albums debut at #1 on the bb200??? Why is she the only artist from her generation going platinum and competing with these new acts?? Cuz the HIVE SUPPORTS HER!! She is a legend so get over it!! Her sales are FAR from mediocre. Let’s see where Adele and Taylor be 20 years from now. Cuz Beyoncé has proven that she has staying power!!! #Beyhive

    • LOL February 17, 2017


  32. #TeamTinashe Stan February 17, 2017

    Really getting annoyed of whenever a black artist doesn’t win something the artists, fans, and sometimes publication reach so hard to cry “Racism” for their own advantage.

    Just know the Grammys has their own agenda and their own liking of particular artists (not by color) which is why Chance The Rapper was a big success there. They love artists that incorporate or use instruments such as the Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Andra Day and etc.
    Notice how R. Kelly never got nominated for any of his raunchy CLASSIC songs in the 90s.

  33. carlenciaga February 17, 2017

    really side-eyeing y’all in these comments and the fact that you wouldn’t believe that grammy’s arent racist; as though the grammy’s don’t exist in a world which is racist. but ok.

  34. RoyalKev February 17, 2017

    I never talk color on this blog, it’s just not what I’m here for, but unfortunate it just comes into play! Black successful music artists simply aren’t celebrated in the same way that a lot of their Caucasian counterparts are! I’ll explain in the speediest way I possibly can:

    Janet and Madonna

    Both are Pop pioneers with many #1 albums and top ten singles, but Janet’s career was altered after the Superbowl over such a minute mishap! It practically crippled her career/legacy for over a decade! Madonna has had so many outrageous, racy moments that she wasn’t held accountable for! Matter of fact, it seemed to be welcomed! These two cases pretty much spell out how extremely polarizing the treatment is towards white and black artist! Where one is privileged and praised for rebellious behavior, another is punished and devalued for similar acts.


    Justin was also apart of the Superbowl fiasco and yet his career reached new heights afterwards! Usher is without debate still the most successful male artist following the year 2000 and he doesn’t get half the recognition or praise JT does! His protege, Justin Bieber, even went on to get the royal treatment that he doesn’t receive now!


    Although Britney was a hell of a force to be reckoned with between 1999 and 2004, she’s been basically out of commission ever since! Her resume is impressive (like Usher’s), but although he’s been somewhat forgotten, Britney seems to be placed on a pedestal and her status as a Pop princess has been unwavering! After falling off somewhat; however, Britney still received the MTV Vanguard award in 2011! During that time Usher was still very relevant and arguably more deserving (this was a year after we got “OMG Usher”)! It just seemed as if Brit shouldn’t have been first in line for this accolade (if artists debuting/ flourishing after 2000 were to start being considered)! Usher was 16 years in, compared to Britney’s 13! Unfortunately Usher’s tribute never happened!

    Beyonce (who has shown great consistency for over 3 times as long as Spears has), seems to be often sharing a crown (sort of speak) with Britney, instead of being regarded as the lone female leader of the pack following the 80/90’s diva! Throughout Bey’s career, she’s always seemed to be lumped together with every rising star (she’s surpassed over time) or present fad: JLO, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Gaga, Adele (who in all fairness would justifiable be the ruler of this current decade)! It almost appears to hurt people to credit Beyonce the way that someone else in her shoes would have been (if they weren’t of the same race she is)!

    MJ & Prince / Beatles, Bruce Springsteen,
    Elton John, Billy Joel

    … This is getting lengthy, but I’m going to keep doing bullet points just to bring this home a little quicker.

    > After MJ became the biggest pop star in the world (since his first blockbuster album, ‘Off The Wall’ in ’79), his solo career was stalled by the early 90’s! Of course this ensued after alleged molestation charges that he was never found guilty of! Like his sister, Janet, he was blacklisted and banned from radio (after being one of the main artists often in heavy rotation).

    > Prince publicly was at war with his music label, Warner Bros when he asked for ownership of his masters! He went as far as writing slave on his face to make a bold statement! His early 80’s dominance didn’t push pass much of the 90’s!

    Bruce, Elton and Billy Joel enjoyed careers clear of obstacles (from at least the 70’s into the early 00s)!

    Same can be said for Tina/Cher & Barbara Streisand
    Tina made a great comeback at 45, but how many enjoy one at 53 like Cher did… I know, Madonna! She snagged her last top 10 single at 54!

    Whitney & Mariah /Adele
    These women are the vocal standard (along with Dion) and they haven’t received half the Grammy accolades Adele has in such a short period! Adele won 15 in 9 years (and along with Taylor Swift, won the major categories twice). Adele’s great, but we’ve all seen AMAZING not get rewarded this much!

    That last example is really what I’m hitting at with all of this! In this music industry, many mainstream, cross over musical acts appear to run into a wall of limitation and restriction! Sure they have things that may have tarnished their images, but it’s often used as a tool/excuse to bring them down! When you pay close attention, you’ll find that these individuals usually have this AMAZING 15 year run that seems to outdo artists that get the red carpet treatment for twice as long!

    They have to work twice as hard to be awarded for their work, while others seem to automatically relish in being able to be handed advantages! Huge blacks artists are often used to bring in huge ratings for these award shows and often suffer from missed opportunities to be awarded! It’s not just in music, it’s in film as well! It’s great that Cher and Barbra Streisand won Oscars, but Diana Ross should be an Oscar winner too for ‘Lady Sings the Blues’! I can go on and on (from Bob Marley to the ‘Color Purple’)!

    I don’t know if this comes across as offensive, but this is my observation! I’ve seen so many grave injustices taking place, time after time and it’s puzzling why it causes such fury when discussed! … and not everyone wants to lie down and just accept prejudice! It shouldn’t have to be that way!

    • BEY>RIH February 17, 2017

      This comment is EVERYTHING!!

  35. JoJ February 17, 2017

    Grammys may/may not be racist, but they recognize artists based on their chart performance. Adele won simply because she sold many albums. Taylor won AOTY because again her albums sale big. Its sales +personality. Grammys like artists who keep their clothes on, the goody two shoes type. Probably why rihanna got snubbed. Being white is an advantage because its easier to get nominated for the big awards. Bottom line is, the Grammys are now full of politics, end of story. They consider everything but the quality of music.

  36. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 17, 2017


  37. Thebaddest February 18, 2017

    At the end of the day Adele did win AOTY but Beyonce’s albums change the game not just win awards soooooo we are done

  38. Donard February 18, 2017

    Beyoncé album doesn’t have a stand out song though, NONE of the songs made any impact on the charts.

    Hello is iconic already. It’s Already become part of modern day culture.

  39. Rosie February 18, 2017

    The excuses for her NOT winning are even worse coming from y’all.
    “Were they racist when Beyoncé won 23 grammys!!!?” – Which were all in R&B and other minor categories except for one?
    “The Grammys appreciate REAL talent!!1” – So why did 1989 win last year? To Pimp A Butterfly is the most critically acclaimed album of the decade so far.
    “B-but Chance won!!1” – because he literally begged them to change the rules so he could get a nom. See how very little other independent artists were nominated, if any.
    “Black people only cry racism when their queen Bey doesn’t win!!1” – Actually, the hip hop community has been complaining about the Grammys since the 80s, and they still did this year. Look at the upset when Hotline Bling won Best Rap Song. And the overall point is that if damn Beyoncé can’t win for the best album of her career, then there’s basically no chance whatsoever of smaller black artists winning the general field, period.

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