Lil Kim Announces That She’s Begun Work On Comeback Album

Published: Saturday 4th Feb 2017 by Sam

For the longest time, the notion of a new Lil Kim album seemed more like a myth than rooted in reality.

12 years have passed since the female Rap pioneer unleashed ‘The Naked Truth,’ which many hail a classic.

Subsequent years brought promises of new music, but save for a slew of so-so received mixtapes, the ferocious femcee has been notable in her silence.

Well, it appears that will be changing imminently.

Because, in a series of new Instagram posts, the star revealed she is working on her fifth studio effort in Los Angeles.

Details below…

Kimmy Blanco took to her page, sharing the following…

Yea Beehive I’ll be in my second home LA working on my album!! If you see me leave believe it’s about that ?

Yea Beehive I’ll be in my second home LA working on my album!! If you see me leave believe it’s about that ?|?: @thatstlz

A photo posted by Lil’ Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

Yea beehive ya’ll know what time it is ?? #lilkimseason

A photo posted by Lil’ Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on


It’s about time!

Say what folk will about Kim, but there’s no denying her impact and eternal relevance to the music landscape.

After such a long spell away (during which time she became a mother), it’ll be interesting to hear what she’s got to say and how it’ll sound.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme February 4, 2017

    And let me announce that no ones cares

    • Cough Cough February 4, 2017

      Didn’t Rihanna tribute lol Kim like 5 or 6 times last year, big up her at her concert and tell vogue that Lil Kim One of her biggest icons? Your fav cares, girl.

      • Meme February 4, 2017

        Oh don’t get me wrong…I’m all over vintage lil Kim. I’m talking 90s 2000s. It’s new Kim no one is here for…

    • Maurice February 4, 2017

      I care if she gives me ’96-’06 Kim,
      I don’t want nasal-voice, trap, auto-tune Kim.

    • Aaron February 4, 2017

      B****, no one GAF about you and yo wack ass opinion. GTFAH MF!

    • DMY February 5, 2017

      Well I care, speak for yourself.

  2. Meme February 4, 2017

    Beehive? I hope she’s talking about her fan base.

    • Big Momma February 4, 2017

      Obvs she is. No need to be talking about overrated Bey and those dumb ass fans! Move on h**

  3. OnlyJ-Mar February 4, 2017

    Its shame she has to use Beyonce fans to sales records even tho I know they want buy her music she need to hang it up nobody want to her grimlin music anymore.

    • Queen B Til I Die February 4, 2017

      Kimmy been Queen bee and fans the beehive before Beyonce learnt to stop that stammer b****. Next!!!

    • Dugal February 5, 2017

      She did not steal the beehive he she was queen bee first and had the killer beehive 1st

    • February 5, 2017

      I’m no Kim fan, but Lil Kim fan base was calling the Beehive first.

    • Kris February 6, 2017

      Clearly you don’t understand history, so let me break it down for you. Lil Kim was referring to hersef as the Queen Bee long before Beyonce coined the term.

  4. King February 4, 2017

    lol I’m still hear for her music she is queen bee aka lol Kim.
    But I’m hear for it. Go Kim go Kim

  5. Black power February 4, 2017

    Don’t get it twisted!!! She was and is the ORIGINAL QUEEN BEE & had a hive behind her before Bey went solo and before y’all f*** start stanning.

    • Dugal February 5, 2017

      Ok Frfr

  6. Kwinzy February 4, 2017

    And the bum pigeons stay yappin’…

    Anyhoo, I’m interested to see how the vets like Kim & Missy adapt to the today’s sound while keeping real female rap alive through originality & creativity. Feed us muva!

  7. Kim.Kesha&Pam February 4, 2017

    Lil Kim INVENTED the Beehive & Queen Bee. There’s no taking that away from her!

  8. Jamie February 4, 2017

    It’s about time! I miss Lil Kim. I need something to step too. Plus all the haters know that when one of her new joints come on in the club, car, or house party they are the first to say they don’t like it and the first to cut up bopping to it.

  9. Cough Cough February 4, 2017

    Lil’ Kim has 4 iconic, sonically diverse, critically acclaimed, top shelf albums. Hard Core, Notorious KIM, La Bella Mafia, Naked Truth are all so different yet all powerful , statement making and packed with heavy content. If she is giving me ALBUM kim, I’m here for it. Not mixtape Kim tho.

    “Biggie Crowned me miss Queen B**** fuhevah, even left me the throne and an iced out Tiara”

  10. Mark111 /.\ February 4, 2017

    F^cking dummies, Kim started the Queen B/BeeHive. She said BEEhive, not BeyHive. Just another thing Beyonce isn’t come up with.

    • King B February 4, 2017

      Nobody cares. Everyone’s calling Bey Queen B. I listen to the radio and the DJ didn’t even say the name Beyoncé but simply called her as Queen B. Same goes to the media. You know it. You just pretend that you don’t.

      Ps. Nobody called Rih as queen either.

    • Nessa February 5, 2017

      There mere fact that Beyonce and the BeyHive are being brought up on this post is exactly how I know Kim’s upcoming album will flop. When will y’all learn that y’all do artists y’all like no favors by being obsessed with Beyonce?

  11. Weezy Tha Goat February 4, 2017

    I’m ready Queen B!!

  12. Aaron February 4, 2017

    I’m down steady waiting for this!! Honey Bee been killin em since 96. Done hearing all the hate. time for big mamma to bring it hard and crush these b******

  13. Jamie February 4, 2017

    And the album will be well-received.

  14. IRick February 5, 2017

    I’m ready …..

  15. BOOBIE February 5, 2017

    CRYING at how she’s pretending to use that pen and pad as if she’s writing her lyrics! Ling Ling gonna break the Paypal charts again. Slay sis!

  16. Kylerspre February 5, 2017

    I’ve noticed lil kim does this everytime around this time of the year Valentine’s day drop a horrible song says she’s shooting a video book documentary working on albums mixtape etc. Then theres a big tribute blah same crap 20th hardcore anniversary was a time for an album but it came n went this why she washed stupity ps last time i seen kim she looked crazy and was performing all about the Benjamin again. Great song but ive seen you perform it like 1milln time i was good after the video like its not the only song out of an pretty decent discography raise da kid ma sit down start by. Putting the drinks down clearing the house n seeing ophthalmologist you did what you had to do for music y waste more money do a tour wit old stuff

  17. leveinard February 5, 2017


  18. Ronnie February 5, 2017

    I hope she doesn’t continue trying to fit in with the new trap rappers of today.

    • Kay February 5, 2017

      Me too

  19. Kay February 5, 2017

    She just need to talk about more than p**** and D***. We want the real views…she saw her old style was okay but not what fans want!!!!spit Kim we know u got it

  20. JustCoastWitHa February 6, 2017

    it just gotta be crack! I don’t want her conforming to the times.

  21. noe enriquez February 6, 2017

    Yes.cant wait for it to drop . Been a fan since day one. Lil Kim has it in her. Im sure we all will soon be bumping new Kim heat. It’s the Beehive!!

  22. JaVonni Brustow February 6, 2017

    I just want her to take some new promo pics. I’m sick of seeing this pic from when… 2009?

  23. Caleb February 6, 2017

    She has been saying this for literally a decade now. How many ppl still believe?

  24. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 8, 2017

    Uh huh

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