New Video: Lana Del Rey – ‘Love’

Published: Monday 20th Feb 2017 by Sam

Lana Del Rey is firing from all cylinders with the campaign for her new single ‘Love.’

For, fresh from releasing the song, the eclectic songbird has hatched its accompanying video.

The track serves as the lead release from Rey’s fifth studio album, which she describes as a return the sound her fans have come to love from her (no pun intended).

What are you waiting for? Watch the ‘Love’ video below…

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  1. WRTW? February 20, 2017

    Return? Shes been making the same song over and over again ever since Born to Die and Paradise.

    • Career Ender February 20, 2017

      then you must be musically inept basic trick from Atlanta if you think so

      • ? February 20, 2017

        Says the African chimp,shouldn’t you be rebuilding your mud hut after being flooded by tropical storm Dineo?

  2. Charlieyoncé February 20, 2017

    Beautiful song and visuals! This era might be one of her best ones yet. ??

  3. Jay Jay February 20, 2017

    Love this song

  4. Erica February 20, 2017

    That was beautiful haven’t seen a video like that in a long time

  5. Julisha February 20, 2017

    I love how unbother she is, she do her own thing and keep making music that she loves despite not ruling the chart but still had a solid fanbase. Her music is beautiful tho.

    • Career Ender February 20, 2017

      well said, she’s a real talented musician!

  6. ENOUGH ONIKA February 20, 2017

    I don’t feel she’ll ever top songs like Ride and National Anthem. Her singles are lackluster….

  7. Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017

    She couldn’t have come with this song and video in a more perfect time for me, now that I found the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Coincidence, nah, she’s a Gemini like me. Her music fits me like a glove. She’s magical to me.

    • Career Ender February 20, 2017

      unlike that other chick who tries hard to seem “talented”
      but keeps delivering lackluster albums
      she’s now surviving on discounts, smoke and mirrors

      • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017


  8. Lana Del Fan February 20, 2017

    Yasssss yassss yassss! THis album will be a whole other era. She was hip hop And jazz on born to die, Native American american on paradise, ultra Indie for ultraviolence, and streaming consciousness on honeymoon (admittidley my least favorite album). IM sure she learned from her mistakes and this album will slay. S He not afraid to Be herself, and that’s why she’s relevant without a huge pop following. (Typos)

    • Jay Jay February 20, 2017

      I agree with this. She’s in her own lane and very authentic

    • Max February 20, 2017

      Ultraviolence > Born to die > Honeymoon

    • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017

      All of her albums are masterpieces, Honeymoon was perfect, musically speaking is her second best body of work after the Immaculate ULTRAVIOLENCE.

  9. Max February 20, 2017

    Lol at those complaining that she releases the same boring music. Y’all should listen to some of her “unreleased” gems

    • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017

      Lol, right, even her unreleased songs are masterpieces, it’s unbelievable.

  10. DAISHA February 20, 2017

    Rosie is a flop!

  11. Career Ender February 20, 2017

    Honeymoon is still not my type of album
    UV and BTD (Paradise) >>>>>

  12. Career Ender February 20, 2017

    now that Lana and Katy are back (and soon Basic Perry) a certain pop star’s 3.5 minutes are running out fast

    • Kenya February 20, 2017

      BTD – 7 Mill+ (WW)
      UV – 1,5 Mill (WW)
      Honeymoon – 604,000 (WW)

      Yayyy she’s coming to SLAY!! Katy,Rih,Gaga,Ariana and Selena are SHOOK despite the decline each era????


    “All I wanna do is get high by the beach, Get high by the beach, get high”
    I’m hypnotized, Lana always delivers.

    • SWISH February 20, 2017

      lmao no shade but that is a basic lyric

  14. JOHNVIDAL February 20, 2017

    lol I like it. Very appropiate for me now that I´m becoming obsessed about space. Her videos are always so good.
    Ride is still her masterpiece when it comes to videos. And Ultraviolence her best album.

    • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017

      I once was too obsessed with the space, the stars has always fascinated me.

    • Max February 20, 2017

      Ride? Nah Born to die video says hi

      • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017

        Ride is the most beautiful video ever, literally my life when I was 16 ?

      • Max February 20, 2017

        Ok lol maybe I’m a lil biased because that video was what made me pay attention to Lana

      • Suicide Blonde February 20, 2017


    • Career Ender February 20, 2017

      Her Ride video is very nice, i like the poetry part of it the most

  15. Haters Gon’ Hate February 20, 2017

    I really liked like this, clear melody and it seems to achieve being nostalgic and optimistic at the same time. Refreshing given the climate and she smiles in the vid (which is beautifully cinematic) which is kind of a nod to the optimistic theme of love.

    • Belladonna February 20, 2017

      I second that. It was nice, not what I wanted I was hoping for something a little more like the movie (the Notebook)but this is nice & I loveeee the song my second fav from her after Young & Beautiful.

  16. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 20, 2017

    Nice song but who is she

  17. mr.m February 21, 2017

    Love lana! she’s so original. so underrated.
    not tryin to copy any of the girls these days.
    I always wonder why she don’t go to be big awards shows and perform there?

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