Nicki Minaj Teases Video For “Secret” Future Collaboration

Published: Monday 27th Feb 2017 by Sam

The world is waiting on Nicki Minaj‘s answer to Remy Ma‘s ‘Shether,’ but it appears the chief Barb in command is operating on her own wavelength.

Onika has maintained a notable silence on the matter, which still has the net in a tizzy.

Instead, she’s been teasing the visuals to a number of her collaborations.

The latest is with rapper Future.

See what we mean below…

Taking to Instagram, Minaj shared the following on-set clip with the Turn Up king:

🎀 @future 🎬😜

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Could this be for Nicki’s project? Future’s rumored third offering in as many weeks?

Who knows.

It will be interesting to see if the femcee ever plans to respond to Remy. Because we’re not quite sure she’d get off unscathed paying it dust.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Danzou February 27, 2017

    My baby stay on ha hustle. F*** rem and kim grumpy fat asses. Gwon Gat ya payapah gyal. #3k #oneplaque #171k #FlopaOFlopo #Bird

    • Tori February 27, 2017

      Please stop.

      • Cake Like Gaga February 27, 2017

        3k…you better stay home and cook dinner watching Wendy.

    • Drizzie February 27, 2017

      She can continue doing whatever she pleases but she gonna have to leave the Queen of Rap title behind cause Remy came directly at her with barz!

      • Koko February 27, 2017

        Remy..:lol: She is a has-been like Mariah. Why bother?

    • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

      This detroit nicca didnt just try to type patois… It’s “gwan” Stop tryna be something you’re not. Clearly Nicki ain’t influencing right.😂

      • Danzou February 27, 2017


      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017


      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        Kwinzy…re releases are never sold to major retailers on a large scale. On top of that there was a limited availability because the company warranted caution for the project. On top of that, it rose to top 40 from entering at 107 which is huge for a re release. Remy and joe didn’t even sell 36k first week. They sold 3k with 11k sps. You tried though.

      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        She still flopped. Goes to show nobody is here for “RAP” Nicki. You got Lady Gaga re-releasing Fame Monster and still earning certifications. Stop defending your prized ‘L’. She’s not invincible bruh.

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        The fame monster wasnt a re release. The pink print sold 700000 and plus streams went 2x platinum domestically and 3 million worldwide. It’s demand and she’s in demand. Be reasonable and factual here and get OUT of your emotions Quentin.

      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        FURTHERMORE…Nicki the one who shut down her Twitter cussing out barbz who didn’t cop her album. Outchea having meltdown over low sales. Remember? Give it up, Flop ass.

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        Like how you and kim had meltdowns cuz nick is the 👑 ? Like how rem had a meltdown when her fallopian tube popped?

      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        Like when you have a meltdown ’cause you’re legal enough to drink?

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        I’m 23 and you know it. Bombay and orange juice over here.

    • GAslickmouf February 27, 2017

      She was smart to push her own music off of Remys noise

  2. Kwinzy February 27, 2017

    Ms Trash Bop can’t stand on her own. Needs validation from “likes” on IG and other big names to distract the barfz from what’s really goin on. Queen of rap…never!

    • Drizzie February 27, 2017

      Is that really you in that pic? if so…. 🙂

      • Tim Brown February 27, 2017


      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        @Drizzie Yup it is, thanks. I agree with everything you said too.

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        Drizzie get yo groupie ass on.

    • February 27, 2017

      seems like you are looking in the mirror, of course Nicki is the queen of Rap remy lock up in jail wasn’t doing sh!t, so because of one dis song she is the queen now, you must have lost your damn mind, Remy Ma wasn’t anything special back in the day, but she is queen in your eyes now because of a dis song, your dumb ass needs to fall back. Nicki is on her hustle what your dumb ass want her to do put everything on stop to reply to some dis, she doesn’t have to do sh!t if there is a dis track from her it will be release on her time.

      • Drizzie February 27, 2017

        Nobody is saying Remy is queen, but she definitely proved that Nicki isnt either. Nicki is the queen of hip POP maybe but you cant be queen of rap and out here throwing shots but not have some raps in your arsenal just in case a chick gets out of line. She should know better especially after dating a walking “L” for the past year or so…

    • Drizzie February 27, 2017

      Where you from? Kwinzy

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        Why do you wanna know?

      • Drizzie February 27, 2017

        Danzou lol thats your bae?

      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        Brooklyn NY, Jamaican & Rican

  3. IRick February 27, 2017

    😂😂😂 like I said in previous post. Hot beat, got feature, Dr sues lyrics 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kayla C February 27, 2017

    LMao Nicki better thank the heavens that she has these young queens riding for her because no one else takes her seriously

    • Drizzie February 27, 2017

      Lol St. Nick

  5. E Young February 27, 2017

    We all know Nicki got bodied by Remy, but Nicki will still come on top with or without a response. There are too many people who hate on Nicki Minaj; I honestly don’t understand why she gets so much hate. By the way, Remy & Fat Joe album is a great album, y’all should give it a listen.

  6. Danzou February 27, 2017

    Lol yall act like yall such hip hop heads only when it comes to dissing nicki. If it was a dej loaf post yall wouldnt care. and yall STILL are not buying remy album. so what is yall wasting yall breath and energy for? yall only care because she dissed NICKI! Remy mixtape had a post a while back and none of you showed love. remember when joe budden was dissing drake? yall didnt comment on that post either but heres the thing, if you look on youtube or rap_radar or even rap_up OR they show nicki LOVE. This is the ONLY site that hates on her coincidentally a gay pop/rnb site. yall look foolish no shade im being honest.

    • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

      Sit your Starships are meant to Fly, baby Jadakiss in the face ass down. #AreYouDumb Lolol

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        I dont like starships, Quentin. At all. Calm down LL cool gay.

    • Beyonnaise February 28, 2017

      Nicki is an untalented piece of wasted air and nothing more than autotuned to the max decoration for David Guetta tracks nowadays.

      It’s f****** pathetic yet sad at the same time her BMUS mixtape remains her best body of work until this day. Just goes to show the quality of her OWN work.

  7. Eazy February 27, 2017

    A couple hours ago Nicki tweeted she had the #9 rap record in the country now shether is #9 rap on Itunes. Lol funny sequence of events especially since they are playing the song on the radio as well

    • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

      Shether is #9? The karma tho! Gwan Remy! Tek it to har BLOOCLAAWT!

      • Welp… February 28, 2017

        But guess what? Remy will have to cut Nicki a piece of that check because she used her voice without her consent and put it up for sell.

      • Danzou February 28, 2017


      • February 28, 2017

        it’s bloodclat are bumboclat, I have no idea what you are trying to say. plus your hating @ss is on fire, you love to amplify anything negative anyone says about nicki sigh.

      • Kwinzy February 28, 2017

        Nuh badda tell mi bout MY TYPO and gwan guh bathe…

  8. 🌹 February 27, 2017

    Nicki is out here leaking TheShadeRooms phone number and sending Charlemagne angry texts calling him fake.🤣🤣 She mad because nobody’s defending her.

    • Danzou February 27, 2017

      Lol yall swear. He IS fake. He switched on kim when nicki was dissing now hw switching on nick cuz he think remy dissing and winning lol they just had a interview now he d riding rem.

  9. Kendrick Slaymar February 27, 2017

    all she can do is twitter thug passive aggressively and take half [email protected] fotos hoping we forget that she got ethered by a “jail” bird with inferior “sales” to her. Remy please drop a DJ Clue Bomb and run back another diss part 2 feat Lil Kim the real Queen B. Oww

  10. Beyonnaise February 28, 2017

    Poor Oinka still looking for some ghostwriters I guess? Scared ass bítch LMAO

    • Danzou February 28, 2017

      B**** ill beat yo ass

  11. Danzou February 28, 2017

    This is about to be HILARIOUS. Shes about to do the same thing she did to kim, diss remy for a whole era while charting and touring.😂😂😂

    • Beyonnaise February 28, 2017

      How you gon diss anyone when you’ve been BODIED tho?

      She’s a laughing stock.

  12. Ace February 28, 2017

    Im sure nicki has in her bed with her pen and notebook trying to think off something everysince shether dropped.she just cant shes lost without safaree.i know she got a migrane by now.what took 7 yrs to build got killed in 7 mins

  13. IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz February 28, 2017

    Sam what Remy did was lowdown and dirty, if she does or doesn’t respond to the convict so be it. Bringing up family matters and s***, she had no right. To say that you didn’t have an issue with her in the first place it seems like you already did. But that’s my opinion. You guys on here are a bunch of d*** riders who jumps on anyone who’s hot. I was excited for a rap battle but I didn’t think she would take it this far on a song which may not be aimed at her.

    • IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz February 28, 2017

      But she lucky, if I was Nicki I would release the track on mothers day since this miscarriage got Rem so salty, since she got no morals or respect. Blud she got time on her hands to do a 7minute track of Nicki. But anyways I just got paid today. Zero tolerance for this foolery.

      • Really February 28, 2017

        Yea but nicki said she had an abortion before so it would make her look worst in the end. Remy wanted and old hers. We don’t know Nicki story to judgrvbut this she thing is so messy and elementary

  14. IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz February 28, 2017

    Yeah I hear you that’s so true. But if it was me on the other hand I would do it regardless. It really played on my morals and values if it was my family. To say you had no hate for someone she went really low like she almost wanted it. But I hear you clearly Nicki would be a hypocrite to do that. Don’t me I was caught up in my feelings lol.

  15. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 1, 2017

    She’s already shooting a music video with future

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