Did Papoose Write New Nicki Minaj Diss Track? Social Media Weighs In

Published: Monday 27th Feb 2017 by David

Much to the surprise of her supporters, sales of Remy Ma’s new LP picked up one of the lowest-numbers for a female rapper in chart history when it dropped last week.

Fortunately, the rapper continues to win where it counts most…her craft.

However, after she struggled to remember the lyrics to the song she penned to scold her nemesis Nicki Minaj during her most recent live show, thousands have taken to social media to offer a theory or two.

Do you agree?

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  1. MIssBrazil February 27, 2017

    She didn’t forget s***
    She just wanted it to be heard that way
    You new era fuccers don’t know Remy and what she do
    Sit ya assses down
    With that theory
    She been coming after Nicki since she been in jail

    • BlueGorrilaIvy February 27, 2017

      Lets be real here. Who cares tho? Like, if she has implants so what? Accidents happen with them all the time. Remy is just jealous she doesn’t have fame like Nicki. Oh well. Nicki will always be Queen. Remy who, no one has listen to her music in the last 20 years. I hope Nicki wont reply because a royalty do not response to savage!

    • RI February 27, 2017

      also, even if she did forget, if you write a 7 minute long ra[ and perform it the next day im not expecting you to remember the whole damn rap. thats a lot of words to memorize in a day

      its not a rehearsed choreographed performance.

      • TheOuyonB February 28, 2017

        Well, she shouldn’t have performed it then. The end. No excuses.

  2. Tujinah February 27, 2017

    The lowest -numbers Queen of Rap! ???

  3. LilKimKong February 27, 2017

    No no no no???

  4. Jaquala88 February 27, 2017

    Annnnddd….did safaree not write for Nicki? Let’s not jump on the double standards wagon. If he did he did, if not then he just didn’t. Nobody questioned her lyrics before up until this point.

    • Danzou February 27, 2017

      no he didnt now sit yo bum ass down with that thot ass screen name

    • Jay February 27, 2017

      Safaree never wrote s*** for Nicki. Ya’ll need to stop with that s***.

      • RI February 27, 2017

        how you know one way or the other?

    • CICI February 28, 2017

      then if Papoose did write for her why she busy talking bout ghost writers

      that s*** corny as f***

  5. Koko February 27, 2017

    Desperate to sell her flop
    album bcause nobody cares about this criminal..

  6. Danzou February 27, 2017

    #3k #oneplaque #171k

  7. BEY>RIH February 27, 2017

    What i say?!? I honestly dont think ahe wrote that fireass diss; Remy can spit but when has she ever SPIT bars to that degree. I deadass thought Papoose wrote it for her..

    Papoose vs Safaree ‼️

  8. Danzou February 27, 2017

    watch kwinzy thin lipped bum broke ass come hating with all his h** ass two sided theories.

    • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

      Thin lipped? Just stop. Your Black Benjamin Button ass always comes for my looks. I swerved…get over it!

  9. MightNate February 27, 2017

    This isnt a news story. Its gossip.

    • BOOBIE February 27, 2017

      Just like everything Remy said about Nicki on her diss

      • Danzou February 27, 2017

        Right babe. All speculations.

      • Kwinzy February 27, 2017

        So the “these b!tches is my sons” bar Remy tweeted that Nicki stole is gossip? Jelani being a p******** is gossip? Nicki jumping between crews is gossip? It’s must really kill brain cells for y’all to be that pressed. lol

      • RI February 27, 2017

        the story was the song itself, that she release a new song. this isnt about a new release, its a rumor with no real proof, which is what journalists used to get before everything was clickbait

  10. sam is TRASH February 27, 2017

    Sam is SO PATHETIC. Nicki is on payroll and he’s a fan so he writes this to discredit Remy. We all know Remy wrote that. Stop being mad Samantha

    • CICI February 28, 2017

      then maybe she should have came up with bars like that on the album instead hey…this ain`t no prison we aint got time for her scare faced gangster ass…

  11. OnlyJ-Mar February 27, 2017

    She just want people still buy her flop garbage ass album I don’t see what’s the hype about the diss record she saying s*** we already know she still gonna flop anyways.

    • RI February 27, 2017

      her diss record is charting higher than nickis vague ass luke warm “diss” honestly that song is so awful and im a fan of both.

      on entertainment value ( which has always been nickis strong suit) remy won hands down

  12. OnlyJ-Mar February 27, 2017

    And the award for best flop does record goes to pay your rent lol.

    • OnlyJ-Mar February 27, 2017


  13. Credits February 27, 2017

    Of course they sound alike. They are husband and wife! I’m sure the way he spits can rub off on her and vice versa. What’s more alarming is the fact that these trolls on social media think a woman isn’t capable of writing her own bars. Why?

    • Danzou February 27, 2017

      For the same reason you thonk nick isn’t, cuz shes a woman. Dont turn the page now you were singing that same tune when it was nicki and safaree.

    • RI February 27, 2017

      i dont think safaree or papoose wrote for either of them. of course when your partner is working on an artform you also have talent in, of course their opinions and input is going to be taken becasue they have love and respect.

      idk why its so hard to grasp

      anyway as ive said, thats all beside the point cause Drake said so

  14. Gee February 27, 2017

    Remy’s pen game has never been up for question now she comes out with Shether now there is a debate who wrote for her. Give me a break there are women in the industry who actually write for themselves.

  15. Flykiid February 27, 2017

    I’m a fan of both Nick & Rem & I’ve been listening to papoose since 03 and i know damn well he helped Rem with this one!! from the word play & flow -it has papoose written all over it. But it is what it is tho, Rem isn’t the first chick to come at Nick and she wont be the last. Nicki will respond on her own terms, and she will keep responding on every feature. low key Nicki and Rem have been taking shots at each other for the last 2 years this is all strategic, they both have albums dropping this year, its actually a smart move for them to go at it. Neither of them are going to “lose” Because at the end of the day neither will quit, trust me they’ll both equally benefit from this “beef” its no coincidence that they’re both still following eachother on social media ?? idk it just all seems too timely..

  16. Truthhurtz February 27, 2017

    Fake news!!!!
    Anyways the barfz and femz need to take the L and admit That she sucks!

  17. RI February 27, 2017


    i got mad love for all the women out there doin it

  18. Beachgirl85 February 27, 2017

    They both need to stop to be honest is like they always go for nicki to gain popularity and get noticed they want nicki spot so bad but I do like remy cause she’s raw but that interview was so fake how are u going to say u don’t have no beef with nicki but u put out the dis track I mean wtf we will see what happened lil Kim tried eve tried god not going to bless uglyness it room for all

  19. SMH February 27, 2017

    Papoose wrote Remy’s rhymes, Safaree wrote Nicki’s, Biggie wrote Kim’s, Jay Z wrote Foxy’s, Swizz Beats wrote Eve’s, yada yada yada. Same sh*t, different day lol.

    • keepit100 February 28, 2017

      Thank you everybody got the tea but none of us were there for the writing process lol

  20. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 1, 2017

    She did this song when she was in prison and there’s a video of it

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