Watch: Katy Perry Performs ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ At 2017 BRIT Awards

Published: Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 by Sam

Katy Perry‘s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ campaign charged onto the BRIT Awards stage last night.

The showing marks the second time the singer has performed the track, which has thus far peaked inside the top ten of many major markets.

Borrowing from her Grammy Awards spectacle (as well as the song’s video), Perry offered a performance that, while perhaps pleasing to her fans, isn’t likely to add new supporters to her fold.

Check it out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lea February 23, 2017

    Guh you sounded a hot ass mess. I swear i need a record deal!

    • MusicFan103 February 23, 2017

      Then you better be writing your own songs and music like she does. She can own a ballad live, clearly you haven’t heard “Not Like The Movies” live.

    • LISA LEVINE February 23, 2017

      Everyone claimed this girl was a “SINGER”. she’s not. She has never performed not once, where anyone said, “She sang that”. This girl is usually Flat and has no emotion in her voice. A one trick pony. What happens when the ballons and bubbles no longer work? She’s getting to old for that

  2. Stephy February 23, 2017

    Vocally, she can’t sing. But I like the song.


    I like Cheap thrills to the rhythm, but hearing so much that this is a deep song, that she is sending a message that we can’t get, just killed the song for me. And why Skip Marley couldn’t write more lines, it’s the shortest verse ever, not even 30 secs, I can’t believe they took him to perform overseas.

  4. Julisha February 23, 2017

    Yall bashing certain pop girl for trying to hard to show off her talent and call her the biggest flop. But Yall praising this basic a** chick with flat vocals who didn’t even dance but can’t even save herself. Yall need a grip.

  5. Citi February 23, 2017

    What kind of monopoly hous looking mess was that?! At this point in her career, and after being booked for the SB, she should be delivering better performances than this. smh

  6. Tori February 23, 2017

    Can’t lie this performance was trash, best part was Skip. Atleast with the Grammys, which wasn’t too good either, she was into it even with her shaky vocals. She was just jamming. Here it’s just shaky vocals. But, as I’ve stated before, I love the message of the song. I know she’s talking about issues regarding Trump and the media. I feel like if you’re going to go there, GO THERE. WhY THE F*CK are you and Skip dancing around houses and at the theme parks? Girl, push the envelope more visually like you’ve done lyrically.

    • MusicFan103 February 23, 2017

      You clearly don’t understand the metaphors of the houses and or Oblivia/theme park. It all is hidden messages. Not just cutesy scenery.

      • BEY>RIH February 23, 2017

        Thats the thing, we want to understand her message… not play ispy to find it

  7. SMH February 23, 2017

    Why is everyone acting so surprised? This girl has been the poster child for BASIC from day one.

  8. Gee February 23, 2017

    Katy like many of her contemporaries are known for their easy pop melodies and not for their vocals so I did not expect to be wowed by her voice. I appreciate the song though.

    • Chin0 February 23, 2017

      I guess everyone expects GROWTH from her which she has yet 2 show vocally, visually or lyrically

  9. 2bad2bme February 23, 2017

    This song may be too serious for her. I love it but not her singing it live. This track may be the start of her downfall!

  10. ??William?? February 23, 2017

    All I seen was struggle
    The line “are we tone deaf” applies to her damn self
    I like the chorus though and the guys part.

  11. Trumpland February 23, 2017

    F*** the deep message she’s trying to send.The song sucks and this performance was awful.

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