Ariana Grande Teams With Pharrell Williams For 4th Album

Published: Tuesday 7th Mar 2017 by Sam

Ariana Grande apparently can multi-task masterfully.

The last year has seen the songbird juggle promotion for current album ‘Dangerous Woman’ with acting, and a recently launched tour.

On top of that, Ari has been baking her fourth album – one she says is almost finished.

Joining her in the bakery? Hitmaker Pharrell Williams.

Details below…

The news comes courtesy of Grande herself, who spilled to a fan during a backstage Q&A on her current trek.

Interestingly, the singer revealed that she has been working with Williams on the set for almost 8 months.


We’re here for the pairing.

Ariana’s voice has so many cool corners that the possibilities are endless.

And while we remain cautious about how quickly she’s churning out material, we’d voluntarily bin such concerns if the music slays.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Weezy Tha Goat March 7, 2017

    Dangerous Woman was such a great album, I hope her next effort doesn’t disappoint. Pharrell has the Midas touch so I hope we get something better than Dangerous Woman.

  2. RIRIMARIAHYONCE March 7, 2017

    Im here for this as long as its AUTHENTIC.

    Pharrell is so talented and that little girl can SIIIIING.

    I need her to step up her game and actually prove that she is more than Mariah comparisons. Mariah is a living legend, and when i saw her last year at vegas, my heart fainted out

  3. Pray for the youth March 7, 2017

    I’d rather her team back up with babyface. I can already guess what a Pharrell and Ariana record will sound like and I don’t really like it. Seems like the wrong direction. Pharrell’s great and all but if Ariana’s main flaws is that her music has no substance and she sings with no soul, I just don’t think Pharrell’s going to be the one to bring it out of her. If this was early 2000s Pharrell, I’d probably be more excited. But 2010’s Pharrell may just take her further into the pop realm. But… maybe it’ll surprise me.

  4. mr.m March 7, 2017

    Is that bish gonna be like rihanna releasing popcorn music every year?????? am sick of her ..
    these bishs r scared to take some break and flop.
    no originality no real music and am over it …

    • RihNaj March 7, 2017

      At the end of the day it’s work! Do u take a year off work? Do u even work at all? Let her hustle for her money she only young she can take a break next 2years…jheez if u don’t like her don’t listen to her or comment ffs

      • mr.m March 7, 2017

        stfu stupid b****
        breaks doesn’t mean u should just sleep n eat!
        do other projects, study ur nex stept. be more passionate.
        create something original. A masterpiece for your career!
        all u care about is $$$$$$$$$?????
        ALL the GREATS didn’t release back to back POPCORN albums
        MJ, Whitney, Celine … all had more than 2 years breaks
        but they crated magic within those breaks. music that lives for decades
        even the next generation of great artist did the same
        JT, Xtina, Byonce … they all don’t just release music.
        they release ART. A PIECE OF WHO THEY ARE.
        Originality and risk-taking artists are rare.
        now all they care about is to be on radios and sell some forgettable sh!tty ass music for some idiots like u …. bye

  5. The Wig Snatcher March 7, 2017


  6. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 7, 2017

    Oh great another white girl continuing to steal black music. I used love Ariana, and initially I wanted to see her succeed, especially since her voice is stunning, but now I could care less. I HATE that we have so many talented black female artists like Tinashe and Sevyn who can’t even get a sliver of a budget compared to these wonderbread poptarts. Ariana has NO swag, originality, NO authenticity, and legit NO hype outside of a middle school cafeteria.

    • KELL March 7, 2017

      Ariana has none of those things but stays perched at the top of the charts. ?☕️
      Y’all are always complaining about black artists, but I don’t see any of y’all running out to support. Sevyn still hasn’t dropped her album because she knows it’s gonna FLOP!
      Tinashe has had several chances but the public has shown no interest time and time again. She’s DONE!
      Ariana has her own lane. She can sang unlike most of her counterparts and makes fun radio friendly music. What’s wrong with that? Ariana doesn’t even have huge album sales like she SHOULD, so why are you so heavily pressed?

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 7, 2017

        The fact that Ariana isn’t as successful as she’s marketed to be is the core issue right there. At 23 yrs old, Beyonce was selling out stadiums and Rihanna garnered her 10th #1 hit. This will be Ariana’s 4th album and she still can’t have her Britney Spears moment nor get a #1 hit. Now, the label continues to spend so much money on her and will give her a new black sound to try and compensate and hope that she finally pops. Just like in history with Jazz and Rock N’ Roll, black music and culture continues to be appropriated and stolen. Meanwhile, black artists aren’t given a sliver of the same opportunities.

      • KELL March 7, 2017

        Beyoncé was 23 in 2004. Rihanna was 23 in 2011. Different time periods. People were definitely buying music in 2004, and 2011 was a better year sales wise than now but sales were dipping around that time! Ariana is touring and selling thousands of tickets. She is doing WELL! She isn’t Taylor or Adele, but she is doing great! Ariana has always sang and been a fan of R&B! Her favorite singers (Mariah, Whitney, Brandy and India Arie) are R&B singers! That’s no secret. Blame the black community for not supporting our artists!! If you can spend $15 on a movie ticket, you can spend $8 on an album or $0.99 on a single!

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 7, 2017

        Black people don’t buy music? What an ignorant stereotype. Beyonce, Drake, the Weeknd, Kendrick, and J. Cole’s first week numbers are ALL better than wonderbread poptarts. Black people do buy music and support it, if such wasn’t the case then hip-hop wouldn’t be anywhere near as big as it is. Furthermore, sales was not the point of the issue; rather, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION is. Stop stealing black culture to support a popstar who ISN’T making it. Ariana is one small iota better than a F L O P. She has no individuality, soul, nor authenticity. Lastly, Rihanna made it during the worst economic downturn in the history of the US since the great depression, yet she still blew up. Ariana just will NEVER do the same. Give another black girl a chance.

      • KELL March 7, 2017

        Beyoncé is established duh we know this. Everyone else you named are rappers/pop rap-singers who have very mixed audiences. What black R&B artists are selling? Sevyn Streeter? K Michelle? Tamar? Tinashe? Brandy? Monica? LeToya Luckett? Kelly Rowland? Fantasia? Jhene Aiko? Kehlani? Jazmine Sullivan? Oh alright. Ariana is doing GREAT like I said and she isn’t appropriating s***. Is she only allowed to make cheesy pop music like Katy Perry because she’s white? She’s a hell of a better (and more soulful) singer than Rihanna that’s for damn sure. ?

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 7, 2017

        Arianna sold more than Arianna? Do you realize just how dumb you sound? Rihanna is the highest selling female artist that debuted after 2000. Also, ANTI was in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 for over 30 weeks which is the longest out of ALL albums in 2016. Many of you try to trash the Samsung Deal which was a groundbreaking business deal where ONE company gave you 25 MILLION in cold hard cash and be the ONLY sponsor for your upcoming tour. Do you know how much sh*t Ariana has to do for sponsor’s where she needs 2 deals just to pay for stage lighting. #LoveOntheBrainIsBetterThanAnyArianaSong #ItsTopTenAfterAYear #NoVideo #NoPromo

    • Jeans March 7, 2017

      Lmao @ no hype outside a middle school cafeteria

  7. Kurtz March 7, 2017

    I love pharrell hopefully he’ll do what others have failed to do
    Get her to enunciate ?

  8. AmbeRussell March 7, 2017

    I just want to know when will she release her “my heart will go on”, “vision of love”, “I turn to you”, “saving all my love”, “dangerously in love”, “I wanna love you forever”, “have you ever”, etc. Where is the soulful power ballad? She isn’t rihanna, she should be sanging on her tracts and not just the high note at the last bridge. “Dangerous woman” was a good start, but where is her signature ballad. Not all the songs listen are said singers signature, but are the direction Ariana should go sound wise. And didn’t see say she loved India Arie, but her music does not come close to sounding like India

    • KELL March 7, 2017

      Who wants to hear cheesy 90s power ballads in 2017?

      • AmbeRussell March 7, 2017

        She just recorded and released a cheesy 90s Disney soundtrack song.

  9. @ASAPicon March 7, 2017

    I need more hits like “One Last Time”!!!!

  10. ItsWNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 8, 2017

    Would like to see her do country music with pop music style or work with Taylor swift

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