Azealia Banks Criticises RuPaul / Slams Gay Misogyny

Published: Sunday 26th Mar 2017 by David

Is it possible to be both gay and misogynistic?

According to Azealia Banks it is, and she’s calling RuPaul out about it.

After Paul’s own fans took to social media to note similarities between his cut ‘Call Me Mother’ and Banks’ ‘Big Beat‘, the ‘212‘ rapper stepped out to slam the gay community’s supposed degradation of women.

Read from the bottom up…



The recently married Ru is yet to respond.

It seems Banks isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JanStan March 26, 2017

    This heaux is so angry. She’s salty cause Ru had Gaga on and can’t stand that they are gay icons and her bitter irrelevant a*** is paid dust. NO ONE LIKES YOU BATCH.

    • FAF March 26, 2017

      Is she dumb? What Is she talking about?
      We divide gays by region now? Ny gays vs la???

  2. Hur March 26, 2017

    Azelalia Banks, what do you do successfully? She had one hit. Shouldn’t be she bee focusing on her career!? Even Ru is more successful than her. Now turn to the left sacheeeeeeee awayyyy

    • Caleb March 26, 2017

      She ain’t even had one hit song, other than on YouTube tbh

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      To be honest I did not even know she had a hit song. All of her blah music is forgettable and I think she is gasping at straws here. RuPaul is not thinking about this little girl and why is this girl coming for RuPaul in the first place? Since when is a legendary NYC gay club performer like RuPaul jacking NYC gay club culture? Her saying that is like her putting a foot in her mouth.

  3. Trugzzldn March 26, 2017

    100% has a point SOME of these men
    Can be bitchy on the way women look n use of the word b i t c h is not right either
    Well called out

  4. Jamie March 26, 2017

    It was only a matter of time…

  5. MUSICHEAD March 26, 2017

    This girl is so smart and always insightful. I just wish her attitude wasn’t so jacked up. People would actually take her seriously.

    • Onika taught me March 26, 2017

      You stan for brandy and we all know what she did back in 06 so of course you’re gonna make up excuses for trashzelia banks

      • TheLittleTings March 26, 2017

        You support Onika who supports a child m******* so what’s the difference ?

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      Please explain how “this girl is so smart and always insightful.” MUSICHEAD should be saying “this girl says idiotic stuff that dumb muthafukkas like me agrees with.”

  6. Delroy March 26, 2017

    What is she trying to promote why is she on his case why not target straight rappers as well stupid c***

    • Kwinzy March 26, 2017

      Y’all really hate when Azealia brings that pipin’ hot truth tea LOL. It’s a double standard. She’s right on this. But I want ha to stfu and drop Fantasea 2 or something. Run dem sh!ts.

      • Paulo March 26, 2017

        No she is not right – she’s just being transphobic once again. Gay misogyny sadly is a real thing but for her to come after RuPaul of all people? No. Several seats and another social media block for this loser

      • Jasmine March 27, 2017

        Please explain what “pipin hot truth tea” she brought? RuPaul is a legendary performer in the NYC gay club circuit. How is this little girl calling a legend a “NYC swagger jagger” considered “truth tea” rather than her views being looked at as idiotic? How can this little girl’s small mindset that it is okay to attack gay men for using the term bittch rather than attacking the use of the word bittch in general since it is used by many people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. The only idiots on here are the people that give this retarded girl praise. The worst of the idiots are the ones that are gay and unable to see that this little girl is gay bashing you but you are too stupid to see it.

  7. Suicide Blonde March 26, 2017

    She’s right on this, no man should be allowed to call a woman a b****, that applies to gay men too, unless a gay man feel that he’s not a man, (those inclined to be feminine), those definitely see themselves as women/or wishes to be one, which is also contradictory because women shouldn’t be calling each other b******, it’s degrading.

    • Caleb March 26, 2017

      But she uses the word f***** and she is not a gay man so there’s that.

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      She is wrong this dummy. You have to attache the word bittch itself not the people who use it. If you attack gay men for using the word you are essentially attacking gay men’s rights. If you attack the word bittch and say that it should not be used by anyone then you are not attacking any human beings just a derogatory word. The word bittch is an adult word, is allowed to be said on network tv, and is really not that bad of a word. I hear more gay men use the word in an endearing way than anyone else. BITTCH = Being In Total Control, Honey!

  8. JESUSHCHRIST March 26, 2017

    Said it before n I’ll say it again. This desperate-for-hits ass blog is the only one giving her coverage. Just stop.

    Ps what site is she writing this on? Looks like Twitter but I’m sure she got banned..

  9. Da Realest March 26, 2017

    First I agree with what she’s saying because there is a double standard between with black women say and what gays and men say. Second, her twitter account she uses is private, so she just proved her point because anything she says on her private twitter account y’all still gonna screen shother comments and make a story about her.

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      BITTCH = Being In Total Control, Honey!

  10. Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 26, 2017

    She has a point gays are always out here disrespecting women. They think just because they’re gay they can call girls b****** and h***?

    • Snatch March 26, 2017

      B*** A** H**

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      BITTCH = Being In Total Control, Honey! If a gay man calls a woman a bittch it is a compliment, whether directly or indirectly. You only call people a bittch you like, dislike, or are threatened by so if someone calls you a bittch it means you are a force to be recognized with. This is a non-issue so why make it one.

  11. Weezy Tha Goat March 26, 2017

    She has a long here. But right message, wrong messenger.

    • Caleb March 26, 2017

      “Right message, wrong messenger.”


  12. Danzou March 26, 2017

    yall do it I these comments all the time. just look at the nicki posts.

  13. The Truth March 26, 2017

    Have yall forgotten her continually justifying her use of the word f*****? Online, in interviews, in her music…. She’s not smart and every time she opens her mouth it truly shows…it’s sad because she’s a talented girl and could have been an important figure.

    Her use of the word f***** was “justified” because it was “new york gay slang” the same could be said for the gay community and it’s affiliation with words such as “b****” “queen”….she is angry but she doesn’t know what she’s angry at most the time and neither do we.

    It seems internal…

  14. Don’t even March 26, 2017

    But it’s ok for her to say f** and white cracker? She is OFF her rocker and is beyond psychotic. She’s THE most racist person I have ever seen in a public platform. She’s not gay nor is she white (sans the skin bleaching)…so what makes her think she can speak on a subject like this?

    • Caleb March 26, 2017

      There is nothing wrong with calling someone a white cracker as we are not a marginalized or oppressed community. She has no place to be calling people f****** though or telling young girls to grow some hips or calling Arab ppl pakis and sandn*****s like she does. That’s where she comes off as a huge hypocrite.

  15. edisondreams March 26, 2017

    This b**** is crazy… Without the gays this b**** would be nothing… Last time I checked, the b**** makes gay house music… Mind you, she has a gay ghost writer writing all of her lyrics… His name is Kevin Hussein… All that voodoo is f****** her up… That b**** is dealing with the wrong spirits and they gon make her crazy for the rest of her life… Evil B****

  16. BEYONCE & RIHANNA says March 26, 2017

    Just when you think she cant get any worse, she pounds another nail into her tightly sealed, plywood coffin. Never come for RuPaul huntey………….he is a national treasure and you are dried up, pissed off, B****. There I said it, lol.

    • Jasmine March 27, 2017

      I agree.

  17. Essence_of_sean March 26, 2017



  18. Now at your summer day smile tran March 27, 2017

    Somebody will put her in her place when she learn to shut up and keep it moving also stay off of the Twitter or anything else

  19. Indie March 27, 2017

    I have to be 100 percent honest.. As a women she does have a good point, forget that it is Azealia and have a think about it, in the last few years Gay ,ales ave taken on major critic to females, and it has become ok , it is majorly apparent in stand of artist, if they don’t like a female artist they will go to town on them, rip them about there looks, image, career, flop, ho, has been, old b****, thot, you name female artist are dragged by stand who don’t like them and like it or not a lot of this stand are gay men.. When you think about this is men, attacking women and bringing them down regularly and because there gay it has become an ok thing to do, all Azealia has done is gone to the root of it all, where men are calling women b****** and ho’s as a regular thing in the gay world or calling each other that as routine it makes these words ok, like it or not it is mysoginistic…. Now she is a hypycrite as she refers to her fans as kuntz to, but she is a women..

  20. Bobby March 28, 2017

    Azeaia needs to STFU!! Gay men have been saying b**** forever and we will continue to do it because there really is no insult behind it.

  21. christopher crosby April 7, 2017

    dont she use f***** tho? i know (no matter how talented she is) she aint saying s*** about being offensive she says n***** and f***** all the time

    • Hata H. Zappa May 6, 2017

      Ru did Azealia better than Azealia. In the few times where it’s evident.

  22. Hata H. Zappa May 6, 2017

    How about you start by not saying the word “f*****” to men, gay or not? It goes both ways. Take a seat

  23. M May 22, 2017

    None of these b****** is cunty like ru, when she step in banks know well what it do

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