Exclusive Clip: Kelly Rowland Guest Stars Of ‘The Rap Game’

Published: Friday 17th Mar 2017 by Sam

With over 20-years in the spotlight, Kelly Rowland has certainly mastered the art of longevity.

And the solo Grammy winner is increasingly keen to share tips with the stars of tomorrow.

Tonight on Lifetime she makes a guest appearance on Jermaine Dupri‘s hit series ‘The Rap Game.’

Together with her trainer (‘Mr Shut Up & Train’), Ms. Kelly drops pearls of wisdom on the young hopefuls.

Ahead of the broadcast (10pm ET on Lifetime), we have an EXCLUSIVE scene which you can check out above.

Be sure to tune in to the episode tonight.

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  1. Chasin Time March 17, 2017

    Everywhere but a booth

  2. Farrah Franklin March 17, 2017

    Girl bye, you can’t even get June’s Diary off the ground.

    What superstars has this show produced?

  3. Kim Kesha & Pam March 17, 2017

    Girl, Monica has been on this show & on Hip hop squares, & no coverage was posted. & she’s currently working on an album. Let’s post about the girls that are making moves.

    • Farrah Franklin March 17, 2017

      Nobody gives a f***. It’ll flop like her last two albums. At least Kelly is relevant outside the slums of College Park.

    • Jamie March 17, 2017

      Yet you’re still stanning for Total….You must be talking about the cereal because the group ain’t doing shiiiit

    • Tori March 17, 2017

      Kelly has a better chance of scanning platinum in pure sales than Monica selling 40k in 6 months so…Let’s just congratulate her on being able to book any show, even if they are low budget shows no one is watching. Nobody will watch Kelly on this show either so don’t feel bad.

    • Rowland March 17, 2017

      The shade was unnecessary. Monica spends more time on Instagram than the charts with her thirsty ass.

  4. DanYiel Iman March 17, 2017

    Y’all so worried about what Kelendria is doing she is working on music ? & also “The Voice” in another country as well as being a mother & wife!!

  5. #ispeakfacts March 17, 2017

    Kelendria yo behind needs to be in a studio booth!

    • Rowland March 17, 2017

      Music is coming boo!

  6. 4u2see March 17, 2017

    People on here is rudely slow, talking about what somebody ‘s not doing who paved the way. What they are not doing is paying blogs, award shows and for sales to look talented cauuse they hold on to one note to the cows come home or have this manufactured look. No one is saying anything because it suppose to be a secret, catch-up!

  7. Angela Wesley March 18, 2017

    For all you naysayer Kelly said earlier this year the she
    and Jermaine Dupri were working on a project. Now we that
    The Rap Game was the project. Kelly is very relevant she
    has been all over the blogs lately from writing a
    children book to making a T.V. movie to being a judge
    of the Voice in Australia. To me that show that Kelly
    is making her coins so that she can retire with some
    money in her pocket and not broke like artist do.

  8. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017


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