Nicki Minaj’s ‘No Frauds’ Falls Out of iTunes Top 100 Two Weeks After Hitting #1

Published: Thursday 23rd Mar 2017 by Rashad

Just two weeks ago Nicki Minaj set the net ablaze by delivering not one, but three doses of clapback as a long-awaited reply to Remy Ma‘s ‘Shether’ in the form of ‘No Frauds,’ ‘Changed It,’ and ‘Regret In Your Tears.’ While ‘Frauds’ and ‘Changed’ housed the most direct responses to Ma, the latter is considered by many to be a shot fired at her former beau Meek Mill.

Regardless, the trio of tunes got people talking and fast.  In fact, within hours of their releases they all zoomed to the top of digital sales charts, with ‘Frauds’ finding itself at #1 on the digital pop charts.  Yet, while the victory would later assist Minaj in seeing her name enter history books for most Hot 100 entries ever among women one week later, the news was accompanied by word the songs all simultaneously took a nose dive off sales tallies.

In a surprising move that will undoubtedly be reflected on refreshed charts next week, all three tunes – ‘Frauds,’ ‘Changed,’ and ‘Tears’ – are no nowhere to be seen on iTunes top 100 less than two weeks after their respective premieres [as of time reported].

After becoming widely available for purchase and stream on March 10th, all three tunes premiered on Billboard Hot 100 charts this week in the following places:

Suffice it to say, sales are not the only component considered when calculating a song’s placement on charts.  As such, despite the drop in digital sales, next week’s refreshed Hot 100 will ultimately tell the tale of how much streaming and radio airplay did or did not pick up the slack to keep the bops buoyant on Billboard.

Fans needn’t fret, however. As we reported here, Minaj is hard at work on the accompanying visuals for the tunes which will undoubtedly give them the boosts needed for sustained chart glory.  In addition, her soon-to-be hits with Jason Derulo and David Guetta, ‘Swalla’ and ‘Light My Body Up’ respectively, will soon help extend her history-making Hot 100 reign among women.

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  1. crimsonREDD March 23, 2017

    *screaming* Queen of Billboard ENTRIES

    • cory March 23, 2017

      Facts! I respect Nicki and her success but with her acting like her Hot 100 entries make her the biggest female Hot 100 artist ever is just pathetic. A good 70% of those “Hot 100” hits peaked below #50 and most of them are still features NOT leads.

  2. JOHNVIDAL March 23, 2017

    Glad to finally see TGJ being unbiased and report about this type of chart movements not only when it is about Mariah Carey and the likes (as if they had anything to prove to begin with but anyway).

    • Fancy BISH March 23, 2017

      Exactly dahhhling lol

      • The One March 23, 2017

        Sam still sugar coated this report.
        Had it been an artist on their dislike list, it would’ve been more gloom and loom!

    • king z March 23, 2017

      rashad is usually the most unbiased among reporters on TGJ. im surprised sam doesn’t block or edit his posts

    • mikey March 23, 2017

      They still tried hard as hell to say nice things! Its so funny!!! They had to post it to appear unbiased because everyone noticed but they tried to flatter her in 100 other ways lmaooooo

      TGJ BYE!

  3. Max March 23, 2017

    LMAO the so called “QUEEN OF RAP” and “Highest SELLING female rapper” yet she’s struggling on iTunes??? this flop is already predicted to sell 11K second week??wonder what excuses the spongebob stans are going to use


    Nicki needs a solid album, no filler, and a solid lead single, when people stop seeing her as a joke, she’ll gain some respect, anaconda hurt her in the long run, she needs to make the right moves to move on from being a jason de rulo to Justin.

    • Reminder March 23, 2017

      She’s the female Flo Rida.

  5. Jjfan1814 March 23, 2017

    Songs only placed because of the hype surrounding her Remy responsse

  6. ?Yellow Diamonds? March 23, 2017

    Y’all shocked? Really? It’s only got the hype cause of drake and Wayne. Minahh can’t do it on her own

    • The One March 23, 2017

      Yeap! She need them and still flopped lol

  7. B**** pleeeaaasseeeee March 23, 2017

    Drake ??????

  8. Ifusayso… March 23, 2017

    Uh ooohhhh…. Spaghetti O”s

  9. LOL March 23, 2017


  10. Toodles March 23, 2017

    Watch the prolapsed Barbz avoid this post…


  11. DanYiel Iman March 23, 2017

    LMBO she’s trying to win the CAUCASIAN vote because if you have them your securing her bag ?, she’s going to keep catering to her fools I meant African American fans by her Dr Seuss Kat in the hat rhymes…✌??

  12. LadyEmpress8 March 23, 2017

    I feel sorry for Nicki. I feel like many want her to fall.

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) March 24, 2017


      • Sassybless01 October 18, 2017

        u have already failed in your life and u will continue to fail even in your next life.

  13. MusicFan103 March 23, 2017

    It was and remains a terrible song.

    She made us wait weeks for this crap.

    No thanks. I’m not surprised as I watched it drop.

  14. RhiRocks March 23, 2017

    This bish releasing songs after song yet no one cares! She ain’t Rihanna she can’t feature on a song and get no1 song . People are already tired of her and she hasn’t even dropped a album! This is going to hurt her majorly when she finally releases the new album

  15. Orangeyougladididntsaybanana March 23, 2017

    Fun fact: good songs don’t need a visual to chart

    CC: LOTB hitting top 5 without a video and already being out for over a year ??‍♀️

    • Mariah Carey March 23, 2017

      We love Love On The Brain

  16. Stephy March 23, 2017

    She haven’t produced a hit single as a lead artist since that atrocious mess called “Anaconda” (which was trash). All 9 of her latest singles (including this trash) has flopped. But her fans steady bashes others for flop singles.

    • The One March 23, 2017

      She’s the Queen of Flop!!
      Drake nor Wayne could save her.

  17. mikey March 23, 2017

    And Dear Rashad,

    Love on the Brain was top 5 without a video and top 3 overall airplay!

    That video excuse is lame! So is your trying hard as hell o find other ways to flatter her. If this were Mariah or Rihanna, ya’ll would have gone all the way in!

    Stop with these biased articles! If you throwing shade….THROW IT!


  18. CUPCAKKE #1 STAN March 23, 2017

    This b&tch is a flop!! That is why CUPCAKKE is gonna replace her. B&tch had her label buy 10 000 copiez to repair the blow that Remy did.

    • Suzette March 23, 2017

      Bitchhh you said it! Just heard her new song ‘Lipgloss’ with Charli XCI and my WIG FLEW. She’s like the female Twista. Love cupcakKe!

  19. Black power March 23, 2017

    You can’t be Pablo if yo work ain’t sellin!!!!!!!!

  20. Gee March 23, 2017

    No surprise here all three songs were terrible. Honestly Nicki lost her spark a while ago if you ask me.

  21. Justafan March 23, 2017

    Should be called “NO HIT”

  22. Justafan March 23, 2017

    No amount of features can save NO HIT

  23. Truth(yaaasss honey) March 24, 2017


  24. BarrzFirst March 24, 2017

    From what I heard, the songs are whack anyway….I still have yet to even hear any of them. That’s how you know they was trash.
    This character ass chick been dead in my eyes!

  25. BarrzFirst March 24, 2017

    I do be hearing Remy though….
    Nicki shouldn’t of ever tried coming for a REAL rap chick, this is what happens. She’s the one who makes “billboard n charts” such a big deal, but the b**** can’t even score a hit anymore her damn self. Her and the rest of these artificial chicks. That’s why I fools with Rihanna. At least her commercial attempts are successful, and she’s a trendsetter. Nicki Minaj is really the Fraud, and her nasty ass brother. They both frauds.

  26. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 24, 2017

    Fail songs

  27. Itunes top charts March 29, 2017

    How do people fall out so quickly? She probably had residual marketing that was dropped or something.

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