Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pinkprint’ Goes Platinum…Twice

Published: Wednesday 1st Mar 2017 by David

The Hip-Hop staple Nicki Minaj has bagged another multi-platinum album with her third studio set ‘The Pinkprint’.

Details on the rapper’s latest win below…

Powered by the singles ‘Pills n Potions‘ and ‘Anaconda’, the UMG-backed set was certified 2x Platinum on February 10th 2016.

A year later, as its singles and album cuts pick up Gold and Platinum certifications in the U.S. and foreign markets alike, the set’s sales set sail towards the 3 million units moved mark with support from streams garnered within the last twelve months.

Quite interestingly, even when streams are taken out of the equation, the album’s digits see her sit well above the 1 million records shifted milestone worldwide after it picked up Gold certifications in Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

A follow-up project is expected to be released in 2017.

Yet to hear the set?

Peep its track list and give it a spin via Spotify below…

1. All Things Go
2. I Lied
3. The Crying Game (feat. Jessie Ware)
4. Get On Your Knees (feat. Ariana Grande)
5. Feeling Myself (feat. Beyoncé)
6. Only (feat. Chris Brown, Drake & Lil Wayne)
7. Want Some More (feat. Jeremih)
8. Four Door Aventador (feat. Asabe Ighile)
9. Favorite (feat. Jeremih)
10. Buy A Heart (feat. Meek Mill)
11. Trini Dem Girls (feat. Lunchmoney Lewis)
12. Anaconda
13. The Night is Still Young
14. Pills N Potions
15. Bed of Lies (feat. Skylar Grey)
16. Grand Piano

Listen here.

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  1. NAVI March 1, 2017

    it’s interesting that DAVID in his 2016 roundup “hopes” that rihanna can be commercially viable again, when anti has outsold the pinkprint globally and has produced bigger singles. I’m not coming for nicki at all, i like the girl, just HATE the lack of objectivity. #carryon

    • King Nick (Jonas Junky) March 1, 2017

      Anti did no such thing. Do you really want to talk about how short it was able to stay in the uks top 100?

    • IStan4Rihanna. March 1, 2017

      This site is filled with no objectivity at all…but what’s new? They’re all the same… glaring hypocrites which is why there is no unity.

    • Pastor Pebbles March 1, 2017

      King David complimented the album and blamed the rollout for its non slayage not the album itself so what are you talking about?

    • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

      Nicki must be sending them checks cause they been trying to make her happen and cover up her multitude of flops for years now.

      • Bey Sting March 1, 2017

        Maybe Katy should send one to the nuns she stole her house from so they can pray for her single to rise on the charts. No?

    • Rosy March 1, 2017

      This album is old news stop trying to make mackerel happen she got buried by Remy MA makerel got famous because of her skin color and ass she sleeps with dj to spin her records on the radio nick at night cannot rap period she made it by acting like a fake barbie stripper big face nicki she should know Beyonce only your friend when you hot at the moment Beyonce ain’t your friend unless you getting publicity

      • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

        Liiiiiieeeeess Nicki can rap look up here old videos (the come up etc.) her old street friends even backed her and said she wrote her own stuff and Safaree did not write for her. They aren’t rich so I wouldn’t see what they would get out of lying for her

    • Swit Katz March 1, 2017

      Rihanna is over now she’ll start declining from now onwards

    • Elsie March 1, 2017

      Remy ma could never

  2. Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

    It hasn’t sold 1 million worldwide. It stalled around 900k unless a receipt can be provided that states otherwise. I see TGJ is a fan of those “alternative facts”

    • Miss Thang March 1, 2017

      It stalled at 900k last year!!!!! Didn’t you read the article? It’s got three new Gold plaques (each for 100k sold) since then. Anyway, shouldn’t you be concerned about Chained to the Rockingchair? #FlopCity

      • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

        Precisely, it stalled last year but I’m expected to believe it’s sold 100k since then? No ma’am

      • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

        And CTTR already outpeaked 96% of every single this plastic has been has ever released or been apart of.

    • Dance in the Dark 95 March 1, 2017

      Sis. If it stalled at 900,000 in 2016 and has sold 300,000 copies in three markets since then I think that means it’s done over a million so far. I don’t blame you for being bad at math. I’m sure swimming at the bottom of the charts has starved your brain of oxygen. See you at Coachellla?

      • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

        Lol look at you. You tried so hard to make this read happen. But I’m guessing you don’t know how certifications work. Those certifications are from CUMULATIVE sales, meaning it reached a total of 100k, not that it sold 100k in a year.

      • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

        But with Plan B stepping in for Coachella, I can probably find tickets for 69 cents. We all know how much she loves those discounts

      • Alicia Missing A Key March 1, 2017

        Darling, a quick trip to Wiki will show you that it sold 100k in the U.K., 100k in Sweden and 100k in Poland. Be a doll and pull out a calculater would ya? Mind you, that doesn’t even include its sales from other countries so it’s actually sold more than a million worldwide. By your estimation , the album sold 0 copies everywhere in the world but the US which is almost as outrageous as Katy’s live vocals.

    • Queen Barb March 1, 2017

      Girl stfu and worry about the single of katys thats flopping

      • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 1, 2017

        See above message on how it has already outpeaked 96% of every single Onika has ever been on.

    • Swit Katz March 1, 2017

      Just focus on katy perry’s pathetic career and let us worry about nicki

  3. Black power March 1, 2017

    Quite interesting.. when you take away streaming she hasn’t sold one million units IN THE US, outside of her first album Pink Friday.

    • Swit Katz March 1, 2017

      But streaming is in now and people are willingly listening to her so just congratulate her

      • Datredd23 March 1, 2017

        Hypocrisy at its finest you weren’t saying that when Anti is one of the most streamed albums of all time !!

  4. Cough Cough March 1, 2017


    • Bethany Bieber March 1, 2017

      Samsung dear. Samsung.

      • SWISH March 1, 2017

        uhh anti is 2x plat without samsung

      • OBeyKa March 1, 2017

        Samsung slayage.

  5. Queen Barb March 1, 2017


  6. OBeyKa March 1, 2017

    Mental math is a struggle for some people. If an album gets to sales of even 700k and then goes Gold in three different countries how much has it sold if each plaque is worth 100,000 units? Exactly. Too many imbeciles in here. Study your books before you study the Internet. Uninhibited mountain goats you are.

  7. B_Roni March 1, 2017

    Ok first off nicki isn’t selling or doing better than Katy Perry or Rihanna. Whichever way you guys want to slice and dice it, she isn’t more successful than either one of those women. People bringing up Wikipedia pages but are the first to discredit Rihanna or Beyonce stats when thrown.

    • Onika Army March 1, 2017

      Erm. Wiki isn’t the source though. ???. Check the BPI to see what it sold in the UK and then come Back boo boo.

      • B_Roni March 1, 2017

        Globally she is not selling more than rih, bey, Katy, Taylor etc. that’s like me saying oh Rihanna is selling better in Australia. I have nothing against nicki but the truth is the truth. Someone above said Her sales were more than rihanna and Katy and that’s a lie. Maybe for Her UK sales for this one album but overall she does not come close. Sorry

    • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

      Y’all kids are funny…like selling over 100k even isn’t a big deal. Real live haters.

  8. Highway Unicorn March 1, 2017

    That Chained to the Rocking Chair Stan should consider going to night school because he or she does not know their maths. The album has literally sold over 1 million copies worldwide and yet they say it hasnt? Howling!! Even if you don’t include what it sold in the countries named in the article its sales in the 100 or so other countries you can buy it in push it up to that point. I now see why Coachella didn’t ask her to perform. Her fans would only confuse themselves looking for directions while tracking her flopping single on iTunes at the same time.

  9. Essence_of_sean March 1, 2017

    700k in the u.s tho ????✋

    • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

      And that’s a bad thing? Confused.

  10. Taqoya March 1, 2017

    Moderator: Hello Onika Army/OBeyKa/Bethany Bieber/Essence_of_Sean!
    Will you please refrain from using more than one username in the same thread.

  11. truthteller March 1, 2017

    Triple platinum doesn’t change that it was a disappointing album. I’m not a Nicki hater. I just found the album lacked the cohesion of her debut which did a better job of balancing the chart friendly stuff with the more raw material.

  12. Mikesha March 1, 2017

    But where’s her BB100 #1 at?

    • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

      Where’s Rem’s?

  13. Orangeyougladididntsaybanana March 1, 2017

    Taylor Swift’s 1989 sold over 1 million copies (no streaming) in 1 week in the US alone

    • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

      Giiiirrrrl lmao ok all then damn teeny boppers she makes music for. Cut it the fcuk out.

  14. IIDONOTREPLY2TROLLz March 1, 2017

    Congratulations. Nicki has always been a slow burner.

  15. Swit Katz March 1, 2017

    lol why are Remy’s broke fans hiding from this post though

    • crimsonREDD March 1, 2017

      Why does Remy have a #1 hit on billboard 100 while Nicki doesn’t, even after releasing 08349234923423943249 singles? So sad.

      • yisi March 1, 2017

        Remy has a feature on a #1 song.The song went number one and still hardly sold a thing.
        I’d take Nicki’s career over Remy’s any day of the week!
        Nicki has first week debuts for singles and albums that have outsold Remy’s entire discography.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        Hardly sold a thing ? Meanwhile, Nicki’s sales rely on streaming. Lean back is a CLASSIC.

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        I’ll take a classic REAL RAP record over a plaque any day. Nicki done showed her ass in Anaconda, collabed with top name pop singers and everything and still can’t get one. What’s it gonna take? ?

  16. Swit Katz March 1, 2017

    No one will end queen nicki she’s the total package remy doesn’t have that it factor to crossover. I’m just glad nicki is winning and bitter remy and her roach base are losing big time

  17. Kwinzy March 1, 2017

    In other news… Shether stands at #13 on the US iTunes chart which has ironically slaying the f*ck out of Make Love. Hmmm. We also have yet to hear a response from Nicki who, apparently, is still in her feelings about her L as she threw shade on a pic Meek and Trey Songz took together on IG. Is Nicki Monopoly in trouble now that she finally has real competition? Stay tuned.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

      Remy ma is going to be on the Wendy Show this Friday. Stay tuned.

  18. Mark111 /.\ March 1, 2017

    The difference of The D*** Print going 2X plat and Anti going 3X plat is that Rihanna (like Remy just said and what LB and I been saying for a few years now) owns her masters, so she’s getting a whole or the very lest huge cut of her streams income. Nicki is not seeing this money, this money goes straight to the label(s).

    • Highway Unicorn March 1, 2017

      10% of a million is bigger than 100% of nothing

  19. B2B March 1, 2017

    I actually liked Print Print… Nicki has some bops on this cd for sure, and I loved the Jermih influence.

  20. John March 1, 2017

    This site is funny, you post this slow burning album with streams but fail to mention that her clothing line has just been DROPPED from K-Mart to a decrease in sells. Try streaming that clearance rack.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

      They did mention it. Tgj did a post on that exact topic a few days ago , ya big dummy

  21. Caleb March 1, 2017

    This album has been double platinum for quite some time though.

  22. Datredd23 March 1, 2017

    So what Anti is at 1.6 million pure sales worldwide and over 3 million worldwide sales plus streams after only a year! No Samsung included! ! with far bigger hits and records sold ! How dare any of TGJ come for Rihanna Anti was sold full price aswell

  23. Kyle March 1, 2017

    That’s good for her! I’m just surprised she won’t respond to that diss record I mean in hip hop when you called out like that you respond. As much mouth Nicki has in just surprised…

  24. Chris March 1, 2017

    It stalled at 700k copies. It’s only 2x platinum copies because of streaming

  25. JD March 1, 2017


  26. Danzou March 1, 2017

    Proof that yall STILL arent buying remys music but you stay typing h** ass comments. That diss wouldve gotten no recognition if it wasnt for it being about THE QUEEN

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

      The Queen? But I thought u weren’t a barb….

      • BOOBIE March 1, 2017

        Umm do you not read his comments on TGJ? He is definitely a barb

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        I know that. The n**** lied and said that he wasnt

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        Would i be hive to admit that beyonce is on top of her lane? No. Not a barb. Period.

  27. Caleb March 1, 2017

    It even says on the graphic TGJ posted “certification date: Feb. 10, 2016.” Why is it news over a year later?

  28. GEEZUS March 1, 2017

    The Pinkprint is at 1.1M copies pure sales in the US present day. It’s still charting on the rap charts on iTunes and on the top 200. It’s streaming units combined from 2016 and sales the album is definitely 3X platinum certified.

    • sam is TRASH March 2, 2017

      Please delete this sis. Pink Print is not even past 600k 🙁

  29. sam is TRASH March 2, 2017

    This is OLD NEWS. Samantha is desperate

  30. Kylerspre March 3, 2017

    Thanks rem and it still on billboard

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