Is Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appétit’ Bombing?

Published: Friday 28th Apr 2017 by Sam

Katy Perry served up sassy new single ‘Bon Appétit’ at the strike of midnight and the expectation was for the masses to eat it up.

It’s early, but it appears folk are proceeding to the table slower than perhaps planned.

As at writing, the Migos assisted cut has yet to enter top 10 of US iTunes. It presently occupies the #15 spot. This despite banners and ample fan-fare.


While it’s far from doom and gloom, especially given Perry’s general strong streaming performance, it does make one wonder.

Because beyond being the tier of act accustomed to instant hits, she’s coming off a lukewarm chart run with preceding single ‘Chained To The Rhythm.’

All of which makes for potentially sweaty palms at Camp Perry.

Still, as the age old adage goes, it’s rarely about how one starts but how they finish. Maybe just maybe it’ll take longer to rise but enjoy sweeter success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. prince April 28, 2017

    the song is whack and so was her last single

  2. Grapejuice fan April 28, 2017

    That song had no business being an album cut much less a single,they tried it so bad !

  3. Molly April 28, 2017

    Song of the summer let it grow on people sheesh

  4. Fancy BISH April 28, 2017

    Taylor and Kendrick ended Miss Perry baby lol #BadBlood

    • Pat April 28, 2017

      Kim and Kanye eneded Taylor…Well at least until she comes out swinging again, lol!

      • Diane April 30, 2017

        Huh ? The kim and kanye stuff made her even more powerful… She stood for women by being strong without preaching feminism like Katy did…(which is one of the 3 reasons why people hate her now…aside from making fun of mental disability and getting involved in politics).

        Not to mention Kimye are much hated than her and as far as i know, alot of people i spoke to who didnt like Taylor before started liking her after that.

        Plus she knows how to run her bussiness and probably will go back to country which i dont support but im proud of her for not selling out to songs about p****** like most artists at that fame level.

        As for Katy… She toured alot so ud think shell notice 85% of her fans are little girls….releasing this rediculous song just shows ignorance

  5. JOHNVIDAL April 28, 2017

    The nerve of Katy fans always trying to end Gaga and other talented artists just cos Katy used to have hit singles (and nothing else)… and now this Katy era and its singles are starting way worse than ANY Gaga era singles wise (Katy´s only strenght) despite Katy still releasing easy pop ready for radio and nothing else.

    • Fancy BISH April 28, 2017

      Yaaaaas…the only thing delicious about this song is the karma lol

    • GaGa’s Little Lamb April 28, 2017

      LMAO! This so called “woke” era has been a flop so far. The Katy Cats have been dragging Gaga since 2013 now I guess it’s their turn to be on the receiving end

  6. Fuck_Dude April 28, 2017

    I actually like the song! The production is amazing!

  7. FAF April 28, 2017

    She waited too long after her last album generic music has a short lifespan she should be on album 5 by now

  8. meme April 28, 2017

    I am nervous for Katy. She’s always been a strong singles artist which helps boost her albums. But with out a strong single…I don’t see this era going good for her. This crazy for someone who has like 4 #1 singles from 1 album.

    • Fancy BISH April 28, 2017

      Now she got pro-BLEMS
      And I don’t think she can SOLVE ’em
      “She said, ‘Give me a hug.’ I said, ‘Oh hell no. You couldn’t be serious.” -Aretha Franklin

      • Pat April 28, 2017

        Rotflmaoooo! Whyyyy aretha Whyyyy ?lol

    • LOL April 28, 2017


  9. Wonder Woman stan April 28, 2017

    We’ll all the the girls had their flop eras? I think that this is hers. Beyoncé recovered very well after 4 and became even bigger, Gaga middly recovered slowly changing her lane into acting, Ciara never recovered and went on to become a bonafide flop. Well good luck Katy, she’s actually a sweet girl although kinda shady so I wish her the best.

    • K April 28, 2017

      Correction: R

    • LOL April 28, 2017


  10. Avi April 28, 2017

    Maybe people are finally starting to tire of that talentless hack. Why the likes of Katy Perry was allowed to become a pop star in the first place is beyond me. Her music is bad and her singing is a joke.

  11. SMH April 28, 2017

    Not surprised. She was never a credible authentic artist to begin with, just a flavor-of-the-moment with good radio deals in place. Payola only carries you so far, unless you’re married to the boss lol.

  12. gina April 28, 2017

    10 year olds grow up. thats why shes flopping.

    • MovieAmi April 29, 2017

      Basically. You can only provide the soundtrack to middle school dances and bi-curious frat parties for so long.

      • Mother April 29, 2017

        Not bi-curious frat parties ??

  13. JanStan April 28, 2017

    Ooooh Chile I know Katy and Rih are good friends but is she going to be taking Anti’s single release strategy of releasing 3 flops and then deleting them off the album like they never existed? lol. Hopefully she can gather some level of salvation off of (irrelevant) streams like Anti did or this girl is DONE.

    BTW the song is ok but why does it remind me of something Janet would have only used as an interlude? Try again Katy.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 28, 2017

      Nothing but fun facts 🙂

    • meme April 28, 2017

      Wait but 4-5 seconds was a top 5 hit, and BBHMM performed well too. How are they consider flops?

    • JOHNVIDAL April 29, 2017

      Meme Ask Rihanna or her team. They were the ones who cancelled that album because of thsoe singles not working as expected. For all the laughs basic Rihanna and Katy Perry fans have been throwing at Lady Gaga for years now, it´s clear Gaga can survive without the superficial pop masses. The other too can´t. Katy is being first, and Rihanna had a serious hint of what could come (but they found the right song with Work and the right deal with Samsung to save face just in time).

  14. GaGa’s Little Lamb April 28, 2017

    Hi Slayty??

  15. Max April 28, 2017

    Wow all the major pop girls are flopping e.g. Katy,Nicki etc
    I think Taylors next album will not sell like her previous albums I don’t even think she will do a million first week unless she puts her s*** on all streaming sites.

  16. P**** Juice Lover April 28, 2017

    So i took a 2 year hiatus from this site and damn WHAT HAPPENED?? This site used to be so fun and full of drag fests and had such cool and iconic members. 2014 was it’s peak i think. This site used to have 200-1000 comments per post and even more! It was so much fun messing with the hive and drag them and also get dragged by them lol. Shout out to Keri kween , Lovebird, Molly, Rosie, Mark111, FutureCiara, Stephy, Slay_Hive, LOL, Matt Phoenix, Slayriah Carey, Skyfall, S****** Blond. If some of yall are still here @ me.

    • Tink April 28, 2017

      This site died with with the not only iconic but legendary RihNavy…..the layout is just the final nail

    • Career Ender April 28, 2017

      How dare you leave out The Legendary One …. Yours Trully… One and Only….. you’re a big flop for that… bye… go back to where you were hiding

    • Pat April 29, 2017

      “Iconic Members” lmfaoooo, child please!

  17. Francis April 28, 2017

    I don’t like Bon Appétit, but Chained To The Rhythm was a good pop song and a hit, sure it wasn’t number one, but you don’t need a number one for your song to be considered a hit.

    Katy is playing, her previous eras were on point, specially the Teenage Dream one, her camp is sleeping on the job. Rise should have stayed in the closet, that basic song ate at lot of hype that she had going on.

    • Honda Accord April 28, 2017

      Chained to The Rhythm was not a hit at all. It debuted at #4 and nosedived soon thereafter. It barely got any airplay and no one streamed it after massive promo and performances on The Grammys and other award shows.

  18. Boosie April 28, 2017

    Katy has had a good run and its good that sh’s trying something new sound wise. If this album flops i’m sure that she will bounce back

  19. Rihboy April 28, 2017

    Yeah but so did the cure

  20. Starxavi April 28, 2017

    song is cute to me

  21. Max April 28, 2017

    And according to Kworb Bon appetit has sold or predicted to sell 6K first day and 22K first week

  22. LB April 28, 2017

    Look at you being brave when Die for you or whatever couldn’t even crack the Hot 100, serving “struggling on the Bubbling under” tease.

    Plus Beyonce’s career is over, that body isn’t bouncing back.

    • P**** Juice Lover April 28, 2017

      Lovebird is that you?? Don’t you remember me?? Lol.

      • Career Ender April 28, 2017

        no-one does, you are irrelevant now like the year 2014

    • Career Ender April 28, 2017

      Rihanna was over fisrt when she released those non existed singles in 2015 and went on to sell socks meanwhile they cook her “WORK”
      and she hasn’t sold Platinum Albums eversince

    • Logics and Fact May 18, 2017

      Not when Die with you was only a tidal exclusive release. Try again next year. Even though her selling power has diminished this decade she is still slaying these pop chicks album wise (with the exception of Taylor and Adele) and her tours are massive hits. 4 which alot of people wanted to call a flop still sold 4 million copies worldwide (the same amount as Unapologetic which had 2 worldwide hits and more than Prism which had three worldwide hits) The self titled sold well over 5 million with just one hit DIL and it wasn’t even a massive one. Lemonade is on the 3 million sales mark. Where is Anti that had those top 10 hits and Work?, Joanne (love Gaga but just making a point)? I doubt Katy can take on Lemonade’s sales and lets remember Beyonce is a b**** from the 90s , all of these other b****** are 2000+. Plus if Beyonce updated her sales to add streaming like Drake whose actual sales for Views in the US are 1.8 million but certified 4x platinum she’d have more success.

  23. Lana Del Fan April 28, 2017

    Before I even read the comments, I know Beyoncé will be bought up.

  24. Career Ender April 28, 2017

    i really like Katy, can’t beleive after “Bad Blood” she’s now flopping
    don’t let BAsic Swift win
    stick to your lane and make those pop bops

  25. BC April 29, 2017

    Bey has already been bought up.. duh, they r obsessed.

  26. King B April 29, 2017

    OOOPS! Katycats, Navy and Little Monster are fighting with each other. They are the ones who laughed at Beyoncé’s 4 back in 2011. Fast forward 6 years later, none. None of them are able to outsell 4, that has 800 M streams + 1 Grammy +1. 5 M sold in US and nearly 700k in UK.

  27. Nobody important really May 6, 2017

    Its honestly just too different to be a good song, just stick to the basics with a contemporary twist, done go so simple like Lady Gaga and The Cure, but a mideway between Bon Apetit and The Cure would be good, something with a chain smoker vibe might work on the charts too, although i feel the chainsmokers have kind of squeezed every bit of dance music with fake emotion tact onto it as they can right about now…

  28. Halsey May 12, 2017

    I don’t even care to listen to it. The name SOUNDS wack lol.

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