Retro Rewind: Billboard Hot 100 This Week in 2000

Published: Saturday 15th Apr 2017 by Rashad

Readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.

So, just as our retrospective features ‘From the Vault’ and ‘TGJ Replay’ allow us the chance to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday of one artist, our newest feature Chart Rewind – a variation of our current Retro Rewind assay – accedes salutes to an entire era of music history.

This week we’ll go to ‘There You Go’ – the debut single from pop powerhouse P!nk.  Written by Xscape‘s Kandi Burruss and P!nk herself, the tune served as the first release from the latter’s inaugural album, ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ (read our ode to the full album by clicking here).

The songstress and her Urban-inspired pop tune were welcomed by critics as a much needed departure from the wealth of vocally incapable pop offerings of the day.  Rebellious and spunky, ‘Go’ went to the upper dectet of the Billboard Hot 100 in no time.  Eventually peaking at #7, this week in 2000 saw the tune maintain its perch for a second rung before eventually slipping out of the top 10.  Not only serving as an unforgettable introduction to the singer/songwriter who – unlike many of her contemporaries of the day – has stood the test of time, ‘Go’ also helped ‘Home’ hit the 2x platinum mark when all was said and done.

Tuck in below to see who else joined her in the Hot 100 this week 17 years ago:

Hot 100 This Week in 2000



Hot 100 This Week

Click here to read this week’s full “Chart Check.”

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  1. Mark111 April 13, 2017

    When Pink was Black.

    • TheOne April 13, 2017

      Right!! ?

  2. Liam April 15, 2017

    This song was so lit…just like the album! I remember overplaying this CD till it started skipping lol

  3. JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2017

    How can Pink be the headline when you have that chart on your hands? Wouldn´t it be more normal to point out Santana´s monumental DIAMOND album from that year which went onto win every pucking grammy and also had at least two huge hits, one of them #1 in this chart? 🙂

    Anyway, Bruno ´s current era is being a little bit slower than his two previous, but he´s not doing bad at all. People have really liked the single “That´s what I like” and its video, and it´s a pity the song has been a strong #2 but probably won´t make it to #1. He´s one of the few huge talents in maiantream.

  4. JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2017

    That Pink song sounds exactly like one Mariah Carey´s song released a year before in the Rainbow album called “x-girfriend”, only that Mariah made it sound more special with her unique vocal talent. Pink has never been a force artistically wise imo. I´m sorry. Even now, when she is way more successful than before, I find all her music generic and not special enough.

    • Mariah Carey April 16, 2017

      Well guess who helped write my underrated album track “X-Girlfriend” dahhhling?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2017

        Don´t know girl. I have enough with the many songs that are given to me and my constant tours and 3 kids. All I know is we are the last 2 still standing from the vocal trinity. You know, the last true vocal greats. And I love you for that mon amie. We have to be strong. These random people know nothing. 3 fake kisses for you dahling!

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