Cassidy On Lil Yachty’s Pro-Gay Image: “I Don’t Respect It”

Published: Monday 8th May 2017 by David

Sales of Lil Yatchy‘s forthcoming album ‘Teenage Emotions‘ aren’t expected to soar when the set drops on May 26th.

What has fared well however is its artwork.

In it, the Bubblegum Trap purveyor celebrates society’s embracing of same-sex relationships by featuring an image of a gay couple kissing.

Unfortunately for him, the image has seen him come under fire from those who seem to be suggesting that he is being used by higher powers to propel a “gay agenda” even further into the African-American community.

The names of one of those people? Cassidy.

He isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Cassidy’s remarks come after T.I. echoed similar (unpopular) sentiments recently.

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Why do you think Hip-Hop is so opposed to Yachty’s cover?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan May 8, 2017

    Ok and they have the rights to be entitled to their opinions. As long as their not promoting violence or hate to the community why does an opinion matter?

    • What???? May 8, 2017

      Because their “opinions” make an entire community of people feel like who they are should be hidden and that they’re disgusting. They also speak as if being gay is an “agenda” which is so farfetched and has not merit whatsoever. Yes, they are entitled to free speech but people should be entitled to be gay or whatever else without constant criticism and ridicule. They also should speak on something they know little about with such certainty because that’s ignorant. If they don’t understand homosexuality, then they should just say that. But there’s a difference between giving an opinion and bashing/insulting someone. They’re doing the latter.

      • What???? May 8, 2017


    • Caleb May 8, 2017

      Thanks captain obvious. Yes, they have the right to their opinions. Who was saying they didn’t?

    • Rahem101 May 9, 2017

      Gays are feeling awfully entitled these days. It’s not illegal to be gay anymore, your mental state is no longer considered an illness, you all can marry, and are a protected class, as far as civil rights protections go. I think you can stand some criticism and people not liking you. That playing the victim card is old. The whole world doesn’t have to be your allies.

  2. Linear May 8, 2017

    That cover is tacky overall. And the gay kiss is pandering. Lil Yachty, or whatever his name is, should be relegated to some abstract fringe niche scene. Mainstream hip hop should not be getting behind this. Seriously, what the hell happened? How did hip hop go from alpha male gangsta Ice Cube’s Death Certificate and militant Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet to corny, weird, pansexual hipster b******* like Lil Yachty? This is not what hip hop is, or should be. I’d rather the genre die than to go in that direction. All the hip hop outlets that still exist should reject this completely. Let the Selena Gomez crowd buy this crap if they’re interested.

  3. Frank May 8, 2017

    Why are black people so homophobic? How can you push something on someone especially when research has shown that the human mind is hard wired during pregnancy for attraction to either opposite or same s**? Cassidy and other macho rappers need to understand that gay does not equal femininity. Who gives a f*^%* if someone is gay. It’s none of my business or yours. If you don’t like gay people, s**, marriage then don’t be one, don’t have it and don’t get one. **drops mic**

    • Heart May 8, 2017

      To answer your question. The reason black people who descend from enslaved Africans are homophobic is because of how male r*** was used as a mechanism to destroy the black man. Google “breaking the buck”. I’m not saying it’s right, but homosexuality as it relates to African Americans and Caribbeans will always be tied to male r*** because it’s synonymous with their history. Africans living in Africa are homophobic because they are deeply religious (whether Christian or Muslim) and follow what their religious text says. My friend’s grandma used to tell us stories about her childhood in Jamaica and how it was common knowledge that white missionaries were raping black men and boys on the islands even as recently as the 60s. Once again, gay r*** and consensual gay s** between two adults isn’t the same thing but this is where the hatred comes from.

      • Bey is trash May 8, 2017

        if they are homophobic because they are deeply religious follow what their religious text then they shouldn’t have any problem with being slaves. it’s what the texts say, so let’s bring slavery then?

    • AdrianL May 8, 2017

      LOL@”macho rappers?” Only someone who is the epitome of NOT “macho” would throw out that term, and in such a cynical and bitter way. Why are black people so “homophobic,” you ask? Maybe that’s not the right question. A better question is why do some people think that homosexuality is something that should be endorsed or promoted, when males and females were made to complete each other? The cycle of life depends on it. Sure, I can believe that homosexuality is probably a genetic trait that just happens to some people (sort of like Down Syndrome.) But that doesn’t make it healthy or correct. It’s a genetic glitch. Should gays be persecuted for it? Probably not, but no one should be acting like homosexuality is perfectly fine either.

      • Frank May 8, 2017

        It seems I struck a cord with that first sentence. Reverting to the defense I see. Hate never wins.

      • What???? May 8, 2017

        A “genetic glitch?” Really? And then you compare homosexuality to Down Syndrome. You are so homophobic. Homosexuality is not a genetic trait but more so has to do with hormones and the development of the brain. Here’s the truth – HOMOSEXUALITY IS PERFECTLY FINE. GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES. PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES AND WHO THEY CHOOSE TO LOVE. THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT.

        Have a nice day.

      • XoMoDe May 8, 2017


        And other people have the right to NOT coddle and acquiesce to gays, or even agree with homosexuality in general. Do whatever you do, but stop acting like the world owes you support. Gays kill me with this whiny sh!t. You so much as look sideeyes at them and show any kind of gesture that isn’t 100% approval/comfort where they’re concerned and they start crying and acting like their world is being torn asunder. Lil Yachtys album is coming out with that cover. No one is forcing him to change it. It is what it is. If some people have the right to love it, then others have the right to hate it. That’s called EQUALITY. What gays seem to want is total surrender, which becomes special rights. Doesn’t work that way. You get to do what you wanna do, hooray and congrats… but you don’t get to be spared criticism or be granted automatic support from everybody.

      • keepit100 May 8, 2017

        Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. And incase your too stupid to realize it, the world is on the verge of overpopulation. So cut it with the whole “survival depends on it crap. This isn’t 2640 bc. You don’t get to decide what every man and woman was made for. You wanna write a book, or start your own society, i hear the third world countries have cheap flights. Otherwise, worry about YOU. Nobody wants to be accepted or liked, this isn’t pre-k. The gay community wants to be respected it’s simple. If your ignorant comments cant produce money to compensate anybody, food to feed anybody, or comfort to heal anybody, they are empty and arrogant. If you don’t like gay stuff, don’t be gay. But to walk around slandering people, making assumptions about something you know nothing about, and feeling glorified and better than the next person because your straight? Ill crack your jaw if i ever come across you..that’s a promise. Everything you know about homosexuality you learned from a thousand year old book or mommy and daddy. Leave the gay conversations to the people that experience it and actually embrace different groups…

      • What???? May 8, 2017

        TO XoMoDe:

        No one has asked for your acceptance or support, or anyone else’s for that matter. Period. It’s not a matter of getting people to support gay people. It’s about calling out the blatant discrimination, disrespect, and bigotry that gay people face for simply being who they are. No one should be ridiculed, talked down to, publicly humiliated, the victim of violence and intense scrutiny for something as natural as their sexual orientation – but this has happened FAR TOO OFTEN to gay people and continues to happen. Two men kissing on an album cover shouldn’t make grown, straight men uncomfortable – so much so that they have to voice their dislike with gays and go on ignorant tangents about a group of people they know very little about. I AM PRODLY GAY AND WILL DEFEND EVERY FACET OF WHO I AM, INCLUDING MY SEXUALITY. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR DISLIKE, APPROVAL, OR ANYTHING ELSE AS IT RELATES TO GAYS. I DON’T NEED ANYONE TO CODDLE ME – BUT YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL RESPECT ME. NO ONE GETS TO TALK SH*T WITHOUT THERE BEING A RESPONSE. I CAN SPEAK FOR MYSELF AND SAY THAT IF ANYONE COMES TO ME WITH ANY OF THAT, OPINION OR NOT, I WILL HANDLE IT. I DON’T NEED ANY HELP IN THAT AREA. VERY SIMPLE. RESPECT ME, I RESPECT YOU. REGARDLESS OF OUR DIFFERENCES. However, comparing gay people to having Down Syndrome is disrespectful, factually incorrect, and ignorant. Bashing gay people for being gay or for being gay in public happens all too often. But I dare someone to test me.

    • Heart May 8, 2017

      Also, if you’ve seen Doubt with Aunty Viola you’ll understand the context more. Black people have been oppressed historically and that oppression meant that abuse from people from positions in power went unpunished even when people knew about it. The worst thing, in the mind of a black father, that could happen is that his son – who has already been emasculated by a racist society- would be corrupted by a seemingly nice white priest or a powerful s**** master. You also have to remember that in those days people had a warped idea about what a gay person was like because most people were closeted. So the only images they had to go on were the ones based on predators who didn’t truly represent the LGBT community. It’s a complex matter but I do think things will improve when people acknowledge the full truth about what slavery really entailed of for black men, women and children.

    • Jasmine May 8, 2017

      There is a gay agenda in the industry to male black male celebrities feminine. That is what they are referring to. They are saying that this rapper is being used like a puppet.

      • bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

        to break the black alpha male you must degrade them. Put him in a dress and tell him that’s an easy way to stardom. And we all know black love them some gay men. As long as Marqus does her hair and filled her in on his gossip he can have her son when he is 18! so sad.

  4. Jamie May 8, 2017

    And apparently, his fanbase doesn’t support him. When’s the last time he had any types of hits?

  5. Cbeylive May 8, 2017

    When did being straight meant that you were superior??yet both of them can’t even…. nvm the tea pours itself lol

  6. DJBishop May 8, 2017

    Why do you think Hip-Hop is so opposed to Yachty’s cover? Is this a serious question? Hip-hop along with reggae, is one of the most homophobic and insecure, macho cultures that exist in the United States. They are opposed to it because it threatens their frail little masculine egos. If they were REAL men, s*** like this wouldn’t bother them at all.

    • bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

      to break the black alpha male you must degrade them. Put him in a dress and tell him that’s an easy way to stardom. And we all know black love them some gay men. As long as Marqus does her hair and filled her in on his gossip he can have her son when he is 18! so sad.

      • bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

        to break the black alpha male you must degrade them. Put him in a dress and tell him that’s an easy way to stardom. And we all know women love them some gay men. As long as Marqus does her hair and filled her in on his gossip he can have her son when he is 18! so sa

  7. Weezy May 8, 2017

    If it was two girls it wouldn’t be a problem for them…opinions from a bunch of nahs

  8. keepit100 May 8, 2017

    Anybody who gets up in arms about seeing a same s** couple kiss, either was molested as a child, or is secretly gay, and that’s why they get so uncomfortable when the issues is brought up. The only other explanation is, your such a sad pathetic human being that is so consumed in hatred, you can’t even see how stupid you look. Gay couples have and always will be around, nobody is pushing anything, if you want your sons to sleep with every s*** girl they meet, shoot, kill and take what they want, sell drugs, and then disrespect the same women that raised them, and rap about everything other than protecting our youth, that’s fine. But don’t try to suddenly be “woke” and upset about gay couples being on a rap cover. There is ALOT more sh*t going on in the world that’s worse than being gay. So stop acting like gay people are supposed to hide in the closet and be shamed of who we are. Black men can be so ignorant and mis led. Hip hop isn’t just about pu**y, drugs, money, anger, and violence. Sometimes you have to touch base on the issues going on. If your kids are going to be gay, they are gay they are just gonna be gay, if they are meant to be straight straight they y will be, seeing a picture, or having a conversation about people being different from them won’t change that. Stop blaming culture and society for ya kids being gay. Sexuality doesn’t work like that. If it did, there would be noone growing up gay after being forced to see straight couples kiss and have s** every where you turn. Nobody would choose that lifestyle just to be judged and shot down everyday like a dog. IDIOTS..

    • bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

      to break the black alpha male you must degrade them. Put him in a dress and tell him that’s an easy way to stardom. And we all know women love them some gay men. As long as Marqus does her hair and filled her in on his gossip he can have her son when he is 18! so sad

  9. Bianca May 8, 2017

    I’m guessing not many ppl watched the video. They said over and over that these new guys can do whatever they want they just don’t listen or respect it! They don’t have to. These are heterosexual males of course they don’t like homosexuality. Most don’t. Y’all so used to political correctness that a straight forward answer gets u upset. They didn’t say anything negative they really spoke more about hip hop n real rap being different than what this new wave is and should be called something else cuz they represent different things. If the LGBT can be proud why can’t heterosexual ppl be proud of their heterosexuality? It’s like we’re now shunned for being straight and expressing our straightness.

    • BYiSI May 8, 2017

      Are you f****** serious? When’s the last time anyone was taunted,beaten, harassed, or even killed for being straight? I’ll never understand why straight people are so worried about what gays are doing.Straight people don’t go through half of that. You’ve always been able to proudly proclaim your sexuality without the fear of being murdered for it. I can’t stand people like you who make these stupid comments. Always wanna cram your beliefs down gays throats, but two men kissing is the end of the world or expressing pride is too much. Typical!

      • Bianca May 8, 2017

        F*** u!!! U gay ppl get mad because ppl don’t agree with it! The moment a person doesn’t agree with it y’all get mad! Nothing in this video was anything other than an expression of opinion. Y’all cry about everything but down talk everybody! I’ve been on this site for like four years and the same gay mfkas that be so offended be on here wishing death on kids and JUDGING other artists and call each other names then cry when someone says sum bout gays! Stfu

      • Leo May 8, 2017

        “Bianca” why you so mad at gay people? If you’re looking for someone to pick on, try another group. The days are over when straight people get to demean gays, treat us like sh-t, and defend it. That sh-t’s been happening for years. It’s not about you or those uneducated rappers being straightforward. Ya’ll don’t have a clue what the f-ck y’all are talking about when it comes to gay people cause most of y’all don’t care to listen to issues gay people face and are so bothered by our existence. People love to talk bad about gays but gays don’t shame straight people for being straight. Then y’all like to say “It’s just my opinion.” Just b/c you have that right, doesn’t mean you have to use it to talk sh-t about ppl or be rude. It would be ridiculous for me as a gay person to tell you or any other straight person that I don’t agree with you being straight. Think about how stupid that sounds. Not all gay ppl are catty and behave like you say they do on here. Gays aren’t out here inflicting violence on communities and harassing straight people for their sexuality. Most of us are just trying to be happy and live without being beat down for being gay

      • Leo May 8, 2017

        And one more thing, Bianca… you say “why can’t heterosexual ppl be proud of their heterosexuality?’ That sounds like when white ppl say, “Why is it only Black Lives Matter when all lives matter?” or when they say “Black History Month is racist, why can’t we have White History Month? We should celebrate out whiteness like they celebrate their blackness. ” Tell me, when has any gay person tried to make you feel bad or worthless because you are straight? Straight people should feel real proud of their sexuality b/c that’s what taught in families and religion and displayed in the media the most. When some straight ppl see one gay storyline or one gay topic out of the 500 million straight ones, they get bent outta shape.

    • bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

      I bet he does not say one f****** thing about the gay community on his album. All you gays have to see is any marketing selling image and you jump for it. Hey we selling pink weed in the bahamas come visit us!

  10. DTG May 8, 2017

    It’s a cover of weirdos & misfits. The gay couple kissing fits right in. Something you’d buy online in shame. Not something you go to the store and take to the counter.

  11. Tahj May 8, 2017

    i love this we are doing exactly what he wants us to do and that’s talk about him . even though the talent needs to be way better finally the black boys are saying f*** you i’mma do what I want

  12. Dallas kennedy May 8, 2017

    My n*****. F an agenda. The issue is while white people play puppetmaster n pull our strings we still at war with each other. Talk bout shootin a mf just dont love him dont be gay. U ridicule the s*** n wonder why so many men sleepin with men on the low. As a community we surpress our feelings either way the white man profits… These mfs aint puttin bread to help host or offer counceling. The low life that steals n kills hides his identity gets community love picks on the defensless gay who is str8 forward with who he is. Blk people my people only culture that thinks being physically tough will win in mental warfare smh

  13. L21480 May 8, 2017

    he can do whatever he wants but i wouldn’t buy a music with that cover. that ish is way too deliberate. it SCREAMS “pandering”. no thx. i dont know who hes targeting to. hip hop heads are not gonna buy that and the people who would appreciate a cover w/gays kissing probably dont like hip hop. hmmm. who’s ur audience yachty?

  14. EnRanc May 8, 2017

    I have no idea who this clown is. Is he real hip hop, or is he some trappy pop-rapper for a 14 y/o twerking crowd of homely girls and gay boys? The cover makes me think he’s more the latter than the former.

  15. Highbrowthis May 8, 2017

    If you’re a black homophobic man suggesting that gay people possess a “genetic glitch” then you’re most certainly an ill informed idiot. If the black community wants to see progress in its own community it must encourage progress rather than revert to small minded s**** mentality which is afraid of change. I suppose many of these rappers would feel more comfortable with mistreating women and the many other stereotypes placed against them. This is art. If you don’t like it then turn away. If it makes you uncomfortable then that’s your dumb ass close minded problem. It’s 2017! There’s a reason why we’re saying Black Lives Matter. There’s a reason why we need to see Love win. So to the rappers on the wrong side of history and the conformist idiots choosing to follow understand that you need to keep your mouth shut about the things you don’t understand and that make you feel uncomfortable. It goes both ways black people! That being said I am black and I do not list to lil yachty though I do appreciate his supposed determination.

  16. SBC19 May 8, 2017

    That album cover disgusting. F*** any entity trying to indoctrinate hiphop with this gay s***. Sorry not sorry.

  17. MovieAmi May 8, 2017

    That’s the most UN-hip hop album cover I’ve ever seen for a purportedly hip hop album. He obviously did this as a stunt for attention, and as a ploy to market himself as a “progressive” to a more alternative and pop crowd. Let him keep that sordid cover, if he wants, but IMO the hip hop community should avoid even acknowledging his album, if this is the type of thing he’s pushing. Let the hipsters review it.

  18. Fancy BISH May 8, 2017

    Who is Casio and Lil Titanic?

  19. I’m just sayin May 9, 2017

    My people make me ashamed to be black sometimes. We are so backwards and angry on the wrong issues who the f*** cares whos f****** whom . I’m straight and could careless who gay straight bi whatever the real question should be can he make good music that’s it

  20. bahamian delvon September 19, 2017

    to break the black alpha male you must degrade them. Put him in a dress and tell him that’s an easy way to stardom. And we all know women love them some gay men. As long as Marqus does her hair and filled her in on his gossip he can have
    her son when he is 18! so sad

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