Remy Ma On Nicki Minaj Beef: “You’re Still Mad?”

Published: Tuesday 16th May 2017 by David

Remy Ma wants Nicki Minaj to know that she is no longer interested in discussing their feud.

How? By discussing their feud.

Praised for her scathing ‘SHether‘, Ma took to radio hours ago to declare that she is finished with the fighting and is unsure why Minaj, who impacted the Billboard Hot 100 with her response ‘No Frauds’, is still upset about it.

Remy’s point of view below…

On a positive tip, Ma continues to impress viewers of ‘The Real’ with her regular stints on the show and is said to be hard at work on her first solo album since the release of her ill-fated collaborative set ‘Plato o Plamo’ which she released with Fat Joe.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honda Accord May 16, 2017

    Nicki is upset because her music has been flopping ever since SHEther dropped. I hear Money Showers more than i hear No Frauds.

    • SMH May 16, 2017

      and how much has SH*ther sold?

      • Lmfao_Hoe May 16, 2017

        Let’s get one thing straight. Remy f***** up not getting an original beat that belong to Nas Ether. Sony took the song down even from YouTube, iTunes, including soundcloud too. But let’s not pretend Nicki scary ass wasnt calling Hot 97 and Breakfast club DEMANDING they stop spinning the song cause both parties have said it and she ain’t said anything else. B**** was scared and mad someone finally got at her on a relevant level. Her and Kim went at her Direct while still playing around the Bush and throwing subs then get the audacity to duck up Wayne n Drake into a female beef without her own solo shot at them separately. B**** can’t stand alone.

      • tyrone May 16, 2017

        Selling records is not the only way to make money. Shether put Remy on the map. She got a cameo in Empire, demands more money for her shows, gets worldwide “freaking” attention-all Nicki’s fans now know her-that is HUGE, more TV exposure, etc. Shether was a BIG WIN for Remy. And she still keeps her clothes on. Another thing, I do not believe Remy Ma is lying about her b******. For all you “young people”, b****** are nothing but fat. When you get big, they get big. The booty is muscle, it does not fluctuate as drastically as b******. Wonder bras are EVERYTHING. She wears them when she shows cleavage. When Remy wears a regular blouse her b****** look normal. Lets see if Nicki produces the receipts she got from Rah-not them receipts on the internet.

  2. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) May 16, 2017

    Remy you won, stop bringing it up because people will grow tired of it. Forget Nicki, you destroyed her, and focus on your music

  3. Dallas kennedy May 16, 2017

    So Bronx a sore winner……….

  4. MO May 16, 2017

    Isn’t she the only one to keep on talking about that ? Nicki career is not over, how can you believe a single word you hear and take it for granted ? Y’all so easy to manipulate, sheep.

  5. Shy May 16, 2017

    Nicki is upset? Oh didn’t know seems like the other way around to me

    • Lmfao_Hoe May 16, 2017

      You sure cause Nicki was calling the stations to stop playing the track. Receipts are evident between both Hot 97 and Breakfast club.

    • bob May 16, 2017

      shes the one who put out 5 songs dissing remy (all 4 flopped except for swalla which wouldve done well without her), her video views suck as well for her over budget videos, every song since shether was released has flopped and has not charted (no frauds came and went in a week), theres 0 buzz for her album, and she has to re post 1000x things form other celebs on twitter to try and force her relevancy
      —> remy has not mentioned her in name in any of these interviews and speaks coyly on the situation for, max a minute

  6. SMH May 16, 2017

    Nicki is upset lol, but this chick is the one still flapping her gums about it. Sounds like the typical delusional thinking that comes from beyonce fans & trump supporters lol.

  7. EBookbook May 16, 2017

    How is she stil bringing it up?! You mean her beef track is in heavy rotation everytime you turn on the radio.

  8. tyrone May 16, 2017

    Shether is REMY MA’s song. She can talk about it as long as the day is light and the dark is night. Period! Besides, Nicki can’t tell Remy Ma what to do. I like that Remy is messing with Nicki on each interview. Remember how Nicki did Kim? Every time Kim does something that Nicki does not like, she copies one of her style? Recently, the exposed breast. So Remy is effing with Nicki on each interview. Matter of fact, I’m sure Remy is asking them to ask her about Nicki. Shether will go down in history. Anybody who has ever heard that song, cannot unhear it. Period.

    • RealNegro May 16, 2017

      Even though Nicki’s response was wack, Shether wasn’t anything to brag about. As a nonbiased fan of both, I really don’t see how a career was destroyed. When Nicki releases, those who like her will buy her music and those who don’t wasn’t planning on buying anyway. Nothing loss, nothing gained. Remys is mad ill but she’s not commercial. Nicki is! Nicki will continue to make money because she has Favor on her side. Nothing personal. That’s life.

    • FAF May 16, 2017

      Remember canibus ll cool jdiss ????

      Didn’t think so

      Ll cool j is a brand until Remy (canibus jr) can do what ll (nicki does)…..FINISH THE SENTENCE

  9. NOBITCHASSNESS May 16, 2017

    Yawn, Remy, take your win from the diss track and go on about your SOLO album!

  10. realest_intheband0 May 16, 2017

    I’m so glad Nicki getting what she deserves after sooo many years of bullying Lil Kim and other female rappers sub after sub. Olivia Pope couldn’t handle it but Remy sure can! I want Cardi B, cupcakKe and all the new wave rappers to s*** all over Nicki just to show her whole legacy ain’t s***.

    • tyrone May 16, 2017

      Nicki was so bad for female rappers. She basically destroyed the genre and tried to rename it to fit her style, hip-pop. To think that she denied her fans and all fans of hip hop the opportunity to hear her go bar2bar with another female rapper. She never featured anybody on her tracks, not even the legends she claims to love like Latifah, Lyte, Luck, etc. But now that Remy is back, female rappers seem happy. We also have a better stock of female rappers, than the ones Nicki wanted on the bill. It was good to see Cardi B and Young MA do cameos with Remy in the Phresher remix. When has Nicki ever? Her selfish, insecure, nasty attitude was out to DESTROY FEMALE RAP, yet she claims that she did a lot for the genre. Where? The worst thing I would want to be is UNLIKED BY MANY. When Remy dropped Shether, Nicki discovered that NOBODY LIKES HER, even the ones she thought was her friend. NOBODY LIKES NICKI MINAJ and IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF JEALOUSY. If so, WHY NOT HATE RIHANNA OR BEYONCE, they’re also beautiful. Nicki is an insecure joke who conned “little boys and girls” into thinking she was the best. She’s the real fraud. She had “little boys and girls” actually thinking she was the only female rapper to write her own songs. Cue Missy Elliott (who writes by trade). Admit it Barbz, yall was conned and Remy exposed her BS.

    • FAF May 16, 2017

      Bullying Kim??? Girl nicki was a newcomer

      Hopefully Remy can win a bet award this year cuz nicki winning everything else and the album going platinum before her WORLD TOUR

      If angry is donating lump sums of money to fans she should be angry more often

      Remy didn’t winnshit with that track of lies I haven’t since march

      Hosting the real is a come up nicki Goes there to promote her music… LIKE AN ARTIST SHOULD

      • iCritic May 17, 2017

        Talk that sh!t Ty! ???

  11. tyrone May 16, 2017

    Mainstream will never accept 50Cent, like Jay or Diddy even though 50Cent turned his life around and became a keen businessman like them because of he served time. Remy will never be accepted in mainstream regardless of her hot songs. She served time. Kim served time after she gained mainstream attention, then when Kim got out she did DWTS which was still a mainstream thing to do. Brat, Foxy, and Remy will never be accepted. Nicki obeyed the demands of superstardom by altering her body before she became mainstream. Kim did it after she became mainstream. STOP thinking that Remy will ever gain Nicki’s attention or monetary success through music; maybe movies. Mainstream does not want to see real Black Love. Nicki was with a flawed Meek, not real Black Love. So stop comparing the two. Remy gets love from the community and that’s enough for her because she got her bag.

    • Yolanda May 16, 2017

      Mainstream aint trying to show a black man, who faithfully waited 7 summers and 6 winters for a black women, any love. Remy is a black woman who is not trying to change her accent, voice tone, lighten her skin, or get pencil thin. Do you REALLY THINK WHITE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BIG UP REMY/PAPOOSE? Are you dumb? They will never promote that. But they love Nicki getting rammed by Big Mac Trucks. They laugh at her . She’s the blueprint of what white america thinks of blacks. A loud mouth raggedly bully who sleeps around and altered her body (and voice) to please them. Of course they love Nicki. Ellen will never promote real black people. Never. I’ll wait. Oh yeah, Drake ain’t included.

      • FAF May 16, 2017

        I’m screaming at the essay so

        What u saying Is cardi and cupcakke gonna go platinum 3x

        Have over 70 BBentries in the next 7 yrs?

        Hell Kim ain’t even got that and she was the queen in the 90s…allegedly

        And mainstream is subjective Sis foxy and brat had #1s and platinum records

        ITs not nicki fault she’s multifaceted and doesn’t sound like she’s smoking newports

        I can’t stress enough a few monkeys (y’all fickle gay asssses) won’t stop s***

        Nicki dealt with major backlash after roman reloaded and still outrapped outsold and outwon everything for the last 5 yrs

  12. DanYiel Iman May 16, 2017

    Actually liked Remy Ma & she blocked me on IG for what? I guess…

  13. Yolanda May 16, 2017

    Shether is a classic. Romans Revenge is not. Nicki always call on others when she disses: Roman Revenge/Eminen, Stupid H**/Safaree, No Frauds/Everybody in the Industry, etc. Nicki is a punk ass b****.

  14. cocobutta May 17, 2017

    Sorry Rem but we have moved on hunny. On to the next. You did great with Shether now time to get this music going.

  15. JustCoastWitHa May 17, 2017

    “Remy Ma wants Nicki Minaj to know that she is no longer interested in discussing their feud.

    How? By discussing their feud.”

    lmaoo Imma just stop there

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