The Weeknd’s Producer: “Katy Perry Called Me A N*****”

Published: Monday 1st May 2017 by David

Katy Perry is in trouble.

For reasons her label will be keen to understand, the general public’s perception of the usually likeable entertainer seems to have sullied since her decision to step out to support the Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since then the star, who enjoyed a scandal-free and drama deficient run atop Pop before then, now finds herself becoming public enemy #1 within music industry circles.

Now, as she faces fire for an Obama-related joke shared here and “leaks” said to be coming from those close to her see baseless rumours about her splattered all over blind items pages, she has been hit with another scandal.

The Weeknd‘s producer Mano shocked his Twitter followers recently when he claimed that Perry called him a ni**** and used the disgusting word regularly and comfortably.

Mano’s story comes after industry murmurs rise about a video which allegedly captures the star in problematic action.

There is no proof that such a video exists.

Why do you think Katy has suddenly found herself in all this PR trouble?

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  1. Max May 1, 2017

    That’s because nobody is paying attention to the music she is releasing
    Forget this being her Artpop era this is her Glitter era (Which still sold more than what the current girls are selling today)

    • Fancy BISH May 1, 2017

      This era is a certified MESS for her…Bon Voyage is flopping hard chile lol
      “Well, karma must be a b**ch, because now here you are. Here you are, you’ve had a few flops.” -Aunt Viv

  2. truthteller May 1, 2017

    Is this a shock? Lots of dumb whites think because they hear the N word in some hip-hop songs that it’s okay to throw it out in daily conversation. Katy has never come across as the sharpest tool in the box.

  3. Slayer May 1, 2017

    ??Oh My! ? I see a meltdown in 90210 coming and I REJOICE ?

  4. Savage_life May 1, 2017

    Really shes trying to make headlines bcuz them bull crap songs are wack like girl get a grip.
    Black ppl stop letting the n word make you feel some type of way specially if you let another black person say it to you. If you dont like it dont say it, you can’t be out here saying it and when someone say it to you you’re upset. Its a mean word period. Next time call her a slur and sees how she feels retaliate brother.

    • NNC May 1, 2017

      It’s not her word to reclaim so it shouldn’t be coming out her mouth no matter what, black individually can make the choice if they would use it or not or if they want other black people to it around them.

  5. LB May 1, 2017

    OMG she’ll have another breakdown. But why reveal this now though? Is it because she has become a target???

    Anyway she was dumb and wrong for calling you that (if it’s true), glad you and your friends checked her.

    But pretty suspect you’re revealing this now, your song didn’t make the cut?????

    • Fancy BISH May 1, 2017

      Miss Perry baby would have gotten chin checked if she said that ish around me lol

    • @Nate May 1, 2017

      He said he originally tweeted it in 2013 when it happened, but nobody wanted to listen because she was still likeable. He states his frustration that folks only hear him now because her image is going down when he was hurt then…. Honest, there are lots of white people I hear trying to use it, sing it, rap it whatever, so also being rich & priveledged, I mean they’ll all taking turns blowing up careers saying stupid ishh. I’m here for the sinking of basics, lets dry the pool of em.

  6. Zee May 1, 2017

    Katy Perry is a fake woke bítch that calls herself “conscious”. Katy always screamed fake Democrat, fake LGBT ally, and fake Beyonce stan imo. She was always so extra with it. Her parents are trump supporters. I’ve side eyed Katy ever since Sia was being messy and clocked that tea about Katy sending an angry email asking why she didn’t get Pretty Hurts first and ever since she clowned Kesha, Britney and shaded Mariah C.

    • LB May 1, 2017

      OOP, I didn’t know all this about Katheryn, do you have receipts by any chance?

    • JOHNVIDAL May 1, 2017

      @Zee But isn´t Katy Perry one of these supposed real songwriters in maisntream today? LMAO How does she ask for a song to anybody? 🙂 Seriosuly, I swear the only people I believe are songwriters are Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Sia, Alicia Keys, Lana del Rey… and very few more girls from maisntream that are currently under 50 years-old.

      • DondriA May 1, 2017

        What about adele

      • JOHNVIDAL May 2, 2017

        Yes I forgot Adele.

  7. Lauren May 1, 2017

    She hit her peak. Sales are not what they used to be. She’s 30+. In the industry, you’re career goes downhill after that. You become a seller of albums and your music isn’t on the billboard top 10 or even top 5. Same thing happened to Gaga. The downside is there is no new pop girl that is as popular. Closest is Ariana but even she can’t get a #1 hit without features. Rihanna and Taylor are about to hit that 30 yr old mark. It’s downhill after that. And yes, if Britney, Madonna, and shania twain can decline sales wise after they get old, it’ll happen to Taylor Swift.

    • Caleb May 1, 2017

      Actually the age you’re referring to is 35. A lot of artists are at their peak in their early 30s.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 1, 2017

        Album sales wise the peak is at 35 years old in many cases yes. But hit singles wise, it usually ends by the time they hit 30. All I know is I´m glad it is finally happening to these mediocre girls we have had to suffer to too many years. It is a miracle that music industry allowed them to saty this long. It is starting with Katy. I hope it happens with Rihanna soon. And I really hope Taylor´s career declines big time one day cos even the potential aliens in Proxima-b know taht girl´s career in teh USA with thsoe album sales and those important grammys are one of the most overrated things music history on Earth has witnessed.

    • Vincent May 1, 2017

      Why does this happen ans who says it has to? Nobody should have a shelf life at such an age. Saw Madonna in concert last year, she is still the very best. Just enjoy it without the cynical facism

  8. LB May 1, 2017


    Generally pop is not popping on the charts, no pop girl will do well if they release in the current climate unless they are Taylor Snake.

    Look at the charts, it is full of rap and trap music.

    It is that time of the industry where it is in the process of replacing the current crop of pop girls with Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and some new chicks popping up like Zara (who currently has the 4th highest streamed album).

    Normani Kordei is in line to be Beyonce/Rihanna replacement depending on what the music will sound like. You know how the industry is, can only have one or two black pop girls.

  9. FAF May 1, 2017


    Ppl spend their time tearing down Taylor but she’s nasty to white b****** aka her competition

    U don’t hear about her disrespecting her handlers, staff, or fans or black ppl

  10. Britney Stan May 1, 2017

    He should have said something when it happened.

    • Victoria May 1, 2017

      Vengence is mine says the Lord!this is really immature of him to put her on blast.When you have a problem with someone you address it to them in person not complain about it online! Makes you look like a crybaby wanting the black community should stop saying n**** if it’s really that degrading. We should not want to take ownership for that word anyway.Knowing Katy if she did say this she was most likely drunk.

  11. Ughhhh May 1, 2017

    Who cares at this point. I hate this word, but black people cant seem to comprehend their responsibility for the reason this word is still used. If you don’t want people to say this word take it out of your own vocabulary, your songs, your movies, your entertainment as well as putting an end to calling fellow black people this term. End the word and make it unacceptable for everyone.

    • @Nate May 1, 2017

      Black people didnt create the world. How the cluck are they responsible for anything about it? It be different if it werent a word that was used for a 100 yrs, and all of a sudden blk folks just started using it it just to get mad at others…. But that word have always been used for black people w all groups to this day, rather it be a white family, asian family, latino family, middle eastern; those groups never stop0ed using the word, so that’s why black reimagined a differnt energy to it. Folk really say the darnest things when the topic is black people.

      • Ughhhh May 1, 2017

        Lmao you sound absolutely stupid

  12. S****** Blonde May 1, 2017

    I don’t care for her but I feel like there is a plot to tear her down and the people who dislike her are doing their best to make it happen, that’s how the industry work, it’s simply her turn.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 1, 2017

      I totally agree. It´s like when people did it to Lady Gaga, including you my dear 🙂 At least in this case it is hapenning to a basic and replaceable artist so neither of us care.

  13. ? May 1, 2017

    Looks like her time is up. It’s obvious she’s trying hard to keep herself afloat, she promotes her singles on social media like crazy, made all these drastic changes to her image and appearance, etc. Her record label is panicking and begging people to hold stream parties and she’s crying. All obvious hints that she’s flopping.
    As others said, popularity comes and goes. She’s having a hard time accepting the fact that her music is not doing as well as it was doing years ago.

  14. Teemenne May 1, 2017

    Sorry but when you need help go get black people to build you up then let them down I don’t get why white feel like they need to say that, they say you do ok but why do you feel the need to? Nasty don’t say it in the wrong place and your ass didn’t get stomp, put your friends in jeopardy it can go bad real quick

  15. blue May 1, 2017

    so what is the news here? we all know she isnt a racist…so what does it matter then? Also Katy has several black friend some like rihanna are close and I’m sure they throw the n**** word around often in her presence and might actually allow her to call them that…

  16. blue May 1, 2017

    Taylor calling in those favours to finally take her down.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 1, 2017

      LOL That could be true. I hope they eliminate each other mutually or something 🙂

  17. B_Roni May 1, 2017

    Why reveal this now? Secondly I’m black but just because your black no one should be calling me that. I don’t care if your black. I will feel offended. I honestly don’t think anyone should be using the word no matter who you are.

  18. gio88 May 1, 2017

    i don’t know if it’s True But i think isn’t right in general, To make that word “cool” , as People can See in every hip Hop Song and then blaming young white People Who Say it (with no real understanding of The word True meaning), when u Live in a world when Even a 10 year old Can use a pc or smartphone To listen music it’s almost obvious that something like that may happen . ….. something should change on both sides To change this situation

  19. Adriana May 1, 2017

    F*** that b****! S*** if I can just beat her ass for offending anyone from The Weeknd side man I hate b****** like that . Don’t like when people f*** with The Weeknd man s***

  20. PucciGurl666 May 1, 2017

    So she called them “n*gga” not “n*gger” ok fix your title. Yall aint s*** on Justin Bieber when he says it. Yall wanna attack her because she is some little white girl. Making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.

  21. Carlitos May 1, 2017

    So was it the “er” or the “ga”? This is actually inconsistent to what he’s claiming. Neither should be used. But let’s keep it real, they’re both used for different meanings. He seems to have an agenda, and defamatory accusations is one of them. Tisk, tisk.

  22. jc May 1, 2017

    That’s awful and I definitely don’t support using that word as a white person especially when you are asked not to. I also want to point out that weekends lyrics are often misogynistic.

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