New Song: Jay Z & Beyonce – ‘Family Feud’

Rapper declares 'Let Me Alone Becky' In Response To Bey's 'Sorry'
Published: Friday 30th Jun 2017 by Rashad

Just days after sister Solange paid homage to gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard‘s ‘Balm In Gilead’ on Instagram (click here if you missed that), Jay Z and Beyonce show off their Clark Sister knowledge by sampling the legendary group’s tune ‘Ha Ya (Eternal Life)’ for his 13th studio album, ‘4:44’ [available on Tidal now].

Tapping his wife for background vocals, Jay dishes on family life in the Carter home and even subtly addresses a few jabs thrown by his burgeoning pop icon wife in her 2016 hit ‘Sorry’ (found on her chart-topping ‘Lemonade’ album).

Hear it below:



Bey isn’t the only guest star lining Hov’s latest release as Frank Ocean and Damian Marley are among notable guests lending pen or production to ‘4:44.’

Hear their contributions by clicking here to stream the full album.

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  1. Noelle Teague June 30, 2017


  2. Pray for the youth June 30, 2017

    Beyonce’s voice>>>

  3. DanYiel Iman June 30, 2017

    Wow I can’t take it!!

  4. Tori June 30, 2017

    I’m sssoooooo proud of my girls! 50+ years in gospel and they’re STILL influencing the music industry despite their genre.

  5. Rihboy June 30, 2017

    ?????. Over hyped! The album is bad. I know issa part 2!

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler June 30, 2017

      I’ll sell more of than anti

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler June 30, 2017


  6. mar June 30, 2017

    Im listening to the song and thinking…. Thats the Clark sound! Love the fact that their getting credit and acknowledgement, I remember when Zayn’s album came out there was a track that I’m sure was a bite from Jesus Brought the SunShine, no credit.

  7. Applause June 30, 2017

    Nope flop ass bittcch her and husband are opportunist.

  8. Riribae June 30, 2017

    Rihanna and Sza are better!!! Bye Beyonce.

  9. Stephy June 30, 2017

    Karen Clark is amazing, vocally speaking.

  10. Suicide Blonde June 30, 2017

    The song is trash.

  11. fatusankoh June 30, 2017

    Beautiful I am in cloud 9 love them god continue to bless them their married their Twines with good health Blue long happy lifefor them and their family for life more success in all they do they will always continue to win

  12. EnRanc June 30, 2017

    Yuck@Frank Ocean being on it.
    That’s enough to not buy it.

  13. pat June 30, 2017

    they should receive the BET legend award…their influence transcends genres invdiidually and collectively

    • gina June 30, 2017

      lmfao best joke ive heard all day.

      • King z June 30, 2017

        He is referring to the Clarks not Jay and Bey

  14. Brazio June 30, 2017

    A mess! But i see the plan…jay drops an album with Beyonce on it to hold the behive…while she gets to be the old lady in the shoe for a few yrs

  15. SMH June 30, 2017

    He’s already purchased the #1 spot for next weeks charts, so why bother. These 2 clowns have become so predictable its not even funny anymore.

  16. Dreamy22 June 30, 2017

    She’s a great performer!! But I have to say it’s getting very boring and tiring to listen to someone who tells other women to be strong and empowered and leave a bad relationship when in fact she’s been singing about a bad relationships/ or threatening to leave a bad relationship for over a decade. All her songs are about doing better/moving on. She will never leave jay no matter how many times he cheats on her. She seems very weak around him.

  17. leslie arnelle July 2, 2017


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