New Video: TLC – ‘Way Back (ft. Snoop Dogg)’

Published: Tuesday 6th Jun 2017 by Sam

TLC reminisce on the good ole days in the video for ‘Way Back’ – the lead single from their self-titled final album (due June 30th).

The chilled clip is notable in that it’s the group’s first visual in over 14-years. It’s also the premiere “look” at how donations to their much-discussed Kickstarter campaign are being used to fund their last campaign.

We’d say so far so good.

Check out the Snoop Dogg assisted vid below and let us know if you agree…

TLC’s days of high-octane choreography and being ‘CrazySexyCool’ may be in rearview, but cute songs and visuals like this serve as a great dessert to the satisfying main course that was their 90s peak.

Sidenote: Loved the Left Eye salute. Did you spot it?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maurice June 6, 2017

    I was supposed to go to the shoot for this, but I went to be a bartender on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood instead, serving Safaree. lmao. Catch me on episode 5.

    I’m glad I didn’t go – the video is a mess.
    They shoulda kept this album. The song is cute though.

    • 2bad2bme June 6, 2017

      But your a nobody. Serving Safaree on Love and Hip Hop. Who brags about that? ?

      • Maurice June 6, 2017

        lmao. how was I bragging for serving Safaree? lmao.
        I said I’d rather serve Safaree than be in this music video. I don’t know why you pressed. But catch me in episode 3 too, that rap chick Chanel West Coast — she did an album listening party and they made me jump in the pool at her house in Studio City like three times. Food was good too.

      • Mother June 7, 2017

        Not you choosing to “serve” Nicki minaj’s ex on that mockery of a show instead of being in a video with the legendary TLC, has beens or not. Says a lot tbh ?

    • Erica June 6, 2017

      No matter how a mess this era is I’ll choose TLC any day before nicki ex, I tell you this generation

      • Jamie June 6, 2017

        Exactly! Bet you made him make that same face he’s making in that How you carry your own self? First to comment and first to fail.

      • Maurice June 6, 2017

        First to comment, first to fail.
        I relocated from London to LA in October and I’ve done pretty well for myself – these are just some side gigs offered when you work in the entertainment field. I don’t know why you’re pressed.
        I live for TLC, CSC my favorite album of all time, but their new era is tragic, like T Boz’s hairstyle.

    • MATEO June 6, 2017

      I’ll def be checkin for you..very cute 😉

      • Maurice June 6, 2017

        Someone with common sense.

    • Jasmine June 7, 2017

      @Maurice I agree with 2bad2bme and Erica. Nobody knows you or cares about the superficial value you place on the little extra parts you have gotten. This is a post about TLC not you so stay on topic.

    • ImaMessyBitch June 7, 2017

      They didnt miss you, hell they didnt even know you was invited to be in their video and as you can see the video was made without you. Lmao who are you?

  2. kay for Toni braxton June 6, 2017

    I like the video i think it was fun and youthful reminds us of TLC at their peak

  3. Its me guwrl June 6, 2017


  4. Meteorite June 6, 2017

    Like seriously ? I hate this new layout

  5. Coolness June 6, 2017

    Chilli hasn’t aged a day. Fix this damn website.

  6. Frank June 6, 2017

    Well Chilli still got it. She still dancing like she’s in her 20’s. I remember they had messages about social issues in their music. I hope they put something like that on the album.

  7. eric June 6, 2017

    T-Boz didn’t risk moving even one inch on that rooftop while Chilli stayed in the groove. LOL. The video is cool except for Snoop’s part; I guess that’s all they could do was green screen with him not being on set. I don’t dislike the song as much after seeing the video. They still need to reconsider what’s going on the album and revamp the artwork though.

  8. MATEO June 6, 2017

    I LOVE this video!! It’s fun, perfect for summer and the dance on the hook is splendiferous!!! I live! Thank you TLC! xo -Mateo

  9. DanYiel Iman June 6, 2017

    I’m sorry I never take Chilli’s voice seriously✌? ?

  10. XoMoDe June 6, 2017

    I hope Chilli leads the second single.

  11. Credits June 6, 2017

    The song is just ‘ok’ to me. In regard to what I’ve heard so far, The music just doesn’t feel special. It doesn’t have that classic TLC quality. The message is missing. Babyface, Dallas Austin, Missy Elliott, jermaine dupri and Diane warren should have done their final album.

    • Absolved June 7, 2017

      Diane Warren would have been too expensive for TLC. She don’t come cheap. Get ready to pay her. And the rest of those names – even if they were gracious enough to participate without charging an arm and a leg – probably would have wanted too much control over the production and ownership over the final product. This final TLC is basically T-Boz and Chilli wanting to go out on their own terms and having say over everything.

  12. Keegan Parker June 6, 2017

    F****** amazing and i picked up some new dance moves

  13. Junior in Jamaica June 6, 2017

    That was cute.

  14. Liam June 6, 2017

    This was real cute I liked the video

  15. Fancy BISH June 7, 2017

    They should’ve let Bruno and The Ultra Perms or whatever they are called produce this song lol…but for real, Bruno is about the same size too…he would have totally did those dance moves…maybe him and The Jheri Curls could do the remix!

  16. cocobutta June 7, 2017

    This is sooo cool. I like that feeling good nostalgic vibe they came with.
    Enjoyed this and they look great ESPECIALLY Chilli

  17. Jasmine June 7, 2017

    Something is missing with the song and the video as a 1st single. I think they needed better dance routines and clothes for the video and the song needs different production to do well in the current music market. I think Chili’s dance moves were good in the video but she is stifled by T-Boz’s slow movement.

  18. Truth June 7, 2017

    I agree that there is something very “off” about all this. The music, the styling. Without Left Eye, things were never gonna be 100% again…and, let’s face it, they’re in the mid-late 40s now…but still, this doesn’t feel right. This has no magic or gloss. It’s like not only could they not mask that this is all very “budgeted”, it also seems “amateurish.”

    Since I was there from the beginning of TLC, I’ll ride with them until the end. But I remember how I felt when they’d put out new music before, and this isn’t giving me even 50% of that excitement.

  19. Caleb June 7, 2017

    I’m loving this. Can’t wait to see them in concert July 30.

  20. ? + ✈ = ? June 7, 2017


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