Rihanna’s New Album: Writing Camp Set For Next Month

Published: Tuesday 27th Jun 2017 by Sam

Before ‘Work’ somewhat saved the day, Rihanna‘s ‘ANTI’ era was the muckiest of messes.

Hoping for better fortunes on her next swing of the bat, RiRi is readying her 9th studio album.

More renown for performing her songs than she is for writing them, Ms. Fenty appears to be assembling talent to piece together her next batch of hopeful hits.

British newcomer RAYE is one of them.

Speaking to MTV UK, the singer-songwriter revealed she has been invited to pen music for the as yet untitled LP. She said:

“I literally, like ‘thank you god’, have been asked to be part of the Rihanna writing camp, which is in a month’s time and I’m so excited!

Obviously so many people are writing for her but to be asked and to be part of it and to be one step closer is a dream come true.”

With the coast somewhat “clear” following Katy’s tanking and Beyonce’s absence, it’ll be intriguing to see how Ri capitalizes…or doesn’t.

In any case, are you as excited as Raye is for new Rihanna music?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bianca June 27, 2017

    Ian! Still listening to ANTI no matter if it was paid dust it was a good album

    • Lmfao_Hoe June 28, 2017

      Thank you Sam and others are such obvious bias ads haters smh. Anti was great. I just wished Riri had made videos to Love On The Brain, Close To You, Same , and possibly Despardo.

    • Cupid June 28, 2017

      It wasn’t paid dust. ALL platinum singles… 2 Billion streams on spotify alone. Her WW pure sales over sold the amount she gave away for free. Rihanna did a great job. Don’t need let TGJ blind you with their fallacies.

  2. LambilyBeyhiveQueens June 27, 2017

    Rihanna is reaching that age where singing needs to become 3rd priority to songwriting and producing.

  3. Suicide Blonde June 27, 2017

    I don’t know, I didn’t like the latest releases from the so called pop girls, from Beyoncé to Rihanna, Katy, Gaga, etc, I enjoyed two or three songs on their albums and that was it. Their music feels uninspired, like they lost their muse, so I pretty much lost interest in them, just my personal opinion.

    • Erica June 27, 2017

      Britney album flop but it was one of the best albums from the girls very underrated

    • BEY SLAYS June 28, 2017

      nothing about Lemonade was uninspired. You just aren’t a fan of urban music. Racists. Oh and you’re so OLD. Stop coming to this site looking for little boys

  4. Stephy June 27, 2017

    Rihanna’s music is slays me. Can’t wait for this next LP. ANTI was good. Ion know what that slave master talking about

  5. Coolio June 27, 2017

    I always like rihanna albums but i hope this direction is new and she can do like a mini movie or something. Also she should also do the superbowl its her time now .

  6. Jjfan1814 June 27, 2017

    But Anti spawned several hits unlike her peers..after giving away 1million copies, but y’all ignore s*** like that.

    • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

      She had one hit from that album. Only one. If you want to say she had several then Beyonce and Gaga had several too applying your chart logic.

      • Blackkupid June 28, 2017

        Going by ur murky logic, its safe to say Gaga’s only hits where her #1s right? Just like 24k magic is not a hit in Bruno’s case, cos it didn’t hit number 1. Key word is “hits” not #1hits.

        You are welcome.

      • unwritten June 28, 2017

        Yeah, you can say that for Bey, her songs sold very well. Formation and Sorry are definitely (URBAN) hits. But Gaga? Only Million Reasons. Perfect Illusion and John Wayne bombed hard. S** With Me, an album track from Anti, sold more that both individually. And if Million Reasons is a hit, so is Love On The Brain which sold only 30k less in the US (with 0 discounts and way way less promo, Gaga promoted that song everywhere including the biggest promo slot an artist can have – Super Bowl). LOTB did better internationally though. And Needed Me sold well too, it’s nearing 1.2 million in the US alone. Try being objective for once.

      • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

        @unwritten Look I stand by what I said. If you´re going to act like Rihanna had SEVERAL hits (only Work was a clear one), then you need to accept Million Reasons is a hit and now The Cure (with zero promo anywhere) is being one, seeing how it remains in the top15-20 of itunes with zero promo (don´t ask me why, cause it is very basic, but it just proves that if Gaga or Beyonce wanted easy hits like Rihanna, they could get them. They only need to go back to their more basic stuff). Singles charts stopped reflecting quality many years ago, decades at this point. So yeah, albums>singles. It will always be like that.

  7. Hmmm… June 27, 2017

    Back to microwaving her albums already? I guess. It’s what works for her. Everyone can’t take breaks.

    • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

      What do you expect? She had to cancel her album when her camp decided to go for a more mature sound.

      • unwritten June 28, 2017

        Your fave Mariah used to release album every year in the 90s by taking advantage of the albums sales peak. Tomy Mottola milked his cash cow really well. In Celine’s case it’s even worse:
        La voix du bon Dieu (1981)
        Céline Dion chante Noël (1981)
        Tellement j’ai d’amour… (1982)
        Les chemins de ma maison (1983)
        Chants et contes de Noël (1983)
        Mélanie (1984)
        C’est pour toi (1985)
        Incognito (1987)
        Two albums a year, gosh. And all of them flopped. Didn’t Mariah also cancel and push million times her album until she finally got a hit (thanks to Miguel)? Too bad despite a hit (the biggest promo which artist can have according to you) the album bombed so hard, not even 300k worldwide. Like I said, most of Anti songs were already recorded in 2014, you can find snippets on Rihanna’s instagram. She didn’t change her direction AT ALL. Stop making up.

      • Hmmm… June 28, 2017

        A part of me expected that she would run back
        with her tail between her legs and releasing on Black Friday for the sales boost as usual; to her formula of popping her music in the microwave for 3 months for repetitive lyrics, unintelligible Yaya Na na banana boom Shaka gibberish, 1 minute of “words” and 3 minutes of beat, and whatnot.

        The other part, tiny tinnyyyy part, thought she would’ve stuck it out, took her time, put quality over quantity, and committed to trying to make that “timeless” music she claimed she wanted to make. That was a long shot though because Rihanna isn’t consistent enough for that kind of success. And honestly, She doesn’t have the talent for it. Rihanna thrives off of hot at the moment music. Her success is always temporary which is why she has to churn out much more music than everyone else. It’s what works for her. But she’ll have to continue releasing a lot of music. Rihanna works hard. She doesn’t work smart.

      • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

        @Hmmm… I agree with you.
        @unwritten how is your response related to what I said? I was talking about releasing more mature music taking more time, but it didn´t work cause people ain´t here for Rihanna´s talent, so she went back to normal. Mariah releasing many albums has nothing to do with this, all of them were quality and written by herself. And obviously Mariah finding it hard to find a hit in her 40s has nothing to do with this. Do you think Rihanna will be getting them at 45? lol And your mention of Celine is ridiculous. You´re talking Celine when she had only a career in Canada before her English debut LOLOLOL Are you seriously going to come for Celine´s sales while stanning for Rihanna? LOL Stay on topic cause you´re making it even worse.

  8. Jamon June 27, 2017

    Samantha needs a new profession and someone else to obsess over and hate on!!

  9. Just the Facts June 28, 2017

    This comment goes to the author of this news flash. The part about Rihanna taking advantage of Beyonce’s break.
    Anti has sold 2million copies
    And sits pretty at #55 on Billboard
    Lemonade has sold 1million copies
    And is barely remembered at #192
    All of the accolades and awards and hoopla will be forgotten and the great singles that is “Work”, “Needed me”, S** With Me”, “Love “On The Brain”, “Kiss it Better” and ALL the other hits will be sung for years to come. RI did not need a tabloid-fueled infidelity record, smashed in with a so-called socially conscience record,, smashed in with a short film with poetry from some other “woman’s” POV to gain critical acclaim. Yall eat the shot Beyonce puts out all the time knowing damn well Rihanna is her “own” woman who knows who she is and doesn’t have to worry about competition and staying on top. She just is. Anti is far more prolific, far more topical and far more risqué, trust me she’s not trying to squeeze in some time frame before Beyonce gets back! Let’s hope Mrs. Carter has something to say when she gets back besides the ship a LA mode that was Lemonade. Carr on…

    • Justme June 28, 2017

      This whole essay and Anti didn’t have the impact LEMONADE did. Beyonce did every artist a favor by not releasing LEMONADE to all streaming formats. None of these artist would of had bragging rights. Just say thank you Beyonce!!! Think about it if rihanna is platinum with 70% of it is streaming. Think what LEMONADE would do.

      • Blackkupid June 28, 2017

        Adele and Taylor who are bonafide album sellers pulled their albums from streaming platforms until much later and managed to have impressive sales figure to back it up. Lemonade has scrapped 3 million WW, she is not exactly ahead if we are to be sincere to ourselves.

    • Pat June 28, 2017


  10. JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

    Writing camp? Isn´t she one of those girls who supposedly write her songs and all that? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • unwritten June 28, 2017

      Your obsession with this girl is really unhealthy. You claim that you don’t care about her, how she has 0 talent, that she is not successful at all (only Adele is this decade according to you), how she scrapped her entire album (which is not true since most of Anti songs were recorded in 2014), that she relies on features, yet you are always stalking articles about her music while trying to put her down. If she is all that what you claim, why do you keep commenting on her untalented, unsuccessful ass? Seek help.

      • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

        Hardly stalking when I hadn´t visited a single post about her in like two months. She is just an easy target for a real talent lover. It´s TGJ´s fault for making so many articles abour her. I end clicking 1 out of 10 just to make things clear 🙂 Don´t worry, i never listen to her.

  11. Hmmmmm June 28, 2017

    Beyoncé and her hubby hire our entire mansions for their writing camps sooo this story is irrelevant.



    This biased ‘journalism’ is getting out of hand. Each artist in history has had assistance in writing and why should Rihanna be any different. She co-writes and does not claim to write all her songs like other artists have….and then be outed like most artist have. So again this story is irrelevant and dull

    • JOHNVIDAL June 28, 2017

      Rihanna and Beyonce are the same when it comes to songwriting. Neither of them are real ones, and both of them like to put their names a little too much on the credits. They absolutely never talk about their music like real songwriters. It just shows.

  12. truthteller June 28, 2017

    ANTI was a pretty good album but it didn’t do particularly well outside the USA. So I’m expecting some This Is What You Came For type tunes on the new album for her Euro Trash fans, who didn’t appreciate the likes of Love on the Brain and Needed Me

  13. not so lit June 28, 2017

    Her new ISIS boyfriend will buy 1M copies so she can disguise her flopness as Samsung did for her with ANTI

    • Caleb June 28, 2017

      What a trash comment!

  14. Fancy BISH June 28, 2017

    I think it’s safe to say that Bebe Heffa, I mean Rexha, AIN’T invited lol

  15. AJ June 28, 2017

    You know that now she’s spoken about it she won’t end up on the final album.

    Jess glynn and wynter Gordon have also been invited – neither confirmed yet

  16. Latarius stephens June 28, 2017

    So ready to hear this new album i know she’s going to slay this album

  17. Noneya June 28, 2017

    What is that dirty worm that writes for Grape Juice talking about “her muckiest of messes”. I hate when a c*** starts to speak. Makes me wanna slap the s*** out its rotted hole having ass. ANTI is a platinum album that spawned successful. Not just “Work” but “Needed Me” and “Love On The Brain” sat confortably in the top ten. All singles beside “Kiss It Better” are multiplatinum while KIB is platinum. If you’re going to refer to “muckiest of messes” let’s talk about Beyonce’s Koolaid and all of it’s flopped singles and how she paid for good press and awards to save face for being shat on by Rihanna and Adele. FOH wit da b*******.

  18. ENOUGH ONIKA June 28, 2017

    Another karaoke album by Rihanna. 1000+ writers per one generic, repetitive song. But it’ll be another bop for the basics. RatedR her best album she’s never written!

  19. EnRanc June 28, 2017

    They should, instead, set up a singing camp for Rihanna to learn how to carry a tune.

    • Hmmm… June 28, 2017

      Or set up a music video camp, where they challenge her to make a video with no nudity, violence, or drugs.

  20. stan June 28, 2017

    i still wish she made a vid for love on the brain

  21. @ASAPicon June 28, 2017

    So much Tea in these comments.

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