Christina Aguilera Unveils New Body

Published: Tuesday 4th Jul 2017 by David

Christina Aguilera seeks to set the net ablaze with her latest set of snaps today.

After sporting a thicker and fuller frame in recent years, the sensational vocalist rocked Instagram minutes ago when she unwrapped herself to reveal her brand new look.


Have fun and be safe everyone!!????

A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on

A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on


A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on

Still no official word on when she’ll release the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Lotus’.

Fortunately, if the response to the snaps are anything to go by, the project will be well-received by fans who eagerly await details on the set and its supporting era.

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  1. Slayriana Grande July 4, 2017

    Come back and snatch these wigs, Lady X-Tina!!!

  2. Meteorite July 4, 2017

    Yes Dahhhling!!!
    Get ready for that X6 promo!!!

  3. I MightNate July 4, 2017

    Yeah. Imma need Christina to get it together. I dont care if she flops or not. I just need to see her performing on these shows. Even girls who “think” they have big voices always make me think of her.

  4. mr.m July 4, 2017

    2017 is her year .. everything is well planned. no playin
    its been 5 years. the longest break of her career and its the right time ..
    no beyonce no adele no taylor no gaga no katy ( opps flopped) no rihanna
    there are big rumors that shes performing @ this year’s vmas
    and might be getting the vanguard award !!
    come through madame x, come through x6, come through promo

    • I MightNate July 4, 2017

      Honestly, she deserves the vanguard award. She influenced a lot of lessors, Miley, Demi, Ariana, etc.

      • Francis July 4, 2017

        I agree and her videography is amazing (Beautiful, Ain’t No Other Man, Hurt, Candyman, Your Body, etc). X-Tina is so underrated!

        She’s snatching wigs with this body, people have been shaming her for years, but they seem to forget she was really skinny, I like her more thick.

        I’m ready for this new, flop or not she always brings it, most pop tarts would kill to have an album like Stripped, Back to Basics or even Lotus.

    • Jasmine July 4, 2017

      If she is rumored to get the award then she should capitalize on the award and release a couple new singles leading up to it.

  5. PopAWF July 4, 2017


  6. Teflon Boy July 4, 2017

    The time is definitely right.., I hope she makes the right strides creatively. We miss talent! Say what you will about Christina but the bish can sang, plus she’s an artist first and foremost so it’s usually quality material. I” rooting for her, she deserves another era.

  7. DanYiel Iman July 4, 2017

    She’s a LIVE voice I miss seeing & she knows what to do vocally & her sound is a BLESSING!! X-Tina is a LIVING LEGEND!!!

  8. Coolio July 4, 2017

    She looks good. I dont know if i like her music tho well that new b******* she be yelling out

  9. eric July 4, 2017

    Big deal. Where’s the music?

  10. Jasmine July 4, 2017

    I think she should put out some new singles for her fans even if her album is not complete yet. These days artists have to put out music almost every year to stay relevant so she is missing out on money and catering to her fans. The songs do not have to be a hit but will do well in leading up to a new album. The reason why her last 2 or 3 albums flopped is because she did not test the market with new material. She just put out a single right before the album release and was not really in tune with whether or not the material was viable for a hit album.

  11. steven jr. parramas July 4, 2017


  12. AmbeRussell July 5, 2017

    As stated above, there are no females out right now. There is barely any pop music on the radio. She hasn’t had this clear run since ever really. Maybe when dirty came out, but beyonce came out a few months after stripped and so did avril and Kelly Clarkson. But now, Katy isn’t a threat,Adele isn’t focusing on music, rihanna isn’t releasing anything soon, Beyonce is taking care of kids and arianna is touring. Britney is touring so tga really just leaves Taylor swift. So with that, she can out talent anything to Taylor so I don’t her as a threat. Unless Taylor does some sneaky stuff.

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