Hot Shots: Rihanna Serves Regal Red At ‘Valerian’ London Premiere

Published: Monday 24th Jul 2017 by Sam

Cop a gander of Rihanna!

The Bajan sensation looked royal in red as she arrived at the London premiere of her new movie ‘Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets.’

Box office scores for the Sci-F flick are dismal (we’ll update you on that shortly), but if there’s any consolation for RiRi, she did look stunning tonight.

Peep more pics, including snaps with co-star Cara Delevigne, below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. S****** Blonde July 24, 2017

    She’s beautiful but I insist that her recent fashion choices have been very bad.

    • @Asapicon July 25, 2017

      Agreed, She has been missing the mark lately, it seems most all of 2017 is just no thought put into her red carpet decisions

  2. Truth Tella July 24, 2017

    Could Rih have a bun in the oven. She’s looking mighty heavy in the top area.

  3. ThatMessJuice.Flop July 24, 2017

    Valerian might do better in Europe I believe since it’s a European film but I knew it would flop coz the leads aren’t strong enough

  4. Meme July 24, 2017

    Issa pregnancy dress. Lol but real talk Rihanna NEVER looks bad, no matter how hideous her garments are. That face is 1 in a million.

  5. Coolio July 24, 2017

    She looks good but something’s going on lol mama might be prego

  6. MessyJessy July 24, 2017

    I honestly think she’s running out of ideas. This looks just like the pink grammy dress she wore. Also its terribly fit. I hope she is pregnant that would be messy and true to her rebel style. No Man no relationship…just having a baby lol. I see u Rih Rih

  7. Bad_Bihhind July 24, 2017

    She needs a new stylist. She aint my style icon no more :/

  8. Wonder Woman stan July 24, 2017

    The movie flopped so bad.

  9. DanYiel Iman July 24, 2017

    Never been a fan so not trying now…??‍♂️

  10. G7Pat July 24, 2017

    She’s pregnant. Couple friends n the industry say it’s not a secret

  11. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler July 24, 2017

    What an epic fail! the movie Girls Trip is entertaining as hell tho lol

  12. truthness July 24, 2017

    all her movies have flopped. She’s no movie star. Stick to autotune, love.

    • Rihboy July 24, 2017

      How is this her movie lol? She had s twenty minute scene. Caras atrocious job in s****** squad is what killed this movie! Rih did very well for her contribution! And still walked away with a check regardless. The movie hasn’t even been out a week yet and people are criticizing it. Girls trip has 6 lucrative artist in it of course it did well. Valerian takes in 17 mill while girls trips takes in 30. For a movie with so many a list celebs it should have raked in more.

      • Wonder Woman stan July 25, 2017

        Stop opening your mouth when know nothing about Box office.Girls Trip had a $20M budget and made $30M opening weekend, Valerian had a $175M budget and opened at $17M it’s not even comparable. One is a small budget R rated comedy and the other a Huge summer blockbuster. The movie is a massive flop end of story.

      • @Asapicon July 25, 2017


      • MessyJessy July 25, 2017

        TEA DOWN!

  13. Datredd23 July 24, 2017

    Internet was shook! She slays love how she wore the straps of the dress on her shoulders such a fashion icon she always puts her own stamp on everything she touches or wears!

  14. JOHNVIDAL July 25, 2017

    It is already a flop as expected. Not that she has anything to do with its success or lack of it. A bad and forgettable film.
    Dunkirk out now for anyone who likes quality.

    Also, Celine Dion at 50 years-old slays Rihanna style wise. So what´s left for Rihanna? What the hell is she good at?????

      • Datredd23 July 25, 2017

        She’s very talented! I love her vocals and ballads!
        She can act dance and sing she has performances to prove this .

      • Datredd23 July 25, 2017

        What other female artists are being received by world leaders? I’ll wait……that’s major hun

    • Datredd23 July 25, 2017

      What do you think about Rihanna meeting with world leaders and presidents about global hunger and education? She’s meeting the French president today

      • JOHNVIDAL July 25, 2017

        Don´t make me laugh please! Do you have any notions on how the world works? And what about her talent btw (which was the point)?

  15. Roab July 25, 2017

    Ok! She is a smooth 5.5 months pregnant! I have 3 sisters and I can spot a baby bump through a concrete wall and them b****** are spilling all her business. Congrats RiRi, you are grown now girl and you can do what the hell you want to do. Plus she’s at a good age to start a family.

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