Chaos! Kanye West Ditches JAY-Z’s TIDAL / Lawsuits Threatened

Published: Sunday 2nd Jul 2017 by Sam

The fall-out between former friends Kanye West and JAY-Z is getting all sorts of ugly.

For, just days after Jigga released a new album featuring a jab at his one time comrade, it’s been revealed that ‘Ye has left his TIDAL streaming service.

And the split is far from amicable, primarily because TIDAL insist that he…well..can’t.

Unbeknownst to the masses, West’s lawyers sent a letter to TIDAL last month claiming that the rapper – a part owner of the platform – was owed $3 million. Due to alleged non-payment, they assert that his contract has thus become void.

What was the money for, you may wonder?

Well, West’s ill-fated album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ added 1.5 million new subscribers to the service last year – something his team claim he was supposed to receive a bonus for and didn’t.

Additionally, Yeezy asserts that a portion of the amount owed is from money he spent on music videos that TIDAL were supposed to reimburse him for. He says they haven’t.

Upon receipt of the letter, both sides spent two weeks trying to resolve the issue to no avail. Once it became apparent that a deal couldn’t be struck, West’s legal counsel once again fired off a notice insisting that that his contract is terminated.

TIDAL are, in effect, saying “Not so fast.”

Sources close to the service say West didn’t deliver the videos required by his contract. His response? The visuals will be handed over when he’s paid what he’s owed.

TIDAL’s final stance, which they have relayed to West’s team, is that he is still legally bound by the terms of his contract. And, should he defect to another streaming service, they will sue.

Sources say Ye is ok to walk away, but should he be sued then he’ll countersue right away. Meow.

The melee comes on the heels of Jay using the song ‘Kill Jay Z’ to label West ungrateful for ranting about him and Beyonce on-stage last year, after he invested $20 million in West’s fashion line.

Word is that this current legal tussle has nothing to do with that, principally because West knew nothing about the lyrics pre-release. The plot thickens.



An actual, legitimate, mess! In any case…

Kanye has become the first of TIDAL’s high-profile “artist-owners” to leave. At least publicly.

With this, one has to wonder whether he’ll be made an example of or lead the way for more exits. TIDAL’s group  of owners includes the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Beyonce. All of whom have had varying levels of success using the platform for their commercial benefit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Justme July 2, 2017

    If this is true Kanye is full of it.. he trying to build hype around the new era.. however I don’t think he has the fan base for it. What more hype than a go against jay-z and tidal. Funny part is if Kanye is planning on releasing something he better hurry up. Jay has a secret weapon and we know she is petty. Beyonce lol.. he will get outshine again if he releases with her

    • MUSICHEAD July 2, 2017

      You got it twisted. Kanye has a huge fan base and he is a bigger artist than Jay Z right now. The audience that still buys and heavily streams music  (mostly whites between 13-29 yrs old) LOVE Kanye. So he will be just fine wherever he goes. Beyonce barely gets radio airplay at pop stations so he’s bigger than her on that platform too.

      • Mya July 2, 2017

        Kanye & Beyoncé released albums and toured in 2016. Lemonade left Kanye’s album in the dust overshadowed him in every way. GTFOH

      • THE REAL July 2, 2017

        Kanye circa 2010-2012 was undoubtedly a bigger draw than Beyonce. After Yeezus flopped in 2013 and he married Kim K, his career took a downturn. MEANWHILE, Bey released 2 of her most critically acclaimed albums and outsold both Yeezus and The Life of Pablo. You mad or nah?

      • Justme July 2, 2017

        You should know just by looking at her last albums and tour that statement of him being bigger than her is wrong.. now him bigger than jay that’s debatable

  2. Gee July 2, 2017

    This tidal wave was a mess from the beginning I understand what plan was for artists to have more ownership and say so as far as content amongst other things. But so far everything I have seen with Tidal has been sloppy and messy other than anything Jay-Z and Beyoncé related.

  3. Meme July 2, 2017

    My advice to Rihanna….RUN. Tidal and Jayz and Samsung almost cost her her entire era but thank god she came thru. RUN girl

  4. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES July 2, 2017

    Jay has been jealous Kanye could pull a s*** freak nasty btch like Kim Kardashian…Jay-Z wife does not exude the s** appeal that Kim does Jay-Z has always been jealous about that….
    , he backstabbing Kanye..taking his cash…writing diss tracks….when ye was loyal to jay.


    • Meme July 2, 2017

      No Beyonce doesn’t exude trashy sl*t. She’s classy and still sh*ts on any kardashian in the s*x appeal department. Plus her body and face is real.

      • fatusankoh July 2, 2017

        Thank you tell the haters they wish they get half of Bey beauty

      • Girlbye July 2, 2017

        Her body is not real lol … but she is beautiful … Kim is as well but she keep messing with that plastic surgery

    • S****** Blonde July 2, 2017

      I’m not Beyoncé biggest fan but she’s superior to that woman in every possible way, there’s no comparison, don’t insult Beyoncé by comparing her with that woman, she’s the shame of America alongside Trump.

    • DanYiel Iman July 2, 2017

      Jealous of Koonye Kartrashian? HA HA LA HA HA!!

    • THE REAL July 2, 2017

      Forget Beyonces looks or s** appeal.. bish actually WORKED for her fame and fortune. Unlike a p*** star vixen turned reality TV fame w**** Beyonce has actual talent. What is Kim’s talent because last time I check having s** on film or being s***/pretty is not a talent.

    • Jasmine July 2, 2017

      That is such a retarded comment. You pretend to know Jay’s sexual likes and dislikes and then conclude that somehow Kim would be more desireable than Beyoncé. I suggest you go find a mate because your logic is extremely flawed and idiotic. Hey and Jay have been together close to 15 years so onviously what they have is solid and Jay NEVER dated the Kimtrashion type before Bey so you are obviously projecting your own fantasies on someone else.

    • Caleb July 2, 2017

      That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s not fair to be comparing wives like trophies but since you insist on it, Beyoncé is everything Kim K. wishes she could be but can never.

  5. RealNegro July 2, 2017

    Watch Ye flop next era. Kim is in his ear. Kim knows nothing about music.

  6. Jamie July 2, 2017

    Just pay up Hoev!!!!

  7. S****** Blonde July 2, 2017

    Tidal only benefits Jay and his wife.

  8. DanYiel Iman July 2, 2017

    It seems Koonye Kartrashian is sorta mad that Jay Z married a Queen & not a “Kartrashian” ✌??

  9. Meteorite July 2, 2017

    Well he could always strike up a deal with Apple Music.

    Drake doesn’t seem to be having an issue with them.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler July 2, 2017

      Drake is hot right now….Kanye fell off

  10. ajanni July 2, 2017

    Where da 20 mili ninja dat I lent ur broke a***? That’s what Jay needs to ask Ye. Go full Hov on dat ninja.

  11. Michael July 2, 2017

    I hope Rihanna gets out! I was hoping she would have after the mess that was the Anti rollout. But maybe its a steady source of income behind the scenes.

    I just don’t need her being loyal to them for her next release!

    • JustMy2Cents July 3, 2017

      Rihanna need to get out of RocNation & Tidal ASAP because Jay treats her so bad. Just look at how her & Kanye’s new releases are leaked/disrespected on Tidal but Jay & Bey’s music is released without issues. Jay never shows up to any of Rhianna’s events, and I don’t understand how RocNation didn’t fight for Rhianna’s Anti CD to win more awards due to the fact that it generated way more Billboard hits than Bey & Solange’s CDs. Jay is only looking out for himself. Run Rhi Run! Look out for yourself. You don’t owe Jay nothing else (he may have helped get you signed to a record contract but there comes a point when you no longer have to stay loyal to someone who isn’t loyal to you).

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