Madonna Slams Whitney Houston In Never-Before-Seen Letter

Published: Thursday 13th Jul 2017 by David

Ay dios mio.

A letter penned by Madonna to the actor John Echos in the 90s has surfaced and it’s set to ruffle the feathers of Whitney Houston‘s fans.

In it, a frustrated Madonna mocks and degrades Houston’s gift and slams she and Sharon Stone offering the masses “mediocre” content.

I have made so many people angry that I’m being punished and basically made to be quiet and sit in a corner, whole other less interesting and exciting people are reaping the benefits of the roads I’ve paved.

It’s so unequivocally frustrating to read that Whitney Houston has the music career I wish I had and Sharon Stone has the film career I’ll never have. Not because I want to be these women because I’d rather die, but they’re so horribly mediocre and they’re always being held up as paragons of virtue and some sort of measuring stick to humiliate me.

I don’t think I can play the game to be accepted. I’m too intelligent, I have too much pride.

I feel like I have no career, no family, nothing permanent or tangible,” Madonna wrote.

My outlook on life is black black black that’s why I’m no good for you or anyone else right now. I have to regain my sense of power and my joy for living.

The letter goes on sale via an auction later on this week and is said to have been unearthed by  Darlene Lutz who is described as “a long-time personal friend of Madonna’s from her innermost circle”.

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  1. Coolio July 13, 2017

    I like Madonna but baby this here was shade to the sun however we know you would have never said that to the queen Whitney in her face so who cares.
    Madonna it’s called self esteem boo boo you have a low dose of it

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 13, 2017

      Gurl Whitney was from Newark NJ, those women out there will slap a b**** real QUICK.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 13, 2017

      And I swear Madonna FANS can never accept that the b**** was THREATENED by the SUCCESS of Whitney, Mariah. Celine, and most IMPORTANTLY MJ & Janet !!

  2. Jeans July 13, 2017

    Wow! Madonna is such a narcissist. I guess during this time, her self esteem was very low at this point of her career.

  3. KLYE July 13, 2017

    I mean Whitney is far from mediocre, her voice superseded Madonna’s. Whitney had mass appeal, Madonna was cool for her controversial stunts and style, I’ll give her that, but the Madonna who was younger back then when she wrote this letter should know better. And besides every artist is unique in there own way, they bring something different to the musical scene, so it shouldn’t matter.

    • KLYE July 13, 2017

      this KLYE guy has poor grammar skills haha…CLEARLY

    • Jasmine July 13, 2017

      For the time period Whitney was indeed mediocre but put on a high podium. Having a powerhouse voice was quite the norm for black singers in the early 90s and 80s. The 90s had powerhouse vocalists so a voice like Whitney’s was not the most powerful anything in reality (remember when Whitney got booed at the Soul Train Awards???? Clive was using payola to put Whitney on top). Whitney had just done the Bodyguard movie so her star power was paved to be on top.

      • Ropeburn July 13, 2017

        Whitney was booed at the Soul Train Awards in 1989 because those hatin ass crabs in a bucket felt she was singing “white music” and she wasn’t R&B enough. Back then it was a big deal for a black artist with her kind of voice to do something other and R&B or Soul music.

      • Nip July 14, 2017

        STFU arista never used payola! Don’t get Whitney mixed up with Sony and Mariah who paid millions in legal fees for payola! U tried it!!

      • Jasmine July 14, 2017

        @Nip It is well documented that Clive used payola. Ever heard of Google b|itch??? So you STFU idiot b|itch.

  4. Kennedy July 13, 2017

    Laughably. Really Madonna. If Whitney the voice Houston is mediocre, than what in the world is she?

    • Kennedy July 13, 2017


  5. Lala July 13, 2017

    Madonna is the most envious and mediocre b**** that ever existed in pop music. She’s even a joke now, that’s her legacy.

  6. Fancy BISH July 13, 2017

    QWEENS have a right to vent from time to time…it’s just frustrations chile…I’m sure if Queen Whitney was starting an album era and she heard, “Well, you know the market has changed. They’re showing more skin now, Janet and MADONNA…”
    “WAIT, WHO? Oh hell naw, I will not degrade my talent and set crosses on fire and play with my cooochie…not Nippy honey…not TODAY, not tomorrow…NEVER…my mother would lose her mind…besides, what would I look like dancing and lipping on stage with Tina Landon? HA!” -Whitney Houston

    • Cough Cough July 13, 2017

      Lies. Whitney and Janet had grace and natural talent, they don’t need to insult to let them be great!

      • Fancy BISH July 13, 2017

        WHAT are you talking about? LIES? I said FRUSTRATION with management, executives and handlers…in PRIVATE..have you heard Michael Jackson throwing shade at JANET? It’s on Youtube and it comes from show business, not disrespect.

      • Cough Cough July 13, 2017

        Girl mike and Janet had brother sister rivalry. Michael would never call Janet or anyone with true talent, mediocre. Janet and Whitney never have insulted someone of HUGE CALIBER by saying they’re mediocre. Now if it was some lil two-bit overnight act ok but not the top of the shelf talent. Ur delusional

    • MCTB July 13, 2017

      naw she just overdosed in a bathtub to become relevant again

  7. Realnews July 13, 2017

    Kesha dropped woman like 30 mins ago.

    • Sandra July 13, 2017

      Oops, hours later and i still don’t care.

  8. G7Pat July 13, 2017

    Madonna has been jealous of no whit and Janet at some point….she hated she didn’t have their talents

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 13, 2017

      Don’t forget about Mariah, Madonna started that beef first and was SHOCKED because black women were running s*** in the 90s especially Toni Braxton, TLC, Brandy, Aaliyah, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Xscape, and other R&B/ Rap females , why ya think Madonna made Bedtimes Story and went to Babyface for hits? ☕?

      • D July 14, 2017

        It’s all starting to make sense! I was born in 91 so don’t know much about the context of Madonna’s foray into r&b. Now it makes sense.

  9. Nique July 13, 2017

    Madonna, sis really? I can understand Nippy not being your cup of ☕️ but mediocre? B**** where? ESPECIALLY 90’s Nippy! Have every f****** ?

  10. Tru Voice July 13, 2017

    Madonna wasn’t insecure and a hater. Whitney had her shook.

  11. Len July 13, 2017

    Now I like Madonna, well at least the old one, not the old now lookin one, but for you to even mention Whitney, whom you have never been on the level of, to come out of your mouth saying she is/was mediocre,is laughable. You couldn’t touch Whitney if she got inside your body and started belting, let alone on her worst day. Go have a seat in your rocking chair ole lady!!!

    • MCTB July 13, 2017

      yet Crackney couldn’t even sing by the end. she was just a voice and she destroyed that so without that voice she was mediocre. she couldn’t write, she couldn’t produce, her biggest hits were covers of other people’s work. b**** had to overdose in a bathtub to become relevant again.

      • Jasmine July 13, 2017

        @MCTB Go rot in hell for all that evil hate you typed about a woman that is deceased. Whitney is more than a voice. She was the kind of woman that owns any room she walks in and was genuinely a nice human being. Her drug abuse and heart condition was her own personal demons and has no direct affect on you so why all the hate????

      • Len July 13, 2017

        You are despicable!!!

      • Tj July 13, 2017

        Youre f***** lame af u mad or naw f*** madonna

  12. Non Sheep July 13, 2017

    All these creeps will just believe anything they read on the internet.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 13, 2017

      Creeps? Honey Madonna herself HAS ADMITTED after Whitney’s death she was jealous of her gift and beauty, sooo…what makes you think this isn’t true Madonna insecurities especially the ones she has for Janet Jackso among the rest including MJ

      • MCTB July 13, 2017

        jealous of Janet? hahahaha f*** off with that. Janet hasn’t even come close to Madonna’s success

  13. Jay July 13, 2017

    Delusion non singing non dancing non acting

  14. DanYiel Iman July 13, 2017

    Who listens to MADdonna again? Her gays really set her up..???

  15. Your Mother July 13, 2017

    Madonna had no reason to be jealous, Whitney was weak and a drug addict. Sharon Stone has been over!!!! Madonna is still selling out arena’s and still making that DOE.

    • MCTB July 13, 2017

      don’t forget Crackney overdosed on drugs to be relevant again.

    • Rick July 13, 2017

      Exactly!!! Madonna has sell out tours every time she goes on tour!!! Making hundreds of millions of dollars!!!! Has Janet EVER sold out ANY arena in her career?? Madonna is always on the billboard charts.. Never Janet.. So really no comparison between these two. Watch Whitney’s last few performances… They were horrendous!!! She was a coked out sweaty mess who couldn’t hit any of her famous ‘vocal notes’!!!! Where Madonna is total professional on stage.. Anyway.. Madonna has the greatest career of ALL OF THEM!!!! So that’s why she’s still totally relevant now!!!!

      • Talent July 13, 2017

        @MCTB & Rick, AKA ..S****** Blond. If you’re going to talk all of that senile bull###, at least be man enough to say it under your original account., you stuffy f.@.g

    • emanuel July 19, 2017

      Madonna had all the reasons to be jealous. Because Whitney was outseling her in the 90s. And Whitney was not jus a voice, she was a producer as well. And played the piano. Madonna fans better not come for anybody’s vocals, because madonna can’t sing worth a damn and never could. Touring stats have nothing to do with any of this.

  16. Casual July 13, 2017

    So , nothing can stay private? A person can’t even vent? I despise people breaking confidences.

  17. The Side Eye of Ra July 13, 2017

    Thatgrapejuice needs a good proofreader. “her and Sharon Stone”, not “she and Sharon Stone.”

  18. Cough Cough July 13, 2017

    Janet, Mariah, Whitney, Michael.. Madonna is jealous and hates on all the greats who have the natural talent she does not. That’s her thing. This is where her lack of talent shows because when you’re secure in your TALENT you just let it speak for itself which she obviously has trouble with. She’s still great in her own right and a legend! But she’s also jealous of natural talent

    • Layla July 13, 2017

      Madonna never said anything negative about Janet. She once said mariah is not intelligent, that’s it. And she also always defended MJ. Not sure what this nonsense is about that some people spread online. This letter is so fake anyway. the auction house has been called out for their fake MJ items for sale. And if you’re honest you know this isn’t madonna’s writing style OR handwriting.

    • Your Mother July 13, 2017

      All the people you named are done. She is still standing and still selling out tours. Her money is still longgggggggggg. Janet cannot sing, Mariah been done and no one is spending money to see her. Michael and Whitney are really done, she is the last man standing. DEAL

      • emanuel July 19, 2017

        Lol at the madonna fans making excuse for her, But when other women shade her. They get mad. Whitney, Janet, Mariah are all legends too, and have nothing left to prove. And they are artists as well, madonna’s approach to music is not the only one that can be considered art. And how pathetic you must be to joke about dead people.

    • Layla July 13, 2017

      Madonna is a lot more talented when it comes to creativity and songwriting than all of those women. She’s also a real artist who puts on theatrical and political performances that none of those people can do.

  19. Chris July 13, 2017

    You have to remember that the whole country was crapping on Madonna at that time.

    She’d just released Erotica, The S** book and a the sexually charged movie Body of Evidence all within months of each other.

    Madonna has always been sexual but that was a triple punch of sexual overexposure. And the whole country turned on her and was terribly vocal about it. Even some of her hardcore fans.

    I know from personal experience with a trademark dispute that went national, when people who haven’t even reached out to you for comment, start crucifying you in the press…well it’s unbearable. I only received a small fraction of what she got so it’s understandable why her self esteem would plummet. Mine did too. Took a while to recover from.

  20. S****** Blonde July 13, 2017

    Allegations…..Sounds more like a fan made letter.

    • Chris July 14, 2017

      Yea I like Madonna but I’m speaking from having been in my 20s at the time all that went down. That’s how it happened. You can Google it or disbelieve of you choose.

  21. rama July 13, 2017

    Not this old, untalented h** calling someone mediocre. What exactly is she good at? Singing? LOL. Dancing? LOL. She is all smoke and mirrors. Take away all the gimmicks and visuals from her performances, what’s left? Absolutely nothing. And not her acting like her music is deep/original when it’s generic, disposable dance/pop crap with shallow and retarded lyrics. She is nothing but a cheap, watered-down, basic Marlyn Monroe knock-off with 0 talent and the biggest copycat and trend-hopper of all time. She has no classics either, at least not on the same level as I Will Always Love You/I Wanna Dance With Somebody, My Heart Will Go On, Simply The Best, Believe, What a Feeling etc.

  22. rama July 13, 2017

    Oh, and she is not the first female artist who was sexual. Cher, Tina Turner, Donna Summer did it before her. Private Dancer? Love To Love You Babe anyone? They deserve all the praise this ugly old b**** is getting (undeservingly). Her entire Like A Virgin era was ripping off Cyndi Lauper.

    • Chris July 13, 2017

      Were you alive back then? Cyndi Lauper’s persona was never sexual. She was the quirky thrift store styled popstar. Not remotely close to what Madonna was doing. Madonna was New York street fashion which was much more sexually themed.

      Cyndi did sing a sung called Shebop which was about m*********** but not many knew that at the time. Madonna’s music his begins nothing. That’s what made her so different in the early 80s.

      • Chris July 13, 2017

        Rather… Madonna’s music hid behind nothing.

        Arg. Autocorrect.

      • Ropeburn July 13, 2017

        Interesting take. Everyone I’ve talked to, including folks from New York, who were around at the time have said that when Madonna came out people thought she was a Cyndi Lauper copycat.

  23. FAF July 13, 2017

    She’s a hating ass b****

    And she’s secretly racist

    U wanna duck Tupac and mj but trash bk queens

  24. @ASAPicon July 13, 2017

    Hence why shes been scamming her way through history by inflating her success and numbers, and being someone she never turly was, Grandmadonna is a fraud of time, And jealous of others success that came up beside her and surpassed her. Yet she had connection that made her appear to be more of a success than her peers. Shes the master of smoke and mirrors.

  25. Kim July 13, 2017

    Men are never all expected to sound like Stevie or San Cooke and are critically aclaimed when they sound like Dylan yet unless a female sounds like Whitney they are judged as not as good. Whitney is a far superior vocalist to Madonna but Madge is the far better artist, songwriter, performer, dancer etc. She has beef with the double standard more than she has with Whitney getting acclaimed for singing meh early 90s ballads (not counting the Bodyguard bc that was ?)

  26. #TeamTinashe Stan July 13, 2017

    I think she has a right to say this as people in music who aren’t “belters” in music are considered “mediocre” when in fact that is not true. For Madonna’s time, she was doing something different meanwhile Whitney (Who I love) was doing the same thing Aretha and all her predecessors were already doing and that isn’t called “Mediocre”?
    So Sade is mediocre because she doesn’t “belt” ? smh

    • Jasmine July 13, 2017

      What is wrong with being mediocre. Seems like you are trying to defend mediocrity but not articulating it correctly.

    • Talent July 13, 2017

      Girl bye, you’re just trying to justify Madonna’s bitterness into saving face for your that flop ass fav in your avatar, who btw, is a watered-down Janet, Aaliyah, and Ciara. Now go sit

  27. RoyalKev July 13, 2017

    It comes to no surprise to me that Madonna’s alleged inner most thoughts in this note depict an artist that seems frustrated and insecure! MJ said she envied his massive popularity. There’s actual video footage of Madonna speaking of being haunted by dreams of Whitney’s success (outdoing her own) , which became a reality at that time! This note is quite laughable when you begin to think of someone like Madonna calling Whitney mediocre! Madonna’s former dancer (Kevin Stea) who also worked with Janet, claims Madge was indeed envious of Janet too! What these artists all have in common is that they’ve dominated the 80s and slayed the 90’s (while Madonna dominated the 80s, stalled in the 90s, struggling until ROL happened near the end of that decade). Those decades that they all came up in were the real iconic reputation earning years! It’s not like the privileged years Madonna has enjoyed by the mid 00s (due to her status and several other things), where everything is thrown at your feet (for nothing special)! This all basically explains itself when you look at all the factors involved!

  28. Jasmine July 13, 2017

    Before emails, texts, and social media, Madonna was shading the f|uck out of people with her hand-written letters and Aretha was doing the same from her fax machine. LOL. On a serious note, if the whole letter had been posted (like on other sites) people would see that old Madge was writing this from a depressed state of mind. My perception of the letter is that Whitney and Sharon Stone were puppets being used by the industry while Madonna was not allowing herself to be a puppet. The “mediocrity” she is speaking about has NOTHING to do with their talents but more from a business perspective. By 1991, Madonna had already founded her own record label (Maverick), wrote and produced her own songs, and was not in a 360 deal. Also, by 1991 Madonna was earning more per film that actress Sharon Stone and Madonna had already produced, directed, and stared in movies as well.

  29. Ryan July 13, 2017

    Ok Madonna is not playing with all the girls… I know Ol’ Madge is prepping her tour to be better than… BeeBee’s past formi-tour! Madge is Ave Maria of the business of entertainment. But… ol Madge knows BeeBee is breathing on her neck! #JustSaying #TeamMadge if it comes too it! #TeamBehive is also great…

  30. Jason July 13, 2017

    And after all this time, Madonna was not only right, but is the only one left. Anyone who understands the historical context of this letter, if it was in fact written by Madonna, understands her words are much more an indication her frustration at society at large than at any other singer. Even though she named others (whos’ path was clearly paved by her) she was most likely lashing out because society raked her over the coals in the 90s. And that happened because her sexual provocation scared most people. And now, we can have the modern pop stars we have because even then, she didn’t stop. Thankfully, she did find her power again and lives as a great role model of self-respect.

    • Talent July 13, 2017

      There you go again S****** Blonde…state this bull under your original account, you nasty little twink.

    • Fifi July 13, 2017

      Madonna paved the way for Whitney, really? That’s was to me. Madonna’s voice is mediocre, Whitney’s talent was a once in a lifetime gift, that I’m happy I was alive to experience. Beyoncé is already leaving Madonna’s innovation in the dirt. #girlbye #blackgirlsarwwinning

  31. PatienceHoney July 13, 2017

    I’m laughing at these peopl commenting as if they were actual receipts of th letter like Whitney said. Where is the picture of the letter??? With Tupac we at least had a picture of the letter. Also an inner friend from Madonna found the letter and it’s selling it really??? Fake news at its finest.

    • Jasmine July 13, 2017

      There are photos of the letter and the letter is longer than what this article quoted. You should be “laughing” at yourself for assuming most people are dumb enough to take everything they read at surface value like you. Ever heard of Google?

  32. Caleb July 13, 2017

    YIkes! IF i were Madonna I’d lie and claim this is a forgery.

    • Jasmine July 13, 2017

      What for? She did not say anything that bad in the letter. It is not her fault some websites take sections of her letter to use her words against her instead of posting the whole two page letter. When you read the whole letter you see that the mediocrity she is referring to is about Sharon Stone and Whitney being used as puppets and nothing to do with their actual talents.

      • emanuel July 19, 2017

        Sharon and Whitney weren’t puppets. Stop acting like no female artist had career control before madonna.

    • JOJO July 14, 2017

      LMAO!! 🙂

  33. Justafan July 13, 2017

    Honestly, Madonna was all STUNTS no actual TALENT

  34. Andrew July 14, 2017

    The shade of this video coming up with past light events to consider, when her daughter was exposed to drugs. Hmmm a cone shaped bra or crack, now let me think…..

  35. Mad-on-her July 14, 2017

    Yes Madonna was clearly feeling insecure – given this was a period where she was one of the most criticised celebrities on the planet for daring to break down gender boundaries regarding sexuality. M herself has admitted that before becoming a mother she was selfish and narcassitic. But if she hadn’t been so competitive and driven to be better than her peers, then she wouldn’t still be the Queen of Pop decades later. I’m sure Madonna now finds the emergence of this letter amusing more than anything – she isn’t bothered. And remember, Whitney was a Madonna fan – as the video of her getting her life watching the Queen’s Super Bowl show in a bar not long before she died proved. They’re both icons, and that will never change.

  36. Andre Rodman July 15, 2017

    I liked Whitney and I like Madonna, but i don’t think Madonna had anything to worry about, Madonna is an extraordinary creative mind. She has a hand in everything she does, she writes songs, she orchestrates music, helps to design the stage shows, and picks some of the most amazing dancers on the planet. When you see her show you know that this is a Madonna production. Madonna has nothing to worry about she is the biggest performer of all time and shes’s not even my favorite, my favorite performer ever is Diana Ross who by the way was Madonna’s inspiration growing up.

  37. Michelleena Betancourt-Lanźo October 8, 2017

    Whitney Houston was unique,in her own talent.I get so upset that Madonna would write such a foolish have to remember Whitney Houston and Madonna,came out around the same time.Madonna first Album came out in 1983,Whitney Houston album was released in February 1985,so Madonna wasn’t happy to see this beautiful Artist,with a beautiful voice.even Madonna admitted that her album sales,took a dip,when Whitney Houston first album “Whitney Houston” did extraordinarily well.I was a fan of Whitney Houston from day one,Madonna was never my cup of tea.but even though Whitney sold more albums than Madonna in the 80s,Madonna sold out stadiums with had other Artists that came out in the 80s as well,like Taylor Dane,Karen white,shade,but Whitney Houston was undoubtedly Madonna real threat.I also believe that when Madonna had seeing that Whitney Houston was selling more albums than her,she started to pander to the gay community,and kiss alot of their asses.Whitney Houston fans where more church going,lay back kind of people,Madonna was more Rebellious,for that t*** who wAs out of mom was Pentecostal,And I Remember my mother saying to me,am going to go out to buy the Whitney Houston album.

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