Mel B Squandered ‘Spice Girls’ Cash?

Published: Sunday 2nd Jul 2017 by David

Did Mel B “spice up her life” a little too much?

If new details which have surfaced from her legal battle with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte prove to be true, she did.

How? By losing the $52,000,000 fortune she earned as a member of the Spice Girls by using it to fund an opulent lifestyle.

In 1997, the entertainer built MoneySpider productions and used the business to house the fortune she’d amassed as a member of the Pop force but, thanks to what has been described as an extravagant lifestyle and a mountain of outstanding tax debts, has now seen it reduced to ruins.

A source close to the star revealed:

Mel is an international superstar, still working as a judge on America’s Got Talent, but she only has a small amount of money in the bank, according to Companies House. People may be very surprised.

One of her business accounts is now said to have only $1266 to its name.

Fortunately, the star’s lucrative run as a televised talent show judge have seen her rescue herself from complete financial ruin and it’s the fortune she’s amassed from these ventures that the aforementioned Belafonte hopes will fund the $18,000 he is asking for in spousal support.


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  1. Sam July 2, 2017

    If true its a shame, all that money and kids to support

  2. G7Pat July 2, 2017

    She’s just trying to get out of paying support. Don’t blame her

    • PatienceHoney July 2, 2017

      Yeah she is hiding that money. Unless she bought a 50 million dollar house she has money. The interest alone on that money would set her up for life. Hide ya money Mel.

  3. DanYiel Iman July 2, 2017

    Highly doubt her being broke…

  4. LB @LB_Joakim July 2, 2017

    $52 million squandered?

    I don’t buy it. She just doesn’t want to pay that $18,000 spousal support.

  5. Brent Christpher July 2, 2017

    LOL! Her and her attorneys are smart & have hid her fortune in accounts & places that are not traceable. There is no way in hell that she has squandered a 52+ million fortune in this lifetime.

  6. Jasmine July 2, 2017

    First, she has never made 52 million. Second, she is hiding assets because of a bad divorce. Where on earth did you get the 52 million figure from ( ?) That site is horribly unreliable. Spice Girls had a 360 deal so it is impossible one member made 52 million off of a group that never made 52 million for themselves as a whole.

    • PatienceHoney July 2, 2017

      Girl first learn how to read. Second you and i have no idea how much money a group or individual make. People think they do because of articles posted on sites like Forbes but we don’t. Spice Girls happen when CDS and Tours sold. So yeah i believe she has a lot of money maybe not 52 but a lot. You seem to forget that many people have retired on one song alone let alone a few albums. Gloria gaynor retired with I Will Survive that song is still making her millions.

    • MUSICHEAD July 3, 2017

      @Jasmine 360 deals did not become a thing until 2002, after the Spice Girls disbanded. They were not signed to a 360. Where do you get your facts? You’re wrong like 80% of the time lol.

  7. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES July 2, 2017

    All all b****** just repeating what. G7 pat said…in the 3rd comment…. she then would be forced to sell her by court order. ..if she were hiding cash….

  8. Coolio July 2, 2017

    The spice girls still sell to this day whatever shes hiding that money

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