TLC & Snoop Dogg Perform ‘Way Back On ‘Kimmel’

Published: Friday 14th Jul 2017 by Sam

TLC may not have set the charts alight with their final album, but that hasn’t stopped the bookings coming in.

Fresh from announcing a new European tour, the ladies catered to their Stateside base with a performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

Joined by Hip-Hop veteran Snoop Dogg, T-Boz and Chilli rocked out to their single ‘Way Back.’

A troop of dancers added pepper and spice to the showing, which seemed to go down well with the audience in attendance.

Check it out below…

We’ve had ‘Way Back’ on rotation here at TGJ and wish the group pushed it harder instead of the balls of blah that were ‘Haters’ and ‘It’s Sunny.’

“This” is the album’s true (and arguably, only) gem, so they need to work to make this the project’s one saving face.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Starxavi July 14, 2017

    I like American Gold too…but thats the only other song I’ve heard

    • Julian July 15, 2017

      There are a few good songs on the album, “Haters” and “It’s Sunny” are among the worst – check out “No Introduction”, “Perfect Girls” or “Start a Fire”!

  2. pat July 14, 2017

    solid performance..still better than most new acts

  3. Lbooogie July 14, 2017

    Lies. Start A Fire, Scandalous, Joyride, and Aye Muthaf**ka are all HITS!!!!! Perfect Girls is also a classic! Y’all are some haters!!!!!!! Don’t get me work the packaging wasn’t the best and the Left Eye Interlude SUCKED, but overall it was a good album (minus Its Sunny and Haters…even thought they’re listenable)!

  4. Len July 14, 2017

    The album is a good album considering it only be the two of them. TGJ need to stop it! Even though I like Way Back there are better songs on the album I like more!!!

  5. Casual July 14, 2017

    American Gold was good too. I think they need a new stylist. The looks I’ve been seeing since their re-emergence have not flattered T-Boz. She looks fine for a woman of her age and health history, but the packaging is all wrong.

  6. Hesings July 14, 2017

    Every performance/interview/promo shot I’ve seen to promote this album it looks like T-Boz never wants to be there.

    • Fancy BISH July 14, 2017

      Chile, T-Boz looks like she’d rather be at a cookout lol…and Hood-Boz should be her new name this era! Love her tho!

  7. you doing 22much July 14, 2017

    are kidding me? American Gold and Scandalous…. TGJ is doing the most. Please stop

    • you doing 22much July 14, 2017

      I meant are you kidding me

  8. Keith July 14, 2017

    I must be only person dissappointed in this album

    • Fancy BISH July 14, 2017

      You and me both chile lol

  9. Caleb July 14, 2017

    My girls til the end. Don’t care if they sell 10,000 albums or 10. Will be seeing them in Houston on the 30th.

  10. TingTing July 15, 2017

    May not have set the charts ? Are you serious ? #1 Indie album , #2 R&B album, #5 R&B and Hip Hop albums, #13 Top Current, #38 overall 200 album chart .,, not to mention #1 R&B album in the U.K. ! you people clearly don’t do research before posting these silly ass articles ! smh ! the album is actually pretty damn good – “Perfect Girls”, “American Gold”, “No Introduction”, “Scandalous” & “Start a Fire” are all good ass songs ! + the album is also charting in other places as well.

    • AJ July 15, 2017

      They charted 8 in R& B albums, and 20 in Hip Hop and R& B album US chart. Yes they did chart number 1 in Independent Albums but that doesn’t impress me, even fat Joe and Remy charted number 3 on Independent and there album flopped. The album is ok but not great. It’s also the worse album they have ever put out. I’m a TLC fan but I’m just keeping it real. Where was Dallas, Baby face, and on top of that no Lefteye. I wished they could of worked something out with her family for those vocals it would have be made the album much better.

  11. eric July 15, 2017

    One good thing I’ll say is they do an excellent job of keeping their style. How does someone manage to create new moves that look like they originated from 22 years earlier? The choreo is dope. I like it.

  12. Justafan July 16, 2017

    Zzzz zzzzz z

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