Camila Cabello Announces New Single

Published: Wednesday 30th Aug 2017 by Sam

Camila Cabello has been a hot topic this week, after her former Fifth Harmony bandmates symbolically referenced her departure during their performance at the MTV VMAs.

In the immediate aftermath, the 20-year became a trending topic and now it looks as though she’ll be (smartly) leveraging this to her benefit.

Because she’s just announced her next single. And we have all the tea after the jump…

One month ago, as she geared out to hit the road as opener on Bruno Mars’ tour, Cabello released two new songs. ‘OMG (ft. Quavo’ and ‘Havana (ft. Young Thug).’

At the time, both tracks were issued as promo cuts. But, in the absence of videos or radio add dates, it looked as though that’s all they’d be.

However, with ‘Havana’ taking off digitally, the rising star just revealed that the Pharrell production will serve as the official follow-up to debut single ‘Crying In The Club’:


A wise move and one we imagine was “the plan “from the start i.e. see which song gains the most traction and proceed from there.

Could Camila be on the cusp of securing a late summer smash? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Achooo! August 30, 2017

    No more hits! She look like Penelope Cruz and that’s not a compliment

    • Fancy BISH August 30, 2017


  2. ??? August 30, 2017

    lol still gonna flop like the rest lol.

  3. Sleazy August 30, 2017

    This girl is a flop!!!! They spending sooo much money on her and she flops!!! She has no identity her first single sounds like Ed and Sia…. and now Havana sounds like Same old love from Selena

    • Crryy August 31, 2017

      Thought I was the only one who realised that.

  4. I can’t August 30, 2017


  5. Oh my August 30, 2017

    …Anyways. Where is Ariana? Lil girl needs to release some more music. Unless it’s more pop trash. Then she and Pharrell can keep it.

    • AmbeRussell August 30, 2017

      She needs to wait… Her LST single was released her last single in January and it peaked in April. Way too soon to release new music when her tour was going on during the summer

      • Oh my August 30, 2017

        I’m thinking late this year, early next. DW is dead. The primary problem with releasing too much too soon is when the music sounds the same–no growth. That’s when it gets redundant. (*see Drake and Chris Brown). Her music has been on par, if not below, with Selena Gomez. Which is a mess because that girl can’t hold a note on her best day in a bathroom. Ariana said a long time ago that she finished her fourth album but I wanted her to redo that shitt because I just know it was a mess. I’m pretty sure she redid it and as long as it’s not reminiscent of her last two albums, she’ll be fine.

      • AmbeRussell August 30, 2017

        He artistry is so random. Came out with the skirts n tween music to mariah wanna be with the first album. She flipped it and was doing Selena type music. Some stuff good, other stuff not better. But never really gave the public an amazing ballad compared to all if the sangers who came before her. Then she released a single that was redundant to “problem”. Pushed back the focus album to give us Dangerous Woman and it was like rihanna stuff besides a few songs. She just needs to be a vocalist now so she can be a Grammy artist, not a top 20 artist who songs aren’t remembered

  6. Jem August 30, 2017

    Basic Bello has nothing new to offer. She is just another pop tart who mimics and sounds like the rest.

  7. Meme August 30, 2017

    But tracks are fire.

    • Fancy BISH August 30, 2017

      I don’t even smell smoke hunnie lol

  8. 2Bad2Bme August 30, 2017

    Her fans hype her too much for no reason. Normani has always been the Beyonce of the group. NEXT!

    • Fresh navi August 30, 2017

      tea bih

  9. Echo August 30, 2017

    So Camilla left 5H because she wasn’t expressing herself, she wanted to write and in her words “be brave and open my soul”. And all we’ve got is an intro, a song written by Sia, one from Ed Sheeran, one from Charlie XCX, and this one from Starrah. Every single one a sample and a cookie cutter pop song about nothing. GIRL!

    • Jasmine August 30, 2017

      But read between the liens of what she is saying and use common sense. She wanted more money! Splitting money 5 ways is tough when you have a 360 deal hanging over your head. The rest of what you are saying is typical PR rubbish.

      • Jasmine August 30, 2017

        lines not liens

  10. AmbeRussell August 30, 2017

    A) summer is unofficially over this weekend
    B) why wait WEEKS to determine a new single once the 1st failed and the other new songs were already out… Could have made this decision a long time ago
    C) is there hype for this single by her anyways? Like it feel out of iTunes hrs after it was released. But I guess radio release will help it.
    D) Taylor is out, so does the world care for any other female “teen” singer? How is she going to make herself standout from Taylor now she is the default of their sound and the default is more popular. WAY MORE POPULAR

  11. DanYiel Iman August 30, 2017

    Didn’t like he really screaming in 5th Harmony so my opinion obviously doesn’t need to be said!!✌??

  12. AnonymousTruth August 31, 2017

    Yawn , this song is just strange . OMG is way better , but I guess she wants to keep up the whole jazz chick Amy Winehouse Starbucks music type vibe ….
    It’s mean but I really want her to flop , she got too big for her boots , thinking she could pull a Beyoncé and become a massive solo artist , but she’s just so yawn on her own … ? If anyone was gonna do that it would be Dinah . Atleast she has the look and swag . Camila is so Disney channel , but still can’t even touch Demi or Selena . Unpopular opinion but I actually like her voice , I think her tone is amazing , and her Adlibs made 5H music excel…. but this solo stuff is wack

  13. MessyJessy August 31, 2017

    How is she a flop when shes on the biggest selling tour of 2017 and all her songs are doing better than 5th Harmony? LOL they couldn’t even secure a #1 album but I bet you any money she will crack top 5.

    • jammy September 2, 2017

      b**** bye, down debuted higher than her lead single flopping in the club. I bet you she won’t do any better than they did.

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