Cardi B Urges New Yorkers To Combat White Supremacists

Published: Monday 21st Aug 2017 by David

Cardi B has had enough of White Supremacists and has urged her fellow New Yorkers to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget!


The ‘Foreva’ songstress was infuriated when she discovered that Nazis, KKK members and White Supremacists intend to descend on the streets of her hometown of New York following their assault on Charlotessville.


What do you think of Cardi’s call to arms?

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  1. Lisa August 21, 2017

    SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH…..for a BISH who has yet to show she can LAY HANDS. How about you let the oppressed take care of this and you continue with plastick surguries, Nose jobs, teeth replacement, b*** implants, breast implants, tummy tucks — PLASTIC BISH.

    • 4u2see August 21, 2017

      Feeling guilty much?????

  2. DanYiel Iman August 21, 2017

    ??LOVE TRUMPS HATE!!?️‍?

    • Fancy BISH August 21, 2017

      Yaaaaaas! White supremacists are UGLY chile lol

      • Caleb August 22, 2017

        And there is nothing supreme or superior about them! FAR from it

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