Fifth Harmony Thank Kelly Rowland For Helping Them After Camila’s Departure

Published: Thursday 31st Aug 2017 by Rashad

As a judge on reality singing competitions and part of the creative force behind R&B quintet June’s Diary, singer Kelly Rowland has never been shy to express her love for girl groups, a fact undoubtedly birthed from her own introduction to the spotlight as 1/4th of the top-selling group Destiny’s Child.  The quartet (and later trio), survivors (all pun intended) of an unexpected lineup change themselves, served as proof that the show can truly go on in the absence or replacement of a founding member.

That lesson is one popular Urban pop group Fifth Harmony is currently learning.  Having just released ‘Fifth Harmony:  the Album,’  their first LP sans original member Camila Cabello, the ladies expressed worry that their fans, affectionately called #Harmonizers, would not accept them as a foursome.

Those worries were eased when none other than Rowland herself provided some much needed advice and emotional support:

“We were advised by THE Kelly Rowland,” Dinah Jane, 20, said with reverence. “She just told us to, like, let the music speak for itself … and just know your worth, believe in yourself and just be there for each other. So we’ve definitely honed into that. And for her to advise that, like, that says a lot because, you know, she’s gone through the same things.”



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  1. TAMMAH September 1, 2017

    If I See Another Blog About Fifth Nobodies Tlkn Bout The Aftermath Of Kickin’ Out The 5th Member One More GOT DAMN TIME!!! No1 Cares!! *new york voice* SHUT YOUR MOUTH & GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE STUDIO!!

  2. DanYiel Iman September 1, 2017

    Kelendria Rowland isn’t to keep groups together but to lend creative ideas & support!!

  3. Nique September 1, 2017

    They need advice from Diddy (that harsh s*** he was doling out on MTB), choreography lessons from Laurie Ann & JaQuel (Yoncè’s choreographer), & songs written by Dawn (from DK) cuz these lazy ass performances Issa no. They aren’t a bad group but Kelly shoulda also told them that after a bih leave the group, you need to come with the fire 🔥. “Down” was cute but reductive and not at all fresh. If they wanna be mentioned with greats (DC, TLC, Spice Girls, En Vogue, etc), they got to be creative, use their voices, & stop being so lazy (Lauren & Ally especially). Is Mathew Knowles booked? 🤔

    • Francis September 1, 2017

      Preach! I’m always saying that Laurieann Gibson would put this girls in shape.

      I know they were huge in the 90’s, but Spice Girls don’t deserve to be mentioned with those legendary groups, hell they don’t even deserve to be mentioned with the Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane, they were basic af, their music was corny and they have zero talent (minus Mel C, that woman can actually sing).

  4. Jay September 1, 2017

    Ummm don’t Kelly gotta whole group she should be managing? Give they ass one advice! I’m confused lol

    • Nick September 1, 2017

      Kelly does not manage any group. She only gave 5H advice because they met at an award show and they asked her for advice. The girls appreciate the advice. The group she created got far more advice from Kelly, but they just don’t mention it or appreciate her for some reasons

  5. camila September 1, 2017

    Havana oo na na

  6. Regina September 2, 2017

    Tbh I think they miss Camila Cabello probably should put her back in the group i love Fifth Harmony

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