Video Teaser: Nicki Minaj & Yo Gotti – ‘Rake It Up’

Published: Sunday 20th Aug 2017 by Sam

This year, few club jams have come close to having the resonance of Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Rake It Up.’

And now the hit has officially been paired with a video.

Following much ado about whether its visual would ever see the light of day, Onika took to Instagram moments ago to share a titillating teaser. She also confirmed that the full vid will be unveiled tomorrow.

Before then though, peep a sneak peek preview after the jump…

?????? @yogottikom #RakeItUp TOMORROW 12PM EST

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With ‘Rake’ having thus far peaked at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100, the arrival of its video plus unwavering popularity could well see it reach a new peak.

Stay tuned!

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  1. MessyJessy August 20, 2017

    this looks just like the rest of her videos. The only video I can remember of hers being original or even monumental is “Anaconda”. She wears the same wig and same cut out outfits with thigh high boots in EVERY video. Is anyone not seeing this?

    • RIHANNA AND BEYONCE August 20, 2017

      I see no lies

  2. Fancy BISH August 20, 2017

    This is her best verse in like FOREVER chile *Aretha voice* lol

  3. Tori August 20, 2017

    …Looks like lost footage from the “Making Love” video mixed with new shot with Blac China. Wasn’t her album supposed to come out with her THREE SINGLES that quickly turned into “buzz singles” once the failed to meet the popularity of a SoundCloud track? Hasn’t every song she’s been featured on this year been complete and utter garbage to their fullest? This is the only feature all year that has people talking, and it’s basically her repeating China!I loved everything bout her last era, from the actual album, tour, videos, artwork, “The Pinkprint Movie”, “LOOKIN ASS N****” & “CHIRAQ”, but now I’m starting to see that she doesn’t measure well to competition. She never had to try to hard because no female was really pooping and the black community shaded Iggy for basically rapping and not being black. But now that people are checking to see what other females have to offer, Nicki seems basic as f***. Like, there’s so much I want from her and she just keep rehashing “Anaconda” and “Ass (Dance)”.

    • Jayy August 21, 2017

      I actually agree with what you said. Especially being a fam myself. I want to know what you would like to see from her at this point though. I too am feeling myself wanting more I just don’t know what exactly so maybe hearing another opinion might help

    • TréDAY August 21, 2017

      She has another fire verse on “Kissing Strangers.” She surprised me with that 1 cuz she gave her best rhyme 2 a pop/rock song after releasing the most songs in a yr than she ever has not her career I believe. She’s not hungry enuff. Im glad we have more girls in the rap game now!

      • TréDAY August 21, 2017

        *she ever has in her career I believe

  4. DanYiel Iman August 20, 2017

    She’s WACK and her fools will always say she’s doing something different when it all stems from Kimberly Lil’Kim Jones!! ??????????

    • Brent Christpher August 20, 2017

      you got that’s RIGHT!

  5. John August 20, 2017

    I think at this point in her career, we ( the public) are going to need a bit more substance from her, then “bad b****” this and “bad b****” that. It’s getting very redundant at this point. U can say that Cardi B is giving you the same type of thing, but Cardi B is 22 and she has the newness working for her. Her music has just been lukewarm this era.

    • Killian August 20, 2017

      She’s 25 not 22 ,she was born October 11th 1992. Get your facts right man.

      • John August 20, 2017

        IIGHT i was 3 years off but my original point still remains.

      • slxyr August 20, 2017

        This actually makes her 24, not 25.

    • August 20, 2017

      b**** you don’t talk for me, talk for your self.

  6. Brent Christpher August 20, 2017

    This chick has absolutely NO SHAME.

  7. Killian August 20, 2017

    Definitely top ten ,might finally be a number one for her even if only a week with the way it’s gaining so much buzz

    • Slicc Loskii August 21, 2017

      lol it just drop down the chart though lol check hits daily double the final list will be out tuesday

  8. RIHANNA AND BEYONCE August 20, 2017

    All these videos and features still no HIT.

    • Caleb August 20, 2017

      THIS song Is a hit tho

  9. No favs just here for the music August 20, 2017

    Serious question: What is Nicki Minaj doing these days?

    • Corwin Rhynes August 20, 2017

      lmfao being rich is her job

      • No favs just here for the music August 20, 2017

        I know she has money but…doesn’t it seem like she fell off a bit? When was the last time she had her own song that was popular? I honestly can’t remember. It’s not even hate because it’s definite that Nicki isn’t quite what she used to be

  10. Coolio August 20, 2017

    She looks goood but yeah all the videos look the same and cheap. For all that they just couldve been in front of the green screen.
    I hope shes paying lil kim bcuz she so nuff looks like her in every video.

  11. TeamLyrica! August 20, 2017

    This looks s*****!!!!

  12. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 21, 2017

    What per.vert put Nikki in a kiddie pool

    ….anyway aalllllll yallll are hating..talking about her style. . .but praise the other btch , wearing the same black one piece for years, same dance moves ..cardi b is a same one hit wonderrrr, brrrrrr aha aha

  13. Nicki’s Orginal Flat Booty August 21, 2017

    She is so tired. Come on at this point you are the underdog. I’m almost rooting for you.

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