B2K’s ‘Bump Bump Bump’ Streamed 24 Million Times On Spotify

Published: Tuesday 5th Sep 2017 by David

With the demons of their past behind them, B2K find their art and legacy honoured by fans and critics who can finally honour their impact on Pop culture away from the evil which threatened to overshadow it.

One needn’t look any further than Spotify for proof of this. For there, Omarion, Raz, Fizz and Boog make major waves with a discography filled to the brim with Urban Pop brilliance.

Good news below…

Led by Omarion, the supergroup now finds that their popularity has waned as far as streams are concerned following milestones they’ve reached on Spotify.

The grandest? The 24 million plays their cut ‘Bump Bump Bump’ has picked up!

The group’s play count spins north of the 100 million marker when numbers from streaming platforms much to the delight of its writers and producers (Bryan Michael-Cox, Troy Taylor and Tricky Stewart) who can expect to bag sizeable publishing cheques for their creative efforts.


Why do you think B2K was/is so popular?


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  1. Lisa September 5, 2017

    Sad Story. Its Ok for Chris Stokes and Marques Houston to M_olest all these boys and get away with it????? But the pubic destroys R.Kelly. These were children?????? And Chris Stokes and Marques Houston get away with no CRIMINAL CHARGES?????

    • DanYiel Iman September 5, 2017

      EXHIBIT A!! Same thing I said…??‍♂️

  2. DanYiel Iman September 5, 2017

    They have a few hits I still like..

  3. Electrikblue September 5, 2017

    Do they even see the revenue from this??

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