New Video: Jessie J – ‘Think About That’

Published: Friday 15th Sep 2017 by Rashad

Much to the delight of devoted fans, Pop powerhouse Jessie J finally dropped her newest single, ‘Think About That.’

The lead release from her forthcoming EP ‘R.O.S.E.’ (an acronym for “Realisations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment”), the song is certainly meant to be a reflection of every member of the acronym.  And, after one listen at the heat behind those lyrics, you’ll see she succeeded. A sect of which reads:

“All you disturb is my work and my patience
Years of grinding, you took it, you broke it
All cause you’re faking
You wanna be famous
Say it, you wanna be famous
Using my jewels
You were thirsty as f*ck
Always late, always faded”

Are we finally about to get in touch with the “real” Jessie J?

Jessie J, apparently coming through to snatch wigs, can go ahead and start with ours.

The realest we’ve probably ever seen or heard her, ‘Think About That’ is a gritty, “in your face” clap back to love gone wrong.  Instrumentally, the song does lack a bit of -umph that would arguably help sail and sell the tune’s content a bit more,  but the lyrics and their delivery (surprisingly demure for J) are so captivating it seems to make up for the slow build-up.

Probably not the best self-starter by its lonesome but if ‘Think’ ever landed on a scene of ‘Being Mary Jane,’ ‘Insecure,’ or some film or television show where its lyrics were placed in a timely manner, there is literally no telling how far it could go.

We applaud you Jessie and hope this is the true beginning of a love affair with Urban flairs.

Note: The clip came packaged with the announcement of an intimate world tour, which kicks off next month.

Peep dates:

International & U.S.Tour Dates:

10/8     Birmingham, UK                       Birmingham Institute

10/9     Manchester, UK                       Manchester Albert Hall

10/11   London, UK                              KOKO

10/14   Cologne, GR                            Live Music Hall

10/16   Amsterdam, NL                        Paradiso

10/17   Berlin, GR                                Huxleys Neue Welt

10/23   Toronto, ON                             Mod Club

10/24   New York, NY                          La Poisson Rouge

10/25   Chicago, IL                              Bottom Lounge

10/27   Los Angeles, CA                      Troubadour

10/28   San Francisco, CA                   Great American Music Hall

Tickets go on-sale September 20th.

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  1. Sky September 15, 2017

    Fantastic. The melody is great and she’s spilling the tea lyrically!

  2. Kevon September 15, 2017

    The video is too much for the song ..its a good song tho

  3. ThatMessJuice.Flop September 15, 2017

    This is delicious. Definitely something inspired by Lemonade…but to risky for a commercial single. Should have maybe featured a big name to get it off ground

  4. Haters Gon’ Hate September 15, 2017

    Wow. Ummm…. 😳 what a pleasant surprise. Not at all predictable – I kinda like the way the song played out all chilled and her lyrics spilled out like hot tea on ice! Who she talkin’ bout’? Video was very good for the budget, held my attention, but you know what strikes me about this song? Despite her vocal range – SHE GAVE ME RESTRAINED AND UNDERSTATED VOCALS – and it worked. I like it. Maybe like many before her, she isn’t making an album for the charts? It’s an album that will allow her to express herself creatively.

    • cocobutta September 15, 2017

      Perfectly put 👏🏾👏🏾.


  5. boomkack123 September 15, 2017

    Omg is she talking about Luke James?? LOL

    • Geesus September 15, 2017

      Shes talking about Tinie Tempah’s management “Disturbing London” hence the use of the word disturbing. They managed her third album era and effed it up for her.

    • Blah September 15, 2017

      I think it’s about her manager Dumi Oburota (Disturbing London).
      “All you disturb is my work and my patience / Think about the time when I got sick and you make me go on stage / You spent my money and I lost their faith…”

  6. tru.tea.badgyal.ldn September 15, 2017

    Here’s the inside scoop jessie is CRAZY…she left sarah stennet n first access mash up the whole management company until they split in two. Sarah on one side, n the other guy (Becky Hill’s manager on the other)>…then goes to Dumi ..who is a nigerian aka hustler n expects him to take her to the top..she’s NUTZ…yes …nUTZ…. she is average…but God granted mercy on her with the best management…who made iggy no talent famous…rita whora a millionaires…to go to Dumi…Seriously she deserves what she gets…OUT

    • Blah September 16, 2017

      Calm down, Dumi. A lot of people still think it’s about Luke James.

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