Predictions Are In: Shania Twain To Outpace Miley Cyrus, Tamar Braxton, & Demi Lovato For #1 Spot

Published: Saturday 30th Sep 2017 by Rashad

After a nearly 15 year absence from the top of the Billboard 200, Shania Twain is proving after all this time she’s still the one.

Thanks to a host of physical pre-orders and some handsome digital download early reads, industry analysts are predicting her fifth studio album, ‘Now,’ will be bowing at #1 when the album charts refresh week after next.  The set – despite not seeing any of its singles impact the Billboard Hot 100 – is on track to sell DOUBLE the amount of its nearest competitors’, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato‘s,  new album inaugural figures.

This, even though both of the young singers’ albums had top 20 singles to precede them…


‘Now’ First Week Sales:  121-132k SPS, 120-130k pure album sales

Predicted Chart Placement:  #1

Elsewhere on the prediction tally, Lovato’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ expected to move anywhere between 68-78k SPS while Cyrus’ ‘Younger Now’ is set to land somewhere between the 40-55k SPS mark.

Tamar Braxton’s final album, ‘Bluebird of Happiness,‘ is projected soar onto the Billboard 200 with less than 12k SPS.


Keep in mind the figures above are only projections and can be revised at any point before the final tally arrives on Friday, October 6th.  Best of luck to all the ladies!

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  1. Meme September 30, 2017

    When Miley is selling less than 50k you know the industry is sinking. Just expanding on my previous comment under Fergie post, we just simply need more fresh female pop stars, who ain’t trying to be rihanna. Music is just not good right now and people aren’t spending their coins if the quality ain’t there, point blank.

    I am really really curious to see how Nicki sells. She is the only real A lister left to release.

    • Whoops September 30, 2017

      We don’t need popstars trying to be Rihanna. That much is true. We need popstars that can actually sing, dance, bonus:write, and inspire people to pay full price for albums on release day instead of selling them in bulk to a corporation. You really got some nerve planting yourself at the top of a thread on an article where most of the 4 artists up there, are more talented than all your faves, preaching about how “quality sells” when our latest chart war was between Taylor Swift and Cardi B. Quality sells. Pfft. You got the game messed up. If anything it’s the opposite. All I see in this post is, Miley not selling = industry sinking? Nicki… A list… Quality… Rihanna. People… spending… coins… Rihanna?!? I have never seen so many conflicting words placed together in one thought like this. And I see your comments often so I have an idea of what “quality” means to you and no shade but you have bad taste. Really bad. Very bad. The worst.

      • Meme September 30, 2017

        @whoops you don’t even know me to know what taste in music I have. You see me commenting under an artist doesn’t mean I think their work is quality. But I am honest, and non bias in my post. So even though I think Nicki and Beyoncé music might be junk, I’ll still give them credit that they are best in their lanes etc. I never said “quality sell”, that wasn’t my point because clearly quality doesn’t always sell if that was the case a lot of r&b music would sell more. What I meant was that people don’t buy music just because you release an album. Times are changing, and consumers have to see the value in the album.

        And let’s be clear, rihanna didn’t need the Samsung deal. She made a MINT quality album with master pieces instead of hit searching and the songs still turn out being hits. Jay z was to blame for Anti’s mishaps but the album still had multiple multi platinum singles and still performed well.

      • Electrikblue September 30, 2017

        Whoops you may not like Nicki but she is an A List celebrity

    • Jasmine September 30, 2017

      Adele is pop and she sells. Why would people want a Rihanna copycat when they can buy music from Rihanna herself?

      • Meme September 30, 2017

        @jasmine that’s a great. I have no idea why anyone would want a Rihanna copy cat. Yet ALL these new pop stars are like mini her. And I’m not trying to be funny. Halsey, Tinashe,Zara Larson, all of them. We just need other types of artist is all I’m saying. It seems like ever since rihanna breakthrough labels tried to duplicate her, as if Rita Ora was a lessen learn.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2017

      I don´t think any A lister is trying to be Rihanna. That´s more Rihanna fan delusion than anything (nad please take into account I was refering to people like Milye as A listers lol Yes that´s how weak music industry is currently). I don´t see anything in her or the others that is Rihanna-like. The labels trying to duplicate her thing ended years ago. Her impact is not eternal.

    • Kyle October 1, 2017


  2. Max September 30, 2017

    LMAOOOO not a country legend who’s last album was released 15 years ago outselling these current pop girls.

  3. I can’t September 30, 2017

    Good for Shania. Not surprised at all. Demi’s album is good. I like it so far. I was excited for Tamar but at first listen I’m not crazy about it. And as for Miley… Um. Beautiful gowns.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2017

      Miley has a better message this go round and can sing better than the queen of beautiful gowns though (Taylor Swift).

  4. Sunshine September 30, 2017

    Awesome R & B is what this world needs. Lets suportbTamar’s wonderful album!

    • Jasmine September 30, 2017

      I would never buy that mean drag queen’s music. She is very talented but too nast and mean for me to support.

    • XYZ October 1, 2017

      That album is not awesome though. Her last one was better imo

  5. Jasmine September 30, 2017

    Im glad Shania put out a new album. Congrats to Ms. Demi coming in at 2. I think a lot of Tamar’s fans are almost as fake as she is. They say a bunch of BS and attack people online for not liking Tamar but will not buy her album. Tamar has way more than 12K fans and followers so why are they not buying her music? They are broke and/or fake!

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh “Summer With Friends” Is Out ???) September 30, 2017

    I have Shania Twain’s album because I love her and it’s slaying me right now. The first single made me go ahead and buy the album. Great positive, home body vibes to play when making coffee in the morning and cleaning.

  7. Ropeburn September 30, 2017

    This is on par with the latest release from other queens like Madonna and Janet. In an era where people, with a few exceptions, just don’t buy albums anymore they’re doing just as good, and in some cases better than younger artists who actually have radio on their side.

  8. Achooo! September 30, 2017

    Shania has always been consistent and she did well for being gone for 15 years. Tamar is projecting 12k but had 1 mil illegal downloads. Tamar, Miley and Demi fans chose the popular illegal downloading route. Tamar and Demi new albums were pretty good.

    • Rising77 October 5, 2017

      How did you find out Tamar had 1 million illegal downloads of her album?

  9. Norma Mcgill September 30, 2017

    Tamar Braxton is one of the top voice and vocals in R&B today. She has shown versatility throughout her career. Its just so sad the industry only supports certain artist.

    • Rohan October 1, 2017

      Tamar is a studio singer nothing versatile and can’t perform live If her life depends on it.

    • J Christ October 1, 2017

      Tamar is a talentless hack. She uses high pitch screaming in place of emotion because sociopaths have no emotions. Soulless R&B. She is a star in her own mind. Five albums in and she’s still faking it ’til she makes it. Tamartians should go back to outer space and take that h** with them.

  10. MUSICHEAD September 30, 2017

    Releasing Tamar’s album this week was the dumbest thing ever. All the buzz from My Man has died and Blind is dead on arrival. This is honestly Tamar’s worst album to date. They were so desperate to meet the Grammys deadline that they just threw the album out there instead of building buzz with a new single and releasing the album around Soul Train awards in November or Christmas time. Calling All Lovers is mishandled the same way.

    • Jasmine September 30, 2017

      I agree but shouldn’t her fans just buy the new album if they are real fans? You can’t blame everything on marketing. She has more than 12K fans and IG followers.

      • J Christ October 1, 2017

        She’s not the kind of person that inspires loyalty. Birds of a feather flock together. Tamar is all about herself and thinking she is the queen of everything. She attracts people who are just like her. Of course those types of people aren’t going to support. Selfish, arrogant people don’t support others. It’s her fault for being a person with a nasty attitude and “ratchet” personality. “Ratchet” folks don’t buy things, they steal things because they don’t want to see others prosper.

  11. Aj September 30, 2017

    A highly bias post. Shania has a long-established following and has been a mainstay on the country charts the last few months. It’s stellar performance for her age and the fact she’s not present on the hot 100

    Demi deserves applause for a critically acclaimed and very grown up album. It’s her most cohesive body of work yet and a great result.

    The real flop stories here are miley who realised she sold out and lost her fanbase. She’s left with an image in tatters and zero credibility.

    Tamar got pummeled- a lack of promotion, poor album title and concept and some dubious production values. The whole “my last album” thing back fired cause it seemed that few of her hardcore fans cared.

    Honourable mention goes to fergie…

    • Meme September 30, 2017

      Trying to figure out how this post is bias when all they did was state facts. I don’t think they were trying to Down play Shania impact or performance. If anything they were applauding her for performing strong with a top 10 single unlike the others.

      • Kyle October 1, 2017

        @meme you’re a hypocrite

  12. Casual-T September 30, 2017

    Shania is a country singer, AND her fan base skews older than the other ladies in this article, so it was natural that Shania would outsell the others by a wide margin. Notice that her pure sales and SPS numbers are almost identical. Her fans still buy and download albums at a much greater rate than streaming.

    I’m rooting for Tamar. I have the ultimate diva anthem for her, but I couldn’t get my sh1t together in time and get it submitted. She needed a multi-format smash, but there really wasn’t one on her album. Contemporary r&b isn’t selling big nowadays, so she was not destined to sell big this time.

  13. rdfdf September 30, 2017

    its sad to say but i think alot of singers are not buying because of that fake illuminati s*** its a shame how easliy brain wash americans can be

  14. JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2017

    WOW sales are really really low. It´s crazy. I guess it is nobodys fault anymore.
    Good for Shania. In a way it is normal since she was one of the huge sellers more than a decade ago and she has not released a damn thing since then, so a part of her fans should be anticipating this.

  15. Dom October 2, 2017

    All of you guys bashing each female really need to get this thing called a life lol.
    Why do you trolls have so much hatred towards someone you don’t even know?
    I always think it’s crazy when someone calls someone else talentless in their craft from behind a computer screen. That’s the difference between you and them. You’re talking about them.. while they’re living their dream. Haters will always exist. But let’s grow up people.

    Btw, Tamar’s album is actually really really… really amazing. It’s vocally excellent and she takes you on a journey.

    I also read a comment about the marketing of her last album Calling All Lovers.
    You may not have known this, but the time the album was released was the same time Tamar was on Dancing with the Stars. If you recall, she was hospitalized and almost lost her life and had to have some ribs removed from her body because of her PE Blood Clots, so she couldn’t do press releases, etc, had to quit dancing with the stars right before the finale, and was absent from her talk show host the Real for a while, while she was sick. So yeah it’s been a rough last year for her, whichs is why I’m rooting for her to win.

    You think you know her because of the media, but the media’s job is to typecast. They did the same thing with Miley, or rather Miley did that to herself lol, but Miley changed and despite her outward appearance, she does A LOT of good for her communities.

    Same with Demi.

    Same with Rihanna. She is this s** symbol. But in reality Rihanna is actually very private with her body. Watch any of their interviews and learn more about them.

    Hating lacks substance, do something productive.

  16. SpaceRocket October 3, 2017

    Demi Lovato’s Album is a BOP! Only Forever and Lonely suits her voice extremely well. I wish Tamar would chart higher. She’s a vocal beast.

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