Chart Check [Hot 100]: Beyonce Makes History As ‘Mi Gente’ Remix Blasts To #3

Published: Wednesday 11th Oct 2017 by Rashad

While Beyonce‘s career-long Hot 100 resume has lent her a number of entries into its history books (i.e. longest run at #1 in history in one calendar year by a female, most cumulative weeks at #1 for a female 2000-2010, only artist to chart 10 weeks at #1 in a group and as a solo artist, many more), there’s no denying her impact on that particular tally post-2010 has not been able to rival that of her Billboard 200 stats of the same time period.

Yet, thanks to albums ‘4,’ ‘Beyonce,’ and ‘Lemonade,’ what the songstress has been welcomed to is a seat at the table of some very exclusive Hot 100 clubs.  In addition to being the first female act to see all of the songs from one album simultaneously impact the Hot 100 (a feat accomplished with her most 2016 LP), this week – courtesy of her feature on the now #3 hit, ‘Mi Gente’ – the 36-year-old became one of just 8 female acts who can boast at least a 20 year time span between their first and last top 10 hit on the singles chart.  The list is as follows:

  • Cher – 33 years (1965 to 1998)
  • Barbra Streisand – 32 years (1964-1996)
  • Madonna – 28 years (1984 to 2012)
  • Tina Turner – 22 years (1971 to 1993)
  • Dionne Warwick – 22 years (1963 to 1985)
  • Diana Ross – 22 years (1963 to 1985)
  • Aretha Franklin – 20 years (1967-1987)
  • Beyonce – 20 years (1997-2017)

As reported here, the Queen Bey gave the J.Balvin hit her royal blessing as part of ongoing hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico.  Not even a day after its unveiling, the tune hit #1 on iTunes sales chart – a feat that later lead to its impressive jump on this week’s Hot 100.

See who joins her on this week’s refreshed TGJ Chart Check:



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  1. AnonymousTruth October 11, 2017

    Beyonslay magic

    • Fancy BISH October 11, 2017

      I streamed da HELL out of Mi Yonce hunnie lol…yaaaaas, and I’mma keep doing it too!

  2. ThatMessJuice.Flop October 11, 2017

    Uhm ok? Beyonce’s first top ten credit is from 2002…but whatever.

    • RealNegro October 11, 2017

      Diana Ross? No complaints? Oh ok!

  3. mr.m October 11, 2017

    That b**** is a basic ass flop .. thiefyone mokeyonce
    she build her career out of hype and standing on other people success
    well, she’s a hard workin s***. I’d give her dat …
    but that does NOT make her anywhere near original and deserving what she achieved.

    • BHYISI October 11, 2017

      How can the female with the best selling album of 2016 be a flop? There’s something so ridiculous about Beyonce haters. These are legit stats on her end. A flop artist doesn’t have a 20 year career. It’s one thing not to like an artist but to try and diminish their achievements because you don’t like them means there’s something wrong with you. There’s alot of that going on as of late by this sites regulars. You people simply aren’t happy with yourselves.
      In short you’re simply a hater dear, sorry to break the news to you.

      • Jasmine October 11, 2017

        @BHYISI I see what you are saying and I agree Beyonce is NOT a flop! However, I see the other commentor’s opinion as valid too. TIDAL skews their numbers so the number of streams for Beyonce are extremely embelished.

      • Jamon October 11, 2017

        She’s definitely not a flop and has had a long run, but Adele had the best selling album of 2016.

      • Electrikblue October 11, 2017

        Jasmine that was reported on one time and never confirmed. That’s how dumb rumors start. There’s only 3mil Tidal users so even if they are embellishing numbers Apple Music and Spotify have millions of users so, her numbers come from those platforms.

      • Jasmine October 11, 2017

        @Electrikblue No Beyonce’s last CD was a Tidal exclusive. It was never on Spotify or Apple. Also, I’m sure Tidal has way more than 3 million users because Tidal reported that Lemonade had 306 million streams. I know you love coming for me queen but next time please get your FACTs straight. 🙂

      • Electrikblue October 12, 2017

        Thank you for calling me a queen so bow down jasmine lol as of this summer they were sitting at around 3mil subscribers you peasant.

  4. JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2017

    Just like in Rihanna´s case, this is a feature or collabo. The other ladies did it with hits of their own and being older than this.
    Anyway, Beyonce is doing so good on the albums front so who cares about an uneventful non-hit that nobody will remeber or listen to in less than a year!

    • Meme October 11, 2017

      No it’s not like in Rihanna’s case. Beyonce jump on a song that already had 1 billion views and already charting on the hot 100. She def added to the song so I don’t want to take that from her. But it’s def not the same as with rihanna. Wild thoughts was Rihanna’s song, she didn’t piggy back off of someone else hit.

      • Electrikblue October 11, 2017

        I wish y’all would read how this collaboration came about. They posted it on Bollboard. J Balvin asked Bey to get in the song and Bey did it because the original version was one of Blue’s favorite songs and she took the opportunity to donate her proceeds to the recent disaster relief efforts.

      • Hunny B October 11, 2017

        @Meme B/tch you sound stupid. Wild Thoughts is DJ Khaleds song. DJs are usually credited as the main artist on their song, irrespective of whichever nocalist (in Whörehanna’s case) chooses to sing/yodel the vocals. And if we are going to be really technical, Santana is the one who came up with the original melody which has been out for 2 decades. And Mi Gente was only receiving airplay on latin radio stations until Beyoncé joined. Stay mad

    • JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2017

      Ok. Little differences in my mind anyway when I compare these things to the real monumental records one can think of (like Adele demolishing with an album any other current girl whole career for example) . You know, monumental album sales and all that. But if it is important to I give you that. I compared this to Rihanna cause she has so many entries that are features.

      • Jason October 11, 2017

        Congrats to J. Balvin and Bey! The actual overhyped person is Adele! I like her, but y’all know the industry likes an above ordinary voice from a white lady! Hell, she’s even puzzled as to why there’s bey backlash. People love a good basic bandwagon pop star! Swift… Perry… anyone?!

      • JOHNVIDAL October 12, 2017

        We are talking sales mate. If you want to go there with voices and talent my priorities are way above Beyonce´s level anyway. Adele is not the only one overrated (measuring talent vs sales). I´ll leave you this here:

      • JOHNVIDAL October 12, 2017

  5. Crookly October 11, 2017

    Does not count it’s not her song and those are the facts. #DEAL

    • MsYonce October 11, 2017

      Its says featuring Beyoncé so its still a top 10 added to her name and these are the facts deal

    • Music lover October 11, 2017

      I think it does..The same way Justin was credited on Despacito remix..And Yes,she did make this song to be a Top 5 because it was no way near top 10,hell even Top 20.. But we all know Beyonce doesnt have much Hot 100 staying power. That song will probably tumble down the charts next week…
      But congrats to her anyway.

      • MsYonce October 11, 2017

        And I’m sure she doesn’t care the only reason she did the song was for charity.. So the people will be happy with the money it’s bringing in…

      • Yes She Did October 11, 2017

        The song was actually number 21 and climbing, about to crack the top 20 THE WEEK BEFORE THEY RELEASED THE REMIX.

    • Jasmine October 11, 2017

      I agree. I think if we are going to include features on songs then the songwriters, producers, studio engineers, and background singers should all be tracking their chart positions. Throw everybody in it if being a featured guest counts so much.

      • Electrikblue October 11, 2017

        They do count Jasmine! They just don’t put the producers and everybody name on the d a m n chart. Just like when a song wins a Grammy or any other award everyone involved wins the award 🙄

  6. Boss October 11, 2017

    She told y’all before to bow down

  7. MUSICHEAD October 11, 2017

    Lies. Beyonce’s first top 10 was in 2002. We’re not going to pretend that Destiny’s Child counts as a solo credit for her. The same goes for Diana Ross.

    • MsYonce October 11, 2017

      Beyoncé has not been in the industry for 20 Years as a solo artist.. Part of those 20 was with Destiny’s Child. You cannot say Beyoncé has in be the game for 20 years and dont add DC the s*** doesn’t make sense.

      • ThatMessJuice.Flop October 11, 2017

        Beyonce’s name doesn’t appear on the billboard top ten until 2002. She has no credit with Destiny’s Child because it was a group. We can’t use the rules one time and change them the next

      • Jasmine October 11, 2017

        Destiny’s Child was really Beyonce and them. Beyonce sang all lead vocals in the group and when they won awards each member got their own award so yes Beyonce has been in the industry 20 years. If you want to be petty and say her work in DC does not count then look at her work as a solo artist which dates back to Austin Powers and some of the songs she recorded for Sony solo while she was with DC so that still makes her a 20 year old artist veteran.

      • Jamon October 11, 2017

        For the 1st two album she sang lead. After that it was shared, the last album was mostly Kelly. It was a Group, regardless of who sang lead.

      • Jasmine October 11, 2017

        @Jamon, Yes that is true Beyonce sang lead on the first two albums but she did not have to sing lead anymore after that because her SOLO career had already taken off with songs on movie soundtracks (Austin Powers / Pink Panther), and she was getting acting offers in movies. Anyone trying to say Beyonce has not been a star in the music industry for 20 years is delusional. Even when DC first became popular in 1997 everybody knew who Beyonce was because she was lead singer and took all the attention in the group.

  8. MsYonce October 11, 2017

    @Meme Wild Thoughts is DJ Khaled’s song Rihanna is featured on it as well its not her song…. It says DJ Khaled FEATURING Rihanna just like Beyoncé is featured on Mi Gente. No need to throw shade both are winning. Mi Gente been out for awhile and it wouldn’t have hit top 10 if Beyoncé didn’t get on it. It’s facts! And Beyonce did Mi Gente for charity it’s not that serious…

  9. Jay October 11, 2017

    How is this about Beyonce and not the actual artist that’s on the song. She’s just a feature. I think all should be celebrated and not just her.

    • king z October 11, 2017

      it’s about beyonce cuz she is the only one with a milestone achievement here

  10. 🙄 October 11, 2017

    The song did wonderful YouTube wise and international. However it wasn’t making a splash on the Hot 100 until the remix. These are facts that can be looked up. How come Beyonce can’t be counted as 20 year in the industry? Majority of Destiny’s Child albums are her singing by herself with additional parts recorded sometimes. Beyonce was also lead and sole face of the group the entire run. These are also facts that can be researched. That’s like saying Diana Ross shouldn’t count her time with the supremes or Patti Labelle shouldn’t count her time with the bluebelles. Or Tina Turner shouldn’t included “Ike&Tina” recordings on her greatest hits album. Features and collaborations aren’t restricted from charting so they count. Whether you think they do or not.
    Now had this remix not charted top 10, the ones so mad about this article would’ve called it a flop.

    • Jasmine October 11, 2017

      Ignore the haters. What you are saying is true.

  11. Chica October 11, 2017

    Mariah is still the queen of the hot 100 charts.

  12. Electrikblue October 11, 2017

    Leave it to Beyoncé to cause a bunch of haters to be in their feelings lmao. She did the song because they asked her to get on and since the original is one of Blues fav songs she did it and decided her proceeds go to charity. Btw haters Beyonce addresses you on the song “I gave birth to these haters cause I’m fertiiiillle” lmao

  13. NT October 11, 2017

    didn’t she go top 10 last year with formation…

  14. DanYiel Iman October 11, 2017

    Sounds good to me especially when she’s always counted out!!

  15. Suicide Blonde October 11, 2017

    Cultural appropriation HAH

    If Justin Timberlake is accused of appropriating black culture because he makes “black music”, then Beyonce singing a latin song is appropriating latino culture 🤷🏼‍♂️ This is one of the hottest Latin songs right now, all around the world, second only to Despacito, I think it was a smart move from her, she definitely jumped on it because of its success, even if it was intended for charitable purposes. She ain’t slick 👱🏻

    • yesmaam October 11, 2017

      why do you always bring race into everything? cultural appropriation is taking WITHOUT credit. if justin timberlake did a song with a black artist (which he has0, it’s not appropriation.

      beyonce DID a latin song with latin artists

      • Suicide Blonde October 11, 2017

        THE irony of you to say that I always bring race into everything, you guys are the ones who are always screaming WHITE PRIVILEGE, white this, white that, and Justin has been called out for supposedly appropriating black culture, by doing black music, music that is produced by black people, now, tell me, if that is cultural appropriation, Beyoncé doing Latin music with Latin artists is the same thing, period.

    • Jasmine October 11, 2017

      Stop trying to ride Justin’s d|ck. She does not want some tired racist queen of yester year. You, Justin, and anything else your little brain can think of has NOTHING to do with this post. #STAYONTOPIC #STOPRACEBAITING #RACISMISEVIL

    • Girl October 11, 2017

      You need to really get off of Justin’s d*** damn.

  16. fatusankoh October 11, 2017

    You go queen Bey god bless you more success and good luck in all you do

  17. Caleb October 11, 2017

    A monumental achievement, although there is one minor thing that wasn’t mentioned. “No,no,no” while it appeared on the hot 100 in 1997 didnt hit the top 10 until February 1998. So it’s still some months until it’s an actual 20 years between top 10s.

  18. Caleb October 11, 2017

    ALSO Cher’s “BELIEVE” was still #1 in 1999 so that makes 34 years for her.

  19. Rihboy October 11, 2017

    Congrats! I see no need to go into numbers and file cabinets looking for receipts! I expected it to debut at number 1. But 3 is good placement. I know the bees are thirsting for some honey and this will have to do until she drops something else.

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