Exclusive: Tank Readies Brandy Collaboration

Published: Thursday 5th Oct 2017 by David

Tank is sharpening his creative cutlery to carve out a song with Brandy.

Details on the song and the performer’s brand new album via his interview with That Grape Juice below…

“I’m picking up from ‘Sex, Love & Pain'”, he explains at the start of our conversation. “People responded to that aggressive and assertive R&B moment and that inspired the sound on my new album Savage.”
Alas, not everything has come as naturally for the performer. Namely, TGT.

A TGT reunion is impossible at this point unfortunately. You know, people use the culture word a lot without understanding what it meas. Doing something for the culture means you’re putting in and not taking out. TGT doesn’t help me  monetarily but it helps all of us culturally to have three powerful black men who are trailblazers in their lane work together. They’ll always be my brothers.
With TGT behind him he sets his sights on the journey his new album is set to see him embark on, a movie career and honouring a fan base he feels his often ignored by his contemporaries.
I’m 41 but I feel 25 and it’s because I’m being driven by new energy which my fans have given me. My core fans are the same age as me and are at a point in their life where they are experienced and established enough to be grown and sexy but are still very youthful. My music speaks to that place because I’m in that place.

Also on the agenda?

A Brandy collaboration.

“This is your exclusive”, he begins. “Yeah, Brandy and I are working on a song together. We bumped into each other recently, looked at each other and we both knew. The fans have wanted a song from us for a long time so it has to be right. I don’t want it to be a competition or a vocal battle…I want it to be a real duet.”

‘Savage is out now.


Interview by David Asante.


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  1. B-B-B-B-BallNoTesticals October 5, 2017

    That First Picture Of Tank Is Givin’ Me Old Spice Teas

  2. DanYiel Iman October 5, 2017

    Both vocally gifted so I’m not mad about this!!

  3. Vocal bible elite October 5, 2017

    B**** snatch me bald!!! The Vocal Bible always comes through!

  4. SMH October 5, 2017

    Tank is too damn fine & talented to be working with brandy’s basic ass.

    • Yes October 5, 2017

      Basic as hell. She sounds like a cigarette smoker who’s gargling rocks.

      • Kable October 5, 2017

        The haters stay lurking I see.

      • Ball Busta October 5, 2017

        Rita Ora is probably your fav huh?? These trolls are funny ??? *Laughs in Vocal Bible**

      • Yes October 5, 2017

        There’s no need for me to even hit you back with a retort, because the fact that you even refer to her as that, is ????

  5. Ciah’s Turtle October 5, 2017

    A match made in heaven! I actually want it to be a vocal battle lmaoo They both gon give it up

  6. Caleb October 5, 2017

    He is so genuine. Can’t help but love him even if I’m not feeling the new album.

  7. Fancy BISH October 5, 2017

    Tank is FINE and did great in The New Edition Story

  8. Cough Cough October 5, 2017

    This is going to be vocal superiority at its finest.

  9. Jeans October 5, 2017

    Tank, sit. You could never have a vocal battle with the vocal bible anyway. Chile.

    • Kable October 5, 2017

      He could if he wanted to and it would be amazing to hear, but he is about the music.

    • Jasmine October 5, 2017

      Ony dumb queens think that way. Realistically, this is just two people singing a duet together. Get over it! Since when is a man trying to do a “vocal battle” with a woman? Their voices are supposed to compliment each other. Have several seats in your nearest library and start reading until closing time because you are dumb dumb dumb.

      • ? October 5, 2017

        Exactly and no one outside of her ever dwindling fanbase calls her a vocal Bible. There are just too many R&B female and male singers that would shut Brandy DOWN vocally. S*** there’s pop singers of this generation that sing better than Brandy. I wish her fans would just stop!

  10. Bish in Africa October 5, 2017

    The first pic is all shade of finess

  11. Jasmine October 5, 2017

    Tank is fine bout out of TGT Ginuwine is more my type. Tank is too short in height and too freaky sexually for me but Ginuwine has that old school throwback swag that would make me wanna cheat on my man with him.

    • Jasmine October 5, 2017

      but not bout

  12. RoyalKev October 5, 2017

    Ok, I’m here for it! What a match! I love it!

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