Pussycat Dolls Fans Respond To Explosive Sex Ring Allegations

Published: Saturday 14th Oct 2017 by David

Fans of the stage-scorching Pussycat Dolls find themselves gripped with shock, fear and confusion this morning after one of its members came forward with this…

“The group was a prostitution ring.”

Inspired by the bravery of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assault victims and industry murmurs that more powerful figures are to be exposed in the coming weeks, Ms. Kaya Jones made her way to Twitter to claim that she and her group members were forced into sex work by their bosses.

Her story takes an even darker turn when she claims that the abuse the girls endured lies at the heart of Simone Battle‘s suicide. Simone, being a member of the group GRL which was built by the brains behind the Dolls.

How their fans have responded?

Find out below…

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  1. πŸ‘§ + ✈ = πŸ’€ October 14, 2017

    The internet is getting out of control

  2. Don’t know her October 14, 2017

    how was she a PCD if she never appeared on none of their video? Not even the 1st one? Who the hell is she? Attention seeker much?

    • A1 October 14, 2017

      She only performed Tainted Love with Nicole ONCE but that was it lol

      • Starxavi October 16, 2017

        She was a part of the original burlesque group that performed in Las Vegas or whatever and she was poised to be a part of the pop group but she decided against it…probably due to this very reason.

  3. Mark111 October 14, 2017

    No Sh!t you weren’t getting payed a lot, most of the group didn’t even sing, the other one just did oohs and ahhs. Nicole was (well at least she claims” was writing the songs and singing lead. So yea, you probably had to do something strange for some change.

  4. Fancy BISH October 14, 2017

    Jesus take the wheel

  5. NT October 14, 2017

    Had to look her up, so she left the group in 2005, which was before the first album. I’m glad that she realized early on that her peace was more important than a group.

  6. Ropeburn October 14, 2017

    She lost me with that Alex Jones Infowars interview. Anyone who goes on there is highly suspect so I’m gonna need to see some receipts now.

    • Caleb October 14, 2017


  7. Jasmine October 14, 2017

    I don’t find anything wrong with prostitution if the pristitute is of legal and and wants to be a s e x worker. It used to be legal in many states and is still legal in some parts of Nevada. People forget that when they watch p0rn they are looking at prostitutes that are working under the disguise of filming a movie (is they are s e x workers getting paid for s e x). Same goes for strippers that take customers to the back room of the strip club and people that work as a backpage “e s c o r t”. This girl is complaining about her job as if she was a slave but the truth is that she was getting paid for doing something she wanted to do. If you dont want to be a s e x worker then don’t be one.

    • Electrikblue October 14, 2017

      You sound dumb as H E L L. You don’t even unders How the industry is forcing people to do things it’s not about what you don’t want to do. As you can see if you do research she left the group. Always somebody out here doubting people. You crazy peasant.

      • Jasmine October 14, 2017

        Okay queen you keep trolling all my comments always saying something mean to me because I keep ignoring you. Leave me alone b|tch! I am entitled to my opinion. Nobody has to be in the entertainment industry. Thus, the industry cannot force anyone to do something they do not want to do. Furthermore, miss me with your immature name calling. The only peasant is you because you are poor mentally and financially. The struggle is very real for b|tches like you!

      • DanYiel Iman October 14, 2017


      • Jasmine October 14, 2017

        @DanYiel Iman Please explain why “prostitution is wrong NO MATTER WHAT.” I don’t think there is anything wrong with prostitution as long as it is controlled and regulated and it is a job the prostitute WANTS to do. Several countries have legal prostitution and it is still legal in some parts of Nevada:

    • MCole October 14, 2017

      Oddly enough I agree with Jasmine on this one.

    • πŸ‘§ + ✈ = πŸ’€ October 14, 2017

      So Jizmine you’re saying it’s ok that she has to su ck an old white mans di/ck to achieve her dream of performing on stage

      • Jasmine October 14, 2017

        Well if she does not have a voice strong like Whitney or can dance like Janet what other talent qualifies her to perform on stage? When you have real talent your talent is your qualification to be a star. When you lack talent then you have to bring something else to the table like s e x or your own money to invest. That is how the entertainment industry has always been.

    • Boytoy1814 October 19, 2017


  8. JEC2 October 14, 2017


  9. James October 18, 2017

    Speak out let Hollywood become irrelevant we don’t need them or anything they have to offer

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