A Year Later: RZA Reveals Azealia Banks WAS NOT Lying About Russell Crowe Spitting at Her

Published: Thursday 19th Oct 2017 by Rashad

It’s been a year since rapstress Azealia Banks rocked headlines when she accused actor Russell Crowe of spitting on her, physically assaulting her (literally throwing her out of a room), and calling her racial slurs (click here to read).

As you may remember, Banks, who was in attendance at a Hollywood shindig thanks to being cast in rapper/filmmaker RZA‘s movie ‘Love Beats Rhymes’ (originally titled ‘Coco’), went on a media blitz after the alleged incident to shed light on it.  All the while RZA blatantly denied most of what the rapstress alleged happened actually occurred…

In a lengthy statement lifted to the net in October 2016, he asserted it was Azealia who was causing the real commotion (click here to read it).  Stating her “verbally abusive” behavior to guests is why she was physically expelled from the room by Crowe, RZA’s “statement” of not hearing the actor call her the N-word and more ultimately discredited her argument and helped the Academy Award winner avoid charges (click here to read more on that).

Fast forward to October 2017, the rapper – hot on the promo trail for the ‘Love Beats Rhymes’ film – sat down with The Breakfast Club recently to praise Banks’ performance in the film (click here to see that).  While there and quizzed on the Crowe incident, he appeared to be singing a different tune.  Hear what we mean below:

Start at the :59 mark:


The revelation may not encourage any renewed interest in the case from Los Angeles prosecutors, but it does lend some level of credence to Banks’ original claims.  While RZA maintains he did not hear Crowe call the rapstress a racial slur, it’s hard to believe that at the minimum the actor’s actions were not based in some level of discrimination (be it misogyny, racism, or both).

As we reported here, Banks was sure to call RZA out on his betrayal and maintained throughout the entire process that she was not exaggerating her experience at that party. Sadly, her highly publicized antics  (see:  social media feuds, etc.) since the onset of her career probably did as much damage to her credibility as RZA did.



Via RZA’s rep, the rapper did in fact mention Crowe spit at Banks prior to this year.  In October 2016, he – shortly after the incident – did admit the actor spit at her (via a message lifted to TMZ). Click here to see it.


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  1. I speaks the truth October 19, 2017

    So what we all know she deserved It!

    • Who Me October 19, 2017

      say that samething to your mammy. Im sure she wouldve spit you out had she known that you grow up to be a low life troll

      • I speaks the truth October 20, 2017

        Wtf is a mammy learn how to spell before you try to come for me. Damn retarded gay boy who has daddy issues because he sucks his daddy off and gets no love back.

    • :/ October 20, 2017

      She deserved to be called the n-word? Okay dickhead.

  2. God October 19, 2017

    Damn. RZA was scared to speak out against the white man. A damn shame. You can tell he felt that and didn’t want to admit to that. F***. I didn’t even believe AZ. But damn. I don’t like RZA & Russel Crow.

  3. oopsisuckeditagain October 19, 2017

    the entire world should spit at this gutter trash s****. she will never be anything. she will never get anywhere. she’s a C U N T. she has proven what king of creature she is over and over. garbage

    • DanYiel Iman October 19, 2017

      Still selling out SHOWS!! So take it & shove it!!

  4. October 19, 2017

    He knew that standing there and didn’t say anything when Russel did that to Banks was a house negro move, that’s why is conscience is making him confess. we already know that Azealia is always getting into E-beefs but what crow did was mess up, I don’t even mess with Azealia like that but in my opinion, she didn’t deserve to be spat on.

  5. Fancy BISH October 19, 2017

    Are you not entertained? 👀

  6. Alex October 19, 2017

    He’s an absolute disgrace to not stand up for her. The star of your movie and a black woman. You needed Russell’s support that much fam? AZ is a star, period. She’s young and the industry is hungry for female rappers. It’s her time

  7. DanYiel Iman October 19, 2017

    I’ve always believed Azealia Banks she’s always been a no matter how you feel TRUTH SPEAKER!!

  8. KissOfDanger October 20, 2017

    Black men ain’t s***.

  9. Caleb October 21, 2017

    Damn. Now I feel bad for not believing her. I figured with her whole calling zayn a curry-smelling ‘p***’ and telling the Disney girl to “grow some hips” and calling the girl’s mom a “c***-sucker” and her saying that she was supposed to tour with Nicki Minaj when she wasn’t, that she just wasn’t trustworthy. Apparently in this incident she was telling the truth.

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