Chris Brown’s ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ Goes Gold

Published: Saturday 11th Nov 2017 by Sam

Chris Brown‘s unorthodox release of ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ appears to have paid off.

Indeed, despite a midweek Halloween release granting the 45-track set just three days of chart eligibility, the LP opened within the top 5 of the Billboard 200.

Now, it’s achieved another noteworthy feat.

Full story below…

Less than two weeks after going on sale, ‘Heartbreak’ has been certified Gold by the RIAA; news Brown was quick to trumpet on Instagram:


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Congrats are no doubt in order, but surely we aren’t alone in wondering…how?

After all, the album opened with combined sales of 56,000 first week. In a rare occurrence, it went on to sell more in its second full week – shifting 71,294 (a rise of 28%).

A great look considering today’s climate and Chris’ unique roll out. But none of which equals the 500,000 required for Gold. At least in the usual way.

At 45 tracks, is the project being counted as a triple disc release and thus benefiting from some kind of loop hole? Or has the discrepancy between what Billboard/Nielsen counts and what the RIAA rewards struck again?

That said, in this era it’s about getting wins where one can. As such, a plauque is a plaque….right?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme November 11, 2017

    What a joke.

    Even bigger jokes is how he feels he’s the best. Like did anyone listen this catastrophic album? All he talks about is pu$$y wet, liquor this, in the club that, ho3$ this, me and boys that. I got thru 10 songs and I had to turn that trash off.

    If y’all really want good male r&b music that is forward pushing, current yet classic and QUALITY, go support DVSN. Now that’s good music.

    • ?YellowDiamonds? November 11, 2017

      Gurl shut up

    • XYZ November 11, 2017

      That was even able to make it through 10 songs…congrats

      The dvsn album is really good btw. So slept on

    • Drinkmybussyjuice November 11, 2017

      As i was listening to it i thought it wad just me. All im hereing is him talki n about p****, doin drugs amd drinkin. Its thr same lyrics thrown over a new base line. Who approved this. Cause i cant get past 15 songs. I keep trying to push on so i can weed out thr songs i dont like and delete them but im so tired of hearin how he will fuvk somone right. He needs to come with more substance cause this album will be forgotten on a few weeks.

      • Meme November 11, 2017

        Same. I really tried to give it an honest listen. I love me my share of ratchet but this is trash sorry.

    • ? + ✈ = ? November 11, 2017

      The album is ? ?

      • tyana November 11, 2017


    • SdotB November 11, 2017

      I was never a huge Chris fan, but I’m honestly surprised that I can listen to the entire album without skipping a track. Yes, he talks about P***** this, P***** that, but aside from that, you can not deny the quality of his singing arrangements, the lyrical formats, and the production value; it is TOP NOTCH.

      You may have not given it much of a listen, because there are many songs that are about love as well as some personal songs with a deep message, ie. Yellow Tape.

      Here are my standout tracks: Heartbreak on a Full Moon (one of my favs), Sensei, Summer Breeze, No Exit, Hurt The Same, I Love Her (One of my favs), You Like, No Where (One of my favs), Other N***** (One of my favs), Tough Love (One of my favs), On Me (One of my favs), and Yellow Tape.

      There are many others that I enjoy, but at least give these another listen and I think you’ll appreciate it a bit more.

  2. GurlWepa1989 November 11, 2017

    But when Rhianna went 2x platinum you shaded her, SMH.
    Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ is out now!!! it’s projecting to shift close to 2mil the first week of pure sale. She will be the only artist in history to have 4 of her albums consecutively sell over a million in first week. When will yo fav?

    • DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

      Caucasian folks don’t mind paying for every song she mumble because she’s a token false idol!!

  3. Honesty November 11, 2017

    Thats probably the reason he made it so long. All those tracks are being streamed and they count toward his album sales. Streaming saved his career.

  4. MUSICHEAD November 11, 2017

    Because of the length of the album, it is considered a double album. Each sale of the album is counted as two. So 250k sales plus streaming would put him at Gold. What’s unique about his album is that with so many songs on it, his streaming and download numbers will be magnified since 10 downloaded songs will equal 1 album sale and in his case I would imagine downloading at least 40 songs from the album will equal 4 albums sold. Chris may have just changed the game lol. It is a great album tho and congrats Chris!

    • SdotB November 11, 2017

      This album is his absolute BEST and he deserves any accolades he receives from it. I was presently surprised at how much I’m loving it. I’m now officially a Chris Brown fan!

      Aside from his tarnished image, you cannot deny or take away from the fact that he’s a BEAST in the studio. This album proves that he’s one of the most dedicated and hardworking artists in the game!!!!

  5. navybound November 11, 2017

    congrats to him. Everybody is being saved by streams in this market. In exception to bey,drake and taylor, streams have put a fire for these artist in their first week of sales. Chris should have planned the roll out better. If he put out a great record for this album, he should gain momentum. The coast is very clear for him. Jason derulo, trey songz, august alsina, as well as usher is not fairing too well. He should be o.k. I am surprised he is doing better than demi lovato, katy perry and miley cyrus on the album sales front.

    • Caleb November 11, 2017

      Is he really doing that much better sales-wise than Trey Songz though?

      • DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

        Yea whose thinking about Trey Songz besides you?!! ??‍♂️

      • iamdiego November 11, 2017


      • Caleb November 13, 2017

        Yea you’re right. I do still think about Trey Songz lolz. What’s wrong with that?

    • navybound November 11, 2017

      yeah, album sales are comparable but the heat and momentum is on chris side a little.

  6. BubblePopElectric November 11, 2017

    Congratulations Chris! With so few black R&B artists being able to reach the Gold milestone… I’m happy he released a project 12 years deep into his discography that still has people interested.

  7. Kenhern November 11, 2017

    But even if you add the numbers together and times it by 3 it still not more than 500,000. He must have paid for the certificate.

  8. XYZ November 11, 2017

    It’s all fake these days

    • tyana November 11, 2017


  9. Ousha-Marie November 11, 2017

    Congrats Chris I love you so much????

  10. Caleb November 11, 2017

    It’s not some great mystery really. Double albums are counted by the Riaa twice. This 250,000 = 500,000 and when you add all the streaming and track equivalent album sales (which for an album with 45 songs would equal a lot) you easily reach Gold and soon Platinum.

    • iamdiego November 11, 2017

      yup double albums over a certain limit. I think they both have to be over 30 min or so to be counted 2x.

    • AmbeRussell November 12, 2017

      But his album hasn’t sold over 150k when adding his total week and half together. He sold like 130k for SPS. How is that gold?

      • Caleb November 13, 2017

        Well I would say they counted it twice as a double album, but still it doesn’t reach gold. I don’t know wtf they’re doing.

  11. ?? + ✈ = ? November 11, 2017

    And you say black people don’t buy music, you’re a joke #BlackPrivilege

  12. Jason November 11, 2017

    Congrats to Chris, but the streaming era is truly trash! That’s why these new artists think they’re doing something. You can’t break records/Do real numbers that people actually WORKED to secure. I’m liking some of his tracks, so kudos to breezy! As for billboard and Soundscan/RIAA… figure it out!

  13. B2B November 11, 2017

    Y’all are so stupid. When Samsung buys a million of Jay or Rih album that’s ok but because it’s CB there is a problem. At least his s*** real no gimkick. 1500 track streams = 1 album sale, 10 track sales= 1 album sale. He was smart to have a long album, s*** at least he writes and produces it which is why he can do it.

  14. Lol November 11, 2017

    Anyone who know basic math knows good and well he only made this long ass album is so he could be counted as double. We all know no one really bought his album after 2 weeks. Because when you look at his PURE sales he hasn’t even done 100k.

  15. DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

    I purchased his album because I have them ALL!!

  16. iamdiego November 11, 2017

    I said this album would be counted for at least a double sale, but I wasn’t aware that it’s a triple disc album. Every purchase of 1 album = 3 wow. lol Yes Chris! He will be platinum in no time (at least with RIAA). I don’t think he has had a gold album since 2011 (Fame). The other 3 never sold more than 465,000. Congrats!

    • BubblePopElectric November 11, 2017

      Actually, Fame is 2x Platinum, Fortune is Platinum, X is Platinum and Royalty is Gold.

  17. SdotB November 11, 2017

    I am officially now a fan. I will campaign for this modern masterpiece of an album, congrats Chris! He got some BANGERS on here, and he’s singing his a** off.

    I hope he gets to Double Plat!!!!

    Now it’s just time to get that public image cleaned up a bit. You can do it Chris!

  18. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Me So Bad” Coming Out Soon) November 11, 2017

    He bought and streamed his album to get it to Gold…. he did something that is not authentic is all I know.

    Album is GARBAGE btw.

    • tyana November 11, 2017


    • tyana November 11, 2017

      Chris Brown is hands-down one of the greatest artists of our time @chrisbrown new album is FIRE! Thank you brother for your dedication.

    • tyana November 11, 2017

      Chris Brown = greatest pop/r&b cat of this generation.

  19. ruvuna2233 November 11, 2017

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