Frank Ocean Glitters For 032c Magazine

Published: Wednesday 22nd Nov 2017 by Sam

Frank Ocean sparkles a-front of the newest issue of 032c magazine.

It marks a rare appearance for the uber reclusive singer, who – even after the release of two albums last year – has largely shunned the spotlight.

He did resurface last month when he hosted an elaborate vogue-ball to mark his 30th birthday.

With next year bringing with it the 2nd anniversary both ‘Endless’ and ‘Blond,’ the timing sure would be apt for new music. We know we’re thirsty for it, especially as both of the aforementioned still left us parched. That and the reality that the spot releases he’s dropped since have largely been better than anything present on either project.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher November 22, 2017

    The cover looks bland and intentional. I really wish he would stop PURPOSELY being “weird” & simply share more of his real self. I think we saw a snapshot of his REAL character when he walked that faux ball last month in honor of his birthday. Frank is a lot more flamboyant than he gives off publicly. I wish he’d tap more into that’s instead of putting on a lame ass white tee with blue glitter shorts for the cover of a wack periodical.

    • Jasmine November 22, 2017

      I agree 100%. I think he is still in the closet. He came out as “bisexual” when he is really gay in real life.

      • ULS November 23, 2017

        How you know that Jasmine? You just don’t know, bisexuality exists even if a lot of people seem to not accept it because you have to be this or that, f***… you can be whatever you want, don’t put others in a box when you are already trapped into one! And most of all, stop talking about the personnal sexuality of others when it’s all about music in the first place. Only Sam seems to understand so thanks.

      • Jasmine November 23, 2017

        @ULS You need to check yourself. If my opinion struck such a huge nerve in you then you are too sensitive.

      • ULS November 24, 2017

        One true point, I’m oversensitive and thank God I am what I am because it is only thanks to people like me that this world is going better. You are too stupid to understand but it’s okay, we need sheeps like you to work for us 😉

    • ULS November 23, 2017

      You should just focus on the music, he has the right to do whatever he wants. We are not in his head, we don’t know nothing about his life so… he probably has reasons to do that.

      • Jasmine November 23, 2017

        You do not tell me what to focus on. We are just giving our opinions on here. Get over youself. Nothing is wrong with me and Brent’s opinion and nothing is wrong with your opinion. Stop pretending like you are a dictator because you will just got shot down.

      • ULS November 24, 2017

        You call me dictator when you’re not even able to understand what I say? LMAO you should buy some RAM for your brain. And if I’m too sensitive then you are not smart enough to go outside your little bubble of basic comprehension. If you were smart enough, you wouldn’t feel attacked and you would question yourself. But you don’t because you can’t because you’re not, see what I mean? 😉

        PS : I didn’t tell you what to focus on, I told you that you SHOULD focus on, which is just an advice if you know what it is. XO

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