JAY-Z Scraps ‘4:44’ Shows Due To…Production Issues

Published: Saturday 25th Nov 2017 by Sam

JAY-Z‘s ‘4:44 Tour’ may be his most profitable trek yet, but it isn’t averse to bumps along the case.

Such is the case today; for the rapper has had to axe two shows due to production difficulties.

Full story below…

In a statement issued by Jigga, he explained the situation:

“Due to the scale of this production, we cannot get the screens up on time into the building in Nebraska. This tour is too important to me to do it halfway. I have to cancel the show. I respect you guys too much to take the money and run. Peace, Hov.”

He’s also deleted the Fresno show from the literary for the same reason.


Given earlier suggestion of slow ticket sales, this will no doubt give his detractors ammunition of sorts. Especially given that it looks like the shows are outright cancelled rather than postponed.

Still, numbers don’t lie; the tour is performing well and is on-track to become his highest grossing yet. As such, the only loss here is for the fans missing out on seeing the Hip-Hop idol.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rosy November 25, 2017

    I heard tickets were not selling and he using this as excuse beyonce next

    • Fatusankoh November 25, 2017

      Hater you put hate on some one it will never happen because you are not god

      • Rosy November 25, 2017

        the world is changing fast people’s views on life is different generations change and jay z and beyonce are two tired people at this point jay z needs to hang it up go be a business man he can’t accept defeat both him and beyonce hate to lose young people is not here for jay z some people don’t know when to quit

    • Ocean November 25, 2017

      Beyonce next? Are you crazy … Beyonce did a sell out world tour with no new album and then came right back with Beyonce and that tour sold out … she then dropped Lemonade and that world tour sold out.

      Beyonce may not have a mad tally of number 1 singles but she sure sells albums and tours.

      Sit down at the back.

      • Olivia November 26, 2017

        She doesn’t even know how well Beyoncé is doing. Beyoncé is the highest-earning woman in music for 2016 due to her album, tour and clothing line. When God is on your side, who can be against you. I’m so tired of people’s jealousy of a hard-working and sweet person.

  2. Gee November 25, 2017

    The fact is tickets are not selling at the pace that Jay-Z is used to and some places tickets are as low as $6.00 dollars. Truth be told Jay-Z ego will not allow him to accept failure so instead of being honest and saying some venues are not selling he is using any excuse possible to spin this otherwise.

    • Rosy November 25, 2017

      I agree no one wishing bad on beyonce but there comes a time when artist are no longer interesting a new generation takes over jay z is tired his music blah beyonce is tired musically too

      • Tim Brown November 25, 2017

        IA… :/

    • jOHN November 25, 2017

      GEE i m with you 100%

  3. Justme November 25, 2017

    I see comments saying Beyonce is tired but her name is all y’all bringing up. If she is so tired why not compare him to a more relevant artist that is known for selling out tours.. oh you brought it up already BEYONCE!!
    Madonna U2 Bon Jovi are still touring believe me Beyonce will too.

  4. Biracial Beauty November 25, 2017

    Tickets aren’t selling 444 was a boring album in itself so what do you y’all expect?

  5. Brent Christopher November 25, 2017

    Jay Z is an opportunist and social climber, just like Madam Madonna. Jay Z was only able to tour stadiums in due part to pairing first with Justin Timberlake and then the next summer taking stage alongside Beyonce. Jay Z is NOT the current force in rap and hip-hop that he once was. I promise you that if he were not Beyonce’s husband, he would never receive the level of press and attention that he still does. 4:44 did NOT authentically push the album units or streams that are being reported — hence Jay not accruing any additional fans of THIS particular generation. The TRUTH is the TRUTH.

    • Rosy November 25, 2017

      Jay z and beyonce jump on who is hot at the moment when you no longer use to them that’s it jay z is all about himself now he will see what’s it like to not be on top never forget when two black kids profile at barneys and he went on to do business with them now he acting as if he and his wife for black plight really jay z let’s see if white Americans have your back call barneys to buy your concert tickets big lip monster

      • Brent Christopher November 25, 2017

        THANK YOU for telling the unguarded TRUTH and seeing them both for who they truly ARE…

    • Brent Christopher the T***** Savior November 27, 2017

      You’re an idiot Brent! Shut up!

  6. DanYiel Iman November 25, 2017

    I’m not mad at Jay Z, he’s making sure his shows are planned full & affect!! ?%

    • Rosy November 25, 2017

      Yeah right is tickets is not selling if his shows were sold out he would be in stage PR at best tickets selling for 6 bucks

  7. Andy Logan November 25, 2017

    This is the FIRST a time I’ve EVER posted on this site and it will be the LAST time as well. I know you all who run and works for this site love, live your every breath, and have NO LIVES outside of Beyonce. But stop reporting fake news to make the people involved with her look successful.

    444 the album FLOPPED majorly. It’s all propaganda. It’s all fake numbers due to sprint. If rihanna had pulled this stunt you guys would of been the first to call her a model even though she clearly has more years left in the industry compared to the carters. His actual numbers are terrible and that’s due tidal being a failure. S/B I HAVE tidal and it’s great!

    And his tour numbers are flopping! I am going to the Brooklyn show tomorrow and tickets are currently $40 for both shows. There are hundreds of seats left in every section. Every section in the house has seats left. HE is FLOPPING. And so did his wife’s album Lemonade. I LOVE them too but stop giving credit where it isn’t due because you have no life outside of YOUR GOD Beyonce. Also since the tour is so successful why don’t you cite your sources that reports the tour numbers??? Do that Sam. Get a f****** life while your at it.

    • Drinkmybussyjuice November 25, 2017

      SOMeone is madd pressed

    • Rosy November 25, 2017

      I agree this sight is bias that’s why they get no more that 20 comments other sights pulling in over 500 comments jay z is a crook has he ever put a album on billboard this man always selling his album to sprint and Samsung to make it look like he sold a million the chicken coming home to roost he is all smoke and mirrors beyonce look down at kim k but she is more business savvy than beyonce when they both fall from grace watch how she will want to suck up to other artist these hives need a life

      • The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2017

        What other sites I should check out? No T no shade, TGJ’s biased reporting has become very desperate to be click bait lately.

      • Olivia November 26, 2017

        More business savvy because she let her mom pimp her on a sextape and in Playboy. If a black woman did that crap, she would be called a w**** and never get respect. Kim K’s only business savvy is being non-black with a plastic surgery to have a black woman’s built. Beyoncé could would make $50 million a year on her musical catalogue alone, even if she retired. Give me somebody that worked hard for her money to admire, instead of somebody that laid on their back to get it.

    • Olivia November 25, 2017

      Lemonade was the biggest selling 2016 album worldwide. It’s close to 2 million in the United States in pure sales. Remember people like Drake released in 2016. You said Rihanna got a lot more years left in the music industry than the Carters. Rihanna’s last album in the United States is at 655,000 and a million less than Beyoncé’s album worldwide. Beyonce’s album before that also outsold Rihanna’s previous album. Beyoncé last tour sold out stadiums whereas Rihanna had a lot of empty seats if you saw pictures of it. The same thing happened with Beyoncé’s tour before that. Rihanna isn’t a tour draw. Rihanna is a bunch of smoke and mirrors with radio deals for her songs as NPR talked about to help promote the sell of them. That’s the main reason is inescapable on the radio. It has nothing to do with talent.

      • Fatusankoh November 26, 2017

        Well said thanks for telling the haters

  8. The Wig Snatcher November 25, 2017

    He’s a rapper. His production needs are simple. Low tickets sales are the reason, which is a shame since a lot of those tickets are still on sale at $6.

    • Rosy November 25, 2017

      You have to stand for something and jay z stand for his pockets only where was his support when those kids went into barneys to buy something and got profiled now he wants to be for black people this man blatantly stood by and did business with barneys selling his hats for 600 I never understood what beyonce saw in him that marriage is a farce too

      • Olivia November 25, 2017

        You going to talk about how Jay-Z made sure where the Nets play hired black people from around that area. Or 100% of the money from the Barney’s deal went to scholarships for underprivileged kids, plus he got Barney’s to donate another 10% to the scholarship fund. He also got on a board to discuss racial profiling in retail. If black people excluded every company or product that did something racially insensitive, we basically wouldn’t be shopping anywhere or buying anything. Their marriage is a farce? But they’re staying together longer than Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or Chris Pratt or Anna Faris. They got married first and then had children. You’re the one that sounds unsupportive of black people.

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