Lady Gaga Producer Teases New Album / Calls LP ‘ARTPOP’s “Little Sister”

Published: Saturday 11th Nov 2017 by Sam

Lady Gaga has made no secret of the fact that’s working on new music between breaks on her ‘Joanne World Tour.’

Indeed, Mother Monster has routinely shared shots of herself in the studio.

Prior to now, little had been known about the project beyond its existence.

However, Gaga’s longtime collaborator DJ White Shadow has given an interesting insight into its direction…

Reflecting on the 4th anniversary of ‘ARTPOP,’ the producer (whose contributions to that project include ‘Applause’ and ‘Do What U Want’) wrote the following…

It’s worth noting that DJ White Shadow, who also penned recent standalone jam ‘The Cure,’ is currently in the lab with Gaga.

We loved us some ‘ARTPOP’ and were able to divorce the album from the messiness behind the scenes so as to digest it as intended. And it tasted great!

As such, we’re all for Gaga and co taking sonic cues from that project. Especially after the mellower tone of ‘Joanne.’

UPDATE: With some fans interpreting his words as meaning a 2.0 was on the way, DJWS took to Twitter to sprinkle some clarity on the matter…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher November 11, 2017

    he should have simply kept his mouth shut altogether. building anticipation often RUINS a projects reception. allow the music to represent itself.

  2. Achooo! November 11, 2017

    I’m not excited about Lady Gaga new album. Her last few albums has been so left field and eccentric. I hope she recaptures the magic like The Fame album.

  3. Electrikblue November 11, 2017

    Come through Lady Gags

  4. Ughhhh November 11, 2017

    Didn’t this woman write a dramatic long ass letter and say she was done with music for a while… like stick to you word and go away

  5. S****** Blonde November 11, 2017

    I hated Artpop, it’s her worst album after The Fame, she should distance herself from this guy, he made her look bad so many times in the past because of his actions.

    • MAW November 12, 2017

      Why am I not surprised ? Artpop was an AMAZING album but of course you couldn’t hear it, you were too focus on her personnal life instead of what really matters here : MUSIC

  6. Paulo November 12, 2017

    I was so hype for DJ White Shadow on Born This Way but he didn’t deliver the kind of impact I was expecting on ARTPOP. I hope he’s not the executive producer… keep Ronson or go back to RedOne

    • The Lamb Cutlet November 12, 2017

      YES yes yes yes yes????

  7. Sleazy November 12, 2017

    The Cure was a bop tho!! If it got promo and a video it wouldve slayed the charts it did so well on its on….. but sis we need a hints of The fame Monser Gaga back ….. ill take anything over Jolene

  8. JOHNVIDAL November 12, 2017

    I bet it sounds nothing like Artpop to begin with And also, whatever work she has made these last weeks with this guy may never see the light of day or be considered for her next album whenever that is released. These producers sometimes do the most and give many wrong signals.
    I liked Artpop, although some songs made it a little bit messy. I prefer Born This Way and Joanne I think. I would like to see another Jazz album anyway. I thought that was guaranteed after the success of the first one. And Tony cannot wait forever… lol

  9. Jason November 12, 2017

    If so, keep it!! That’s her WORST ALBUM! ?

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