Meek Mill Given 2-4 Year Prison Sentence For Violating Probation

Published: Monday 6th Nov 2017 by Sam

Rapper Meek Mill is heading back to jail.

And uniquely it stems from legal wrangle dating back to when the 30-year-old was 19.

Full story below…

The Hip-Hop star was given a 2-4 year custodial prison sentence today, after a Philadelphia court found him guilty of violating his probation.

See, after being jailed for a period in 2009 (due to drug and weapons charges), he was released under a five-year parole agreement.

Yet, in the period since, he’s been arrested four times.

Indeed, there was a fight at a St Louis airport and a reckless driving detainment in New York.

Interestingly, both of those cases were dropped. But the judge asserted that the arrests in themselves were violations. Hence, today’s sentence.

Denting his defence was a 2015 violation which saw him placed on house arrest after he left Pennsylvania for a gig without getting approval from the court.


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  1. GrapeJuice Fan November 6, 2017

    At least he had Nicki

  2. Joel November 6, 2017

    Bye B****! *joseline voice*

  3. TGJ’sTrash November 6, 2017

    good. hopefully that will prevent him from releasing more trash

  4. California November 6, 2017

    Oh well, I guess now he’ll learn.

    Since we’re on the subject of clowns. “S****** cold sore blonde” has been getting dragged all day, and i’m literally here for it ??

  5. Fancy BISH November 6, 2017

    Meeka, keep ya head up sis *Teresa voice* lol

    • Meme November 6, 2017


  6. Meme November 6, 2017

    “I always come and get you”. karma

    Good for him. He’s dump. Ni99as don’t know how to clean their act up when they are given chances and opportunties. Instead of getting his life together and worrying about his own self…he was busy picking fights, having his crown beat ppl up and exposing “ghostwriters”.

    • Lake Erie November 6, 2017

      Yupper! He is living proof of someone taking what they’ve been blessed with for granted.

    • Truth Serum November 6, 2017


      Good fuxxxin bye.

      You obviously don’t know anything about his situation.

      He went back to jail for cases that were dropped.

      He’s been on probation for over 10 years and that’s b******* in itself.

      He has a son and a family to feed. So please stop with what you don’t know. Stop assuming.

      He was targeted. That’s just it. You so hype. Never seen your axx talking about anything aside from hate.

      Your life behind that keyboard or phone must be miserable.

      • Meme November 7, 2017

        Are you kidding me. I am ALWAYS talking about positive things, even when everyone is against me. But I’m not going to sit up here and act like I support Meek because I don’t.

        He is a typical trashy hood ni99a. Can take the man out the hood but can’t take the hood out of the man.

  7. Jasmine November 6, 2017

    “Interestingly, both of those cases were dropped. But the judge asserted that the arrests in themselves were violations.” Since when is a judge allowed to rule based on dropped cases as evidence? Seems like either there are more arrests / charges that held behind this story or the judge is racist.

    • Truth Serum November 6, 2017


      It was bullshxt.

      And it’s sad that his son will not have him in his life for two years.

    • Truth Serum November 6, 2017

      There weren’t.

      She based her sentencing off of the incident in NY and St Louis.

      I don’t care for Meek but this is sad. Very sad.

    • Jasmine November 6, 2017

      I googled the judge and she is black. “Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley cited a failed drug test and a failure to comply with a court order restricting his travel.
      The sentence came as a surprise after prosecutors recommended Mill not be imprisoned for the probation violations, noting he’s been off drugs since January and has complied with most requirements of probation.”

      Seems to me all she had to do was just extend his probation another year if she was trying to teach him a lesson. Sending him to prison is a waste of time for Meek and a waste of tax dollars! All he did was travel for work and smoke some weed.

  8. Yas November 6, 2017

    Maybe Nicki will send some pics so he won’t have to make the other prisoners bottom for him

    • Boytoy1814 November 7, 2017


  9. WRTW? November 7, 2017

    “Go against Nicki, it’s gonna cost ya.”

  10. DanYiel Iman November 7, 2017

    How sad & hopefully it all will work out for him!!

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