Tamar Braxton Fans Vow To Support Star During Divorce Drama

Published: Thursday 9th Nov 2017 by David

Fans of the R&B siren Tamar Braxton have vowed to support her as she seeks the safest possible way to separate from her husband Vince Herbert.

Faced with claims that he was violent towards Braxton during their marriage, Vince is now public enemy #1 as far as the star’s fans are concerned and- with hopes it will protect her- have flooded their respective social media with positive messages of support.

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The comments above came after Braxton’s mother Evelyn revealed that she feared Vince would harm the singer.

Watch her voice her concerns here.

What do you make of this unfortunate story?

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  1. Achooo! November 9, 2017

    Congratulations Tamar! You got the attention that you wanted. However, domestic violence is a serious issue and I’m glad some of the commenters supported and gave testimonials of their own personal experience with domestic violence. I’m glad she got the courage to leave as it’s not easy for many people to just leave.

  2. Credits November 9, 2017

    These “fans” should purchase her album. I like that ‘makings of you’ song.

  3. Tori November 9, 2017

    Honestly…I never liked Vince too much, before or after he was married to Tamar. I understand he probably has issues with losing both his parents at a young age and he doesn’t seem that close to his siblings but that doesn’t give him an excuse, just a reason to get help. I never thought he could be violent but I wouldn’t put it past him either, but to tell someone to leave your house…? That’s a bit extreme when you have kids, especially for the man to tell a woman. And Tamar has been saying for years, never changed up once, that Vince doesn’t tell her ALOT of things business related. Vince has also said this. But when you work together on every project, you can’t tell someone what you want them to know and then look to your partner for support when you go sued…AGAIN! Nor should you ask them to leave THEIR record label because YOU owe them money. I hate that she sat there and tried to cover things because my mother and aunt have did that all their relationship until peices just started to chip away. You should’ve been left or pulled Vince to the side and had a sit down. Why are you covering up every story and telling “marriage is hard but we are in love, were like Velcro, don’t believe the blogs” just to come back a week later a divorce?

  4. Kaz November 9, 2017

    The gag is, they’re all right, tho. ? If you watched their show Vince was very lowkey mean, strict, controlling, mentally & verbally abusive, and nasty. He just kept it cute enough for the cameras while they were rolling. But you could tell he was mean & controlling & he did tell Tamar don’t make me embarrass you & also told the cameraman cut the cameras off once when he got mad and was arguing with her. I knew he was lowkey mean & controlling to her. He played “nice guy” a lot. Glad she left. ?

  5. Fancy BISH November 9, 2017

    Vince just went back to fugly in like two weeks lol…Tamar made him look decent, but NOW…yep, he’s back to struggle face in my eyes ? I support Tamar! Vince, don’t forget to bring the bags ? to court! *Traci Braxton voice* lol

  6. DanYiel Iman November 9, 2017

    Still a stunt to me, she dogged her sisters husbands to the ground but her relationship was everything?! You get what you paid for or used that mans money for & now he owes millions??~> DIVORCED..??‍♂️

  7. Sherri Hamilton November 10, 2017

    Tamar should clearly divorce Vince…# Divorce IKE….

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