Taylor Swift Fans Clash With Beyonce & Chris Brown Loyalists On Twitter

Published: Monday 27th Nov 2017 by David

There’s no doubt about it…Taylor Swift‘s sales are astronomical.

Unfortunately, the last week has seen her fans clash with Beyonce loyalists and, to some extent, taunt Chris Brown supporters after his latest LP ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ moved a modest 5,000 units in pure sales in the last chart week.

Brace yourself…

This week’s Billboard 200…

  1. Taylor Swift (Big Machine/BMLG) 251k SPS, 228k album
  2. *Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (Arista Nashville) 103k, 99k
  3. Sam Smith (Capitol) 55k, 24k
  4. Garth Brooks (Pearl) 53k (sales)
  5. Pentatonix A Pentatonix Christmas (RCA) 45k, 39k
  6. Chris Brown (RCA) 40k, 5k
  7. Ed Sheeran (Atlantic) 39k, 14k
  8. Post Malone (Republic) 38k, 3k
  9. P!nk (RCA) 36k, 28k
  10. Imagine Dragons (Kidinakorner/Interscope) 34k, 16k
  11. 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin’ (Slaughter Gang/Epic) 33k, 2k
  12. Maroon 5 (222/Interscope) 31k, 14k
  13. Blake Shelton (Warner Bros. Nashville) 30k, 27k
  14. Lil Uzi Vert (Generation Now/Atlantic) 29k, <1k
  15. Kendrick Lamar (TDE/Interscope) 27k, 7k
  16. *PnB Rock (Atlantic) 27k, 4k
  17. Lil Pump (Tha Lights Global/Warner Bros.) 27k, 1k
  18. *Moneybagg Yo & Youngboy Never Broke Again (N-Less Entertainment/Never Broke Again) 25k, 5k
  19. Khalid (Right Hand Music/RCA) 25k, 3k
  20. Demi Lovato (Hollywood/Safehouse/Island) 20k, 6k

Twitter has been a war zone ever since.



Why do you think this debate is so intense?


Weigh in below…

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  1. Oh November 27, 2017

    Here is why there is a twitter war and a story on a twitter war:
    People are bored and writers have nothing else to write about.

    • ??? November 27, 2017

      lol no its because the roaches cant handle the truth lmfao.

      • Oh November 27, 2017

        What truth though?
        Truth that no matter what, these artist are out here doing something while others are being critics behind a computer, settling for what ever because they are too afraid to tackle their own dreams? Yeah that’s a hard truth to handle. I can now see why they are so quick to be critics. Thank you for helping me see that light

    • Belladonna November 27, 2017

      When did all this happen last night? Lol I was watching “stranger things” As a swiftie I think this is just crazy we can’t all listen to the same thing it’s nice to have other artist. Adele,Taylor & Beyonce are all Iconic artist who make music that resonates with millions of people stop the Stan wars. Taylor is Queen of Pop Beyonce is Queen of R&B why compare them?

  2. Meme November 27, 2017

    Why are people still talking about sales. CLEARLY sales does not = quality. The only, and I mean only artist who high sales is a reflection of her quality music is Adele.

    I can think of hundreds of quality artist who can’t sell. I just saw Luke James and Bo James last night for the first time and my mouth dropped that these guys aren’t known or selling because they’re so talented.

    Why are we still have sales war in 2018? SMH.

    • Haus Mutha Adele November 27, 2017

      Sales don’t matter? ? is that because of how badly Anti flopped?

      • Meme November 27, 2017

        Sweety I never said sales didn’t matter. I said it doesn’t = quality. Much like how your fav have high 1st week sales but all the music is tacky.

        Anti was anti mainstream and still served you mainstream performing singles. The album was QUALITY…and long lasting with multiple hits. Unlike your fav whose album was forgotten after the first few weeks of release. Bye bish

      • ??? November 27, 2017

        lol no its because of how taylor pisssed all over koolaid’s flop sales lmao

      • Hmmm… November 27, 2017

        Lmaooo. If Taylor pissed on 600k, what did she do to 460? Shittted on it?……………twice??

      • ??? November 27, 2017

        lol well taylor also shitted on that self titled mess & 4Closure, so…..lmmmfao

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler November 27, 2017

        4 and Self titled all shitted on AUNTIE! So what’s ur point? Lol

      • Where is Adele to slay this mess? November 27, 2017

        This did not s*** on any of Bey’s latest albums by any means. Yes, Taylor sold more on debut, but how is this “Shitting” on Beyonce?? You’re acting like Beyonce sold like 200K.

  3. Whoops November 27, 2017

    Yeah this is dumb. A dumb story and a dumb “war”. Taylor Swift is mediocrity personified. Her being more successful doesn’t speak to her being more talented. It speaks to the fact that this country is full of equally mediocre Trump supporting midwestern bumpkins who like her trash music.

    • Queen Celine November 27, 2017

      Mediocre to you but she is more artistic than Codeine Brown. She is basic now but her country music is actually good. Her shadiness gets in the way of the fact that she did at one point make interesting music. For me, Chris isn’t worthy of being compared to any of the people he wants to be placed next to. He’s nothing more than a singing Uzi Vert. No depth.

      • Whoops November 27, 2017

        Chile, I really don’t care about Chris Brown. He’s trash too. He’s a great dancer, but his music is lame and his vocals are weak. Dancing is the one thing he excels at. Just like Taylor’s one thing is songwriting. I don’t see his “one trick” as any less artistic than hers. It is not in my opinion that Taylor is a mediocre vocalist, performer, and even songwriter. It’s not like anything she writes is profound. She’s not a genius. I’m not gonna exaggerate her talent just because she writes her own music. Her talent really isn’t in her lyrics, it’s more in the melodies of her music. She makes popular teeny bop music with generic themes and overexposure of her extensive list of ex-boyfriends. She’s insultingly overrated.

    • Haus Mutha Adele November 27, 2017

      What’s that supposed to mean?

      • Whoops November 27, 2017

        It means what it means…?

    • fatusankoh November 27, 2017

      Well said tell them haters Bey is better but they know that

  4. I can’t November 27, 2017

    If the Swifites wanted to pull out old sales to prove their fave is the best of the best, I like how they chose Beyonce and not Adele. Good strategy.

    • ??? November 27, 2017

      lol kinda like when the roach nest clings to rihanna’s sales-then someone brings up taylor or adele right? lmmfao

      • I can’t November 27, 2017

        Adele and Taylor sell more than Beyoncé all the time. I love Adele but I think she’s very… simple. Taylor is just a product of bad taste. Rihanna and Beyoncé’s fans regularly fight over who’s superior. No one “clings” to her sales. It’s back and forth. Where have you been? The arguments between the two have been ongoing for years? Taylor’s fans going after Beyoncé isn’t personal. (Like it would be between the hive/Navy.) They did it to prove a point about Taylor’s “astronomical” success and status as the best but conveniently side stepped Adele….. You’re one of these businessless children consumed by a popstar “war”. Lookin like a damn fool. You should pay attention in whatever class you’re in so you can extend your vocabulary beyond “lmmfaoo, cuz, seethe, roach”. The hive didn’t steal your lunch money. Get over it.

      • ??? November 27, 2017

        lol chile youre the one seething so much you had to write an essay to defend koolaid’s flop sales & the roach nest’s constant CLINGING to rihanna’s sales lmfao. did taylor steal your lunch money, or should i say your ebt card? lmmfao

  5. ??? November 27, 2017

    lmao i love it. the roaches are seething cuz their bug queen’s p*** poor sales are being brought up & they can’t cling to rihanna to get out of this lmao. theyre mad cuz taylor outsells the roach and theres nothing they can do about it but seethe & try to deflect attention to rihanna. sorry bugs, not this time, just take the dragging and deal with it lmmfao.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler November 27, 2017

      Now you have 461 reasons to be mad.

  6. Sean November 27, 2017

    Lmao yaaasss “Whoops” and “I cant”. Get these kids together

  7. Suicide Blonde November 27, 2017

    Yes, Taylor’s music is basic but I can’t with those Tweets about how great Beyoncé’s music is, Lemonade one of the best albums of all time ????? I absolutely cannot deal with such level of delusion.

  8. Faf November 27, 2017

    No lies

    Chris album has 15 good songs out of 45
    And Taylor sold more than Beyonce that’s the facts

    Argue about talent but that’s subjective u can’t force the world to say Beyonce is more talented bc of her voice and dancing when Taylor plays instruments
    Everyone has a strength

  9. Glass Ceiling November 27, 2017

    Why are people shocked? Taylor has been outselling Beyonce since she debuted in 2006. 1989 has sold more than any Beyonce album in the U.S. and Taylor just crossed the 30 million album mark in the U.S.

    • Killian November 27, 2017

      A large demography of America is white middle class and country music sells like crazy hence Garth Brooks has the highest album sales since billboard started the Nielsen scan era now add this die hard American fans with teen white girls (and boys ) to a WHITE young “good girl” who is pretty safe and writes relatable but basic lyrics = Taylor Swift ..I bet if she were black and had all the remaining status quo on check she wouldn’t sell half as much as this ; now you see why she trumps Beyoncé in album sales (in the US)

  10. Theman November 27, 2017

    Lol Beyonce’s music is good enough. But y’all are tripping. A lot of artists sold more pure copies than CB & they should be charting higher. This streaming foolery has messed things up. Taylor has amazing/incredible album sales! She has some great/catchy songs too.

  11. Xoxo November 27, 2017

    What is going on ??!!!

  12. StarXavi November 27, 2017

    At the end of the day….each and every one of these artists are laughing their way to the bank and have no idea who you all are fighting in their name.

  13. DanYiel Iman November 27, 2017

    <~Not a thrifty sales shopper, Beyoncé & Chris Brown makes music ? I can dance to everyday!!

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