Cardi B Responds To Offset Cheating: “Do That Sh*t Again & You Gon Lose Your Wife”

Published: Friday 29th Dec 2017 by Sam

Cardi B is bringing ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ to the mainstream in more ways than one.

The rapper’s meteoric rise has run parallel with her very public relationship with Migos star Offset. 

This week, the pair found themselves thrust into the spotlight with a narrative that easily mirrored the antics aired every Monday night. on VH1. For, footage leaked that strongly implied that Offset had indeed cheated with another woman before their engagement in September.

In the time since, the couple have put on a united front. But at a concert that they both performed at last night, Cardi  made feelings abundantly clear.

See what we mean below…

After being invited on-stage by Migos to rap her verse on their top 10 smash ‘MotorSport,’ the femcee said:

“I let a n***a know though, you do that sh*t again…you gon’ lose your wife!”

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#CardiB stops show to say if #Offset cheats on her again he will lose her 👀 #UHUBLIVE #DTFRADIO

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And here they are just moments before…

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CardiSet crowd🔥😍💍💧 . . #cardib #offset #bardigang #Setgang @offsetyrn @iamcardib

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  1. Sleazy December 29, 2017

    Your fav bad bish aint that bad……. lol keep hyping sis up

    • SNF December 29, 2017

      You madddd ???

      • Sleazy December 30, 2017

        Mad because she is okay with being cheated on her ? Lol i am screaming at how pathetic you are thinking thats cute and something to be mad about

  2. Allure Searles December 29, 2017

    Cardi could do better she doesn’t need offset once a cheater always a cheater know your self worth

  3. Coolio December 29, 2017

    Girl please please listen youre a young woman with a number 1 record leave him and get your money.
    They just want waste your time and all that marriage thing look good on camera.
    I still think these bros gay tbh. Cardi listen forget him. A paid woman will get hers.

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      I mean he wasn’t cheating on her with a man so no he ain’t gay he just a hoebag.

    • Sleazy December 30, 2017

      Gay peoole think everyone gay

  4. Brent Christopher December 29, 2017

    This all may be a ploy to peak interest in her new single OR to ignite increased interest in a reality series focused on their coupledom. After all, any series that garners ratings has to present some type of conflict. These reports and images coming out DAYS after her official second single release really do present an interesting circumstance. Wouldn’t you agree? I think it’s all intentional.

  5. G7Pat December 29, 2017

    Ur fav stayed. Give cardi a break

    • Ashanti December 29, 2017

      Beyonce stayed with her HUSBAND lol. after a 17 year realtionship. Please dont compare 17 weeks to 17 years. You’re an idiot

      • SMH December 29, 2017

        And Beyonce is still a DUMB B*TCH for staying with a man that cheated on her, just like any dumb b*tch who stays with a cheater.

      • Sleazy December 30, 2017

        he still cheated

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      At least she was already married when it happened. Cardi is being presented with a clear warning sign well before she gets into this marriage.

  6. ? + ✈ = ? December 29, 2017

    She made her self look weak

  7. Whoops December 29, 2017

    I think this might just be for publicity too but even if it isn’t, they’re not married yet. I think there’s a huge difference between someone working it out when they’re actually married and have kids. I watch Divorce Court. My show. And the best situations are where they aren’t married and have no kids together. You can run like the wind. ?‍♀️Maybe I’m different though, but while I think cheating is a deal breaker, I don’t think those relationships are always irreparable. If you can forgive and move on, good for you. Truly. I wish her the best.

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      Yea but this is really early in a relationship for her to him to be disrespecting her in front of the whole world like this. It’ll only get worse once she committs herself to him completely.

  8. Haters Gon’ Hate December 29, 2017

    *drops mic*

  9. Belladonna December 29, 2017

    This is just ghetto mess this is not Vh1 she is in the big leagues Why would she even deal with him he’s ratchet,violent & Homophobic. Im done with her for 2018 & moving on can’t wait to see what best new artist the new year has to offer.

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      Are you done with Lady Gaga since she collabed with R. Kelly who did a lot worse than anything the Migos could ever do?

      • Belladonna December 29, 2017

        I don’t mess with Gaga like that anymore & always thought that was crazy for her to work with him. But was he ever convicted of thos crimes? Not being a jerk just really want to know?

    • Caleb December 31, 2017

      @belladonna no he wasn’t. What is your point?

  10. Jamie December 29, 2017

    These lil girls do anything for the d–even fukkk Offset gorilla-looking a**. The entire group disturbs me.smh

    • Faf December 29, 2017

      I’m dead

      And she ain’t going nowhere

      • Jamie December 29, 2017

        And that’s the sad part.

  11. SMH December 29, 2017

    Any woman who stays with a man who cheats on her is a dumb doormat b*tch, plain and simple, whether it’s 17 days or 17 years. Apparently money doesn’t buy common sense or self respect. And don’t bother responding with any delusional excuses for these dumb b*tches.

  12. Roab December 29, 2017

    So much to this…but at the same time not really, The saddest part is a hyper-successful woman validating herself through a guy who has “chosen” her to be his wife. This young negro has at least one kid (not a big deal at all but in this case it matters), countless side pieces but Cardi has decided that even with that….that he’s the one. No young Cardi, he’s not worth your time and unfortunately, you now deserve every bit of what you get because this is what you signed up for with this man. The only thing that is going to save your ‘career’ now is to call it off with Offset. If not NO ONE WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY! You now will be just another baby momma and oh wait…yeah you the main side piece which means you gotta pay his child support. If not now…..oh honey it’s coming.

    • Caleb December 29, 2017

      Doubt it’s really going to effect her career. Nobody is exactly looking to her as some sort of feminist role model. She makes good ratchet bops to party to and that’s what will keep her career afloat.

  13. Caleb December 29, 2017

    How about lose his fiancée before you become his wife?! If he already f***** up this bad how do you think he is gonna be once he has you wifed up? It’s pretty obvious he’s using her.

  14. John December 29, 2017

    The impact of Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself”.

  15. Ellie November 23, 2018

    U go girl tell him again

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