Exclusive: Rita Ora Teams With Cardi B For ‘Girls Girls Girls’

Published: Sunday 24th Dec 2017 by Sam

Both Rita Ora and Cardi B have enjoyed ample success in 2017 and now they’re teaming up to continue their winning streak in the New Year.

That Grape Juice has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on their confirmed collaboration.

The pair, who are label-mates on Atlantic Records, have joined forces on the song ‘Girl Girls Girls’ from Ora’s hotly anticipated second album.

As its title suggests, the song celebrates girl on girl love – and it sees Cardi brings her raunchiest self to the party. She raps:

“I just want to kiss bad b*tches all day / Cardi B (B) stands for both ways. / Bisexual..incredible…I’m telling you…only kiss it if tastes edible.”

No word on when the track lands, but we’re hearing it’ll be imminent to drum up buzz for Ora’s upcoming LP.

With both ladies rocking their respective sides of the pond, this is a smart play that will be beneficial the ladies and their label.

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  1. Brent Christopher December 24, 2017

    so HAPPY to see Cardi receiving these features and Nicki slowly being seated on the sidelines.

    • Abel December 24, 2017

      This means you spent almost a decade angry at Nicki? Poor thing…

      • Brent Christopher December 25, 2017

        Yes. I have been annoyed by her obnoxious flow, repetitive lyrics and baseless attempts at “hip hop” since 2009. WE ARE ALL READY for the guard Ron change & fiiiiinally… it is happening.

    • Ronnie December 25, 2017

      Y’all gonna have Cardi end up like Iggy and it’s sad. Nicki isn’t going anywhere so support Cardi because you actually like her not because you want her to become the next Nicki Minaj.

    • December 25, 2017

      dude, you are delusional.

  2. RihNaj December 24, 2017

    Patiently waiting….

  3. DanYiel Iman December 24, 2017

    Oh ok

  4. Oh puhlease December 24, 2017

    Nothing like good ol shock value and a popping guest rapper to try and make Rita Ora a star in the states…..yawn….we’ll see if it does the trick…..

  5. TAMMAH December 24, 2017

    The Only Rita Ora Song I Like Is How We Do. Other Than That, Rita Has Yet To Captivate My Eyes & Ears. Black Widow (Only Rita’s Part) Was So Whack To Me. She Better Do Well On This Cardi Track.

    On & Off Subject: U Know Somethin’ About These Features, Especially With Female Rappers? The Features Will Be Good, But I Don’t Save The Tracks On My Personal Music App Because I Hate Skippin’ To Only Their Part & Change The Track. I Be Drivin’ & I Ain’t Got Time For Tht. I Like Cardi’s Part On Motor Sport & Um Yea. I Like Nicki’s Part On Get It All, Shakin’ It For Daddy, Out Of My Mind, Etc. But I Don’t Have It Cuz I Don’t Care For The Other Verses On The Song. When I Watch Music Videos, I Only Skip To Their Parts. There Has To Be A Switch Around On Tracks Like Bartier Cardi; Cardi Does The Verses & The Male Rappers Only Get One Verse. Nicki Should Do That As Well Like How She Did Beez in The Trap.

  6. The Wig Snatcher December 24, 2017

    I really like how this collabo sounds, but I hope that Cardi does not face overexposure so soon in her career.

  7. The Wig Snatcher December 24, 2017

    By the way, Rita has had some bops as the lead singles artist that should have been hits in the United States. Has she really been blackballed???

    • Bibi December 26, 2017

      Ya her previous label messed up her career and she couldn’t release music, they stopped investing in her cause their focus shifted to other business priorities and she had to sue them to free herself from. Them (it was Jay Z s label), she’s with a new label now thats why she starting fresh

  8. Wyeom December 24, 2017

    Ok. So, I’m really here for Cardi and I do think Rita could thrive if she ever finds any good song that would suit her.
    That being said, am I the only one scratching my head at this collab? How on earth are you going to fit a song with Cardi’s style/flow on the same album where there are songs like Anywhere and Love Song?
    It just comes across forced as f*ck :/ That, or Rita is going to start putting trap music out.
    I wouldn’t put it past her, seeing ALL of her past single choices have been a major clusterf*ck

  9. Jeans December 24, 2017

    Damn! Everybody is on Cardi B’s nuts.

  10. Its me Gowrl December 25, 2017

    And Nicki wept

    • The Wig Snatcher December 25, 2017


    • Ronnie December 25, 2017

      Over a Rita Ora collab? What yall smoking on that bandwagon?

      • December 25, 2017

        LOL!!! ya them stupid mofo, will gas anything in hope of a dig against Nicki minaj…so sad.

  11. Unicorn the black one December 25, 2017

    Im not sure if people remember but, Cardi B has said plenty of times while on love and Hip Hop, She was mostly attracted to females and that Males came 2nd. That’s one reason why I think her and Offset are fake. Even in the video where she’s getting jumped it was over a girl.

    • Liam December 25, 2017

      I remember a friend of mine said that as well…..but I feel like she actually have a relationship with offset they seem genuine

      • Unicorn the black one December 25, 2017

        Video just came out of him cheating today lol

    • Liam December 25, 2017

      Oh damn lol well there goes that theory

  12. Ocean December 25, 2017

    Rita loves to collab with whoever’s hot .. she still begging for that US presence.

  13. Haters Gon’ Hate December 25, 2017

    Really????? Playing the sexuality card?? ? Isn’t it abit to early for Cardi to be rolling that out? You can only play this card once – and if you have talent – 3 singles deep and it remains to be seen if Cardi has the talent to stay in the game or be gone as a flash in the pan by summer 2018.

  14. eric December 25, 2017

    Here we go again. Another unproven flavor of the month that every label is trying to attach their artists to while the getting is good.

  15. Caleb December 25, 2017

    Definitely better than “Cardi put the p**** on Offset”

  16. IG@dirtfreshnews December 26, 2017

    Yo both of dem can come tru lol #DRTFRSH

  17. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 26, 2017

    A song about girl love sounds about as vapid and trite you can get. It’s already flopping before it even arrived as it sounds like something Katy Perry declined for Teenage Dream 5 years ago. Also Atlantic, stop trying to make Rita Ora a thing because she has just as much as a chance of being a superstar as Donald Trump going down in history is a great president.

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