Melody Thornton Thinks Pussycat Dolls Reunion Will Happen…But Wants More “Teamwork” Vocally

Published: Wednesday 20th Dec 2017 by Sam

All signs point to the Pussycat Dolls reuniting.

Indeed, the last few months has been filled with carefully planted stories, playful quotes when quizzed, and a plethora of public sightings of members who haven’t been seen together in years.

And while member Melody Thornton also anticipates a comeback, she says any such regrouping will need to come with certain prerequisites.

Full story below…

When asked about whether she’d bee involved in the much talked about PCD reunion, she told the Courier Mail:

“I think the Pussycat Dolls will reunite in the future.

Whether I will be part of it all comes down to what I am doing at the time.

Also, when it comes to my place in Pussycat Dolls, I didn’t sing as much as I would have liked to and, if we were to do it again, there would need to be teamwork.

But I love my former band mates, we built something together and I’m not ruling anything out.”


Anyone who’s followed the Dolls will recall how, despite possessing powerful pipes, Melody was often relegated to the adlibs while Nicole Scherzinger carried entire songs – BV’s included.

As such, it’s both understandable and fair for the gifted songbird to want more from any such return.

We also feel it’d be a cool selling point to garner public interest – pairing the familiar with the fresh.

Your thoughts?

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  1. erica December 20, 2017

    slow news day? this story is almost a month old I read this on another website awhile back

  2. Kenhern December 20, 2017

    She’s right…. because ain’t nobody trying to reunite and be someone background singer/dancer.

    • DanYiel Iman December 21, 2017

      Exactly especially when Nicole voice wasn’t the best AT ALL!!

  3. ??? December 20, 2017

    Lmao bye, these b*tches act like they had vocals like en vogue when they barely had vocals like total. Foh lmfao?

    • Electrikblue December 21, 2017

      You stupid rat! Total had vocals and so did some of the girls like Melody

  4. YoKing December 20, 2017

    Well based on those videos I see why she wasn’t allowed to sing. She is flat, can’t control her voice, and doesn’t have that pleasant of a tone. Take your opportunities as you get them

    • Haters Gon’ Hate December 21, 2017

      EXACTLY – I can’t ever remember liking a single live ad-lib that Melody sang – I never wanted to hear more – her tone is not something you’d want to hear over and over. Listen to Nicole on the cover of ‘Feeling Good’ on the PCD album. I rest case.

  5. Musika December 20, 2017

    She’s the only PCD member along with Nicole who got hired because of vocal talent so its only fair that she’s speaking up about this. She wasn’t a dancer in the first place but a vocalist.

  6. Francis December 20, 2017

    I’m here for the reunion, but we have to be honest, the only talented vocalist on the group is Nicole, Melody has a nice voice, but she can’t control it.

  7. Achooo! December 20, 2017

    Melody lives in China now

  8. Meme December 20, 2017

    You have to first know how to sing sweetie. This girls 2 secs solo parts always sound hideous and she wants more parts?

    • Bam December 21, 2017

      Anyone who has listened to her mixtape POYBL knows the girl can sing and put out what is arguably the best music of any of the girls solo efforts.

      • Haters Gon’ Hate December 21, 2017

        Studio trickery – she does not pass the ‘live’ test.

      • Bam December 21, 2017

        Saw her song lipstick and guilt and she killed it live so yes she does pass the “live test”. Could she stand to learn how to control her voice better? Yes but she’s still good.

  9. DanYiel Iman December 21, 2017

    Especially since the lead vocalist wasn’t the best IMO…

    • Haters Gon’ Hate December 21, 2017

      Y’all asleep ?Can anyone tell me how you cannot have vocal talent and yet can still achieve THIS >>

      I’ll wait…..

  10. Hesings December 21, 2017

    Melodies vocals are a maybe for me. Yes the girl has pipes, but guess what EVERY HUMAN BEING IS BORN WITH PIPES some pipes just sound better than others. And her pipes always sounds flat and out of control.

  11. StarXavi December 22, 2017

    I’ve said this so many times but….Nicole’s voice has the most versatility, ability, and power of any of the girls in the group. Melody has a great voice too, but lacks control and versatility, plus her tone while in the group was like a haphazard young Christina Aguilera. That being said, all the girls deserve some time to shine this go around.

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