Your Top 5 Songs Of The Moment?

Published: Monday 11th Dec 2017 by Sam
It’s that time again! That Grape Juice wants to see what you all are listening to. Which 5 tracks have you got on constant rotation at the moment?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to Urban music; could be something new, Throwback, religious, even something you made yourself! Drop a comment in the comments section. Ours are below – in no particular order:

1) Mariah Carey – Joy To The World

2) Ed Sheeran & Beyonce  – ‘Perfect’ Duet

3) Xscape – Dream Killa

4) Miguel – Pineapple Skies

5) Whitney Houston – Jesus Loves Me

What are Your Top 5 Songs of The Moment?

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  1. Davii December 11, 2017

    Of course there would be stinkyonce thrown in there lol

    • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 December 11, 2017

      The delusion is real 😂 the song is pure trash 💩

      • ??? December 11, 2017

        lmao no lies spotted.

  2. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Make some room, h**, keep a hundred feet away
    Fifty trucks, when I pull up we a fleet away
    You ain’t on my throne, ain’t even a seat away
    But thanks to Nicki, all these new b****** can see the way
    I got the krippy, I ain’t talking ’bout the gangs, though
    Had all these b****** rocking pink hair and bangs, though
    Now I got ’em rocking inches now
    But I’ll leave these b****** hanging like lynches now
    Word play got ’em stepping up they pens-es now
    Still stick me for my flow like syringes now
    Still kicking closed doors off the hinges now
    Shotgun and them ’88 Benzes now
    With my plug, I call him Poncho, but I think he wants that chocha
    Put this p**** in his boca, make my n***** take his coca
    Now I’m balling like I’m Sosa in a Lamborghini rosa
    Yelling, “¡Viva Puerto Rico!”, all my b****** es hermosa

  3. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    watch your man, then you should watch your mouth
    B****** is pressed, administer mouth to mouth
    You see them stats, you know what I am about
    I am the champ, I’m Iron Mike in a bout
    Attention, I’ma need you to face front
    You don’t want smoke with me, this is a laced blunt
    Rap’s Jackie Chan, we ain’t pullin’ them fake stunts
    My crown won’t fit on your bum-ass lace fronts (uh)
    You b****** catchin’ a fade, shout out my n**** Lil Boosie
    All of your friends’ll be dead, you can get hit with that Uzi
    I call him Ricky, he say he love me like Lucy
    Get you a straw n****, you know this p**** is juicy
    This Givenchy is custom made, now you can’t get it at Saks though
    I don’t work in no office, but they copyin’ and that’s facts though
    I ain’t tryna be violent, but if Nicki on it, it slaps, ho
    Get you lined for that paper like a loose leaf when that strap blow
    I’m with a couple bad b****** that’ll rip the party
    If Quavo the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi
    Pull up in the space coupe, I done linked with Marty
    I can actually afford to get a pink Bugatti
    “Hey yo Nick, didn’t you just do a hit with Gotti?”
    That too, but my n***** send hits like Gotti
    It’s a wrap, like the things on the head of a Saudi
    B****, you my son, go and sit on the potty

  4. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Lil’ b**** I heard these labels tryna make another me
    Everything you getting little h** is cause of me
    I heard I’m stopping bags, word to Shaggy it wasn’t me
    These b****** is my sons, but they daddy ain’t bust in me
    I’m a white picket fence b****, you a on the bench b****
    See me in the gym now these b****** wanna go bench press
    I ain’t f****** with you sis, we ain’t with the incest
    Yes, I am the Queen, I’m still trying to find the princess
    They know my name ring bells so they still press
    Say the Queen name you can get some ill press
    That went right over your head, you should feel blessed
    Must’ve used a lot of starch cause they still pressed
    B****** is finito, I call my car Rico
    Cause it’s Paid In Full, baby my car don’t get repo’d
    London got that heat though, my jet land at Heathrow
    If I had a d***, I would make all you b****** deep throat

  5. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Now you beggin’ this a doozy
    But beggars cannot be choosy
    Been the queen for eight summers
    Just tell them to call me Suzy
    This that Nicki, this that Uzi
    This Hennessy got me woozy
    Broke the Internet in 5411’s and some Gucci
    The blue ribbons eatin’ sushi
    It’s that real good c******
    This that wet as Chattahoochee
    F*** all y’all like a hoochie
    Givin’ them bars since the teens
    I ain’t goin’ back to juvie
    I am Nicki Yamaguchi
    ‘Cause I skate with the ice
    I don’t say what’s the price
    Lookin’ like it’s a heist
    I been winnin’ all my life
    On a roll, it’s a dice
    Since that Itty Bitty Piggy
    Rep my city like committees
    If you f***** it up with Nicki
    You feel pretty f*****’ shitty (uh)
    Anyway, I’m stoppin’ bags like the TSA
    Listen up you little b******, it’s a PSA
    I’m still shadin’ all these n*****, yeah the DITA way
    You gotta pay me flat bread, yeah the pita way

  6. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    I got something inside of me that can’t be quenched
    I’m addicted to winning and I can’t be benched
    Go to war for every black queen that they lynched
    And my pockets on chubby but they can’t be pinched
    Uhh, after they use you, then they abuse you
    Then they get mad when they lose you (excuse you)
    You know the liar will accuse you
    You know the queen still reign, it’s just business as usual
    Anything I touch, I bless it, track record so impressive
    Opened the Billboard Awards with a hit record
    The devil thought he had me
    But I rebuked him, got money and I’m still a baddie

  7. Tori December 11, 2017

    I think it’s safe to say the barbz have ruined this thread before it started but let’s try

    Big Sean- Big Business
    Big Sean- Go Legend
    Big Sean- Who Stopping Me
    Tamar- Hol’ Up
    The Clark Sisters- Drummer Boy
    Tamia- Stranger
    X’scape- You’re My Little Secret

  8. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Eight mil on that new thing, tied up like my shoe string
    Ain’t f****** with you b**** n*****, and that’s real rap but I do sing
    Make room when I come by, ain’t speaking, I’m dumb high
    Just heard n***** got jokes, it’s a matter of time before one die
    ‘Cause them dudes out and them tools out
    All sixes like school’s out
    N***** know if they talk slick that I’m winter fresh
    They’ll get chewed out
    ‘Cause them dudes out and them tools out
    All sixes like school’s out
    N***** know if they talk slick that I’m winter fresh
    They’ll get chewed out
    This s*** ain’t regular rich, so they end up in a ditch
    I’m not a regular b****
    So when n***** see me, they jump on my d***
    He not a regular shooter, so when you see me, salute her
    Ain’t got a knife in my hand
    But I’m choppin’ it up with some n***** from Cuba

  9. Dingell jones December 11, 2017

    Fantasia Christmas after midnight album

  10. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Look at y’all smokin’ ass n*****
    After every pull, n***** start chokin’ ass n*****
    Look at y’all b**** ass n*****
    Stop lyin’ on your d*** ass n*****
    Look at y’all lookin’ ass n*****
    Stop lookin’ at my ass ass n*****
    Look at y’all lyin’ ass n*****
    Talkin’ ’bout “It’s paid off” but it’s financed, lyin’ ass n****
    Bunch of non-mogul ass n*****
    Frontin’ like they got a plan, Boost Mobile ass n****
    N****, n****, look at y’all
    Can’t get a job so you plottin’ how to rob ass n*****
    I ain’t gotta check for y’all
    But if I’ma check for y’all, I’ma need a check from y’all n*****
    I don’t want s**, give a f*** about your ex
    I don’t even want a text from y’all n*****
    I’m rapin’ you n*****
    Look at this pic, look what the f*** I gave to you n*****
    Ain’t feelin’ these n*****
    N***** want my time, call me Clinton, I’m billin’ these n*****

    Look at y’all sharin’ one bottle in the club
    One bottle full of bub’ ass n*****
    Look at y’all not havin’ game ass n*****
    Y’all n***** share a chain ass n*****
    Same cup in the hand ass n****
    In the club with a credit card scam ass n****
    No d*** in the pants ass n****
    I be damned if I f*** a non-man ass n****
    I will, I will, I will never f*** a non-man ass n****
    I would never lie
    Even if that n**** flew me and my b****** all the way out to Dubai
    P****, you tried, p**** ass n**** you lie
    P**** ass n****, you high
    B**** I’m me, hundred on the wrist, I ski
    Art on the wall, Basqui, f*** who see
    Look at you fake dope dealers
    Know real n***** that be movin’ weight in them villas
    Talkin’ ’bout ki’s, say it’s ki’s in the van
    But he really move grams and he split it with his mans

    • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 December 11, 2017

      Shes trash 💩

    • DanYiel Iman December 11, 2017

      Totally TRASH, she came in the game as a Lil’Kim wanna be now she’s the queen of additive lyrics to other folks songs!!

  11. Abel Minaj December 11, 2017

    Track art
    Chiraq (feat. Lil Herb)
    Nicki Minaj
    Buy for $0.99
    Ain’t yellin’ cut when it’s shootin’ time
    Sign up, it’s recruitin’ time
    Big wigs with a suit and tie
    And them big things got two inside
    F*** wrong with these ho n*****?
    Don’t do coke, I don’t blow n*****
    I don’t tell n*****, I show n*****
    And it’s never less than like 4 n*****
    4 wings and some french fries
    Hot sauce and ketchup n****
    He telling and he hiding
    But real n***** a still catch a n****
    Cop Raris, I don’t test drive em
    Home theaters, can’t Best Buy ’em
    These n***** that I roll with
    Don’t let a single thing get by ’em
    King pins and them drug lords
    Chi-town, no gun laws
    Broke b****** that talk s***
    Now them the b****** I stunt for
    Malcolm X daughter came at me
    Lookin’ ass n***** ain’t happy
    Rolled out with some Latin Kings
    And some eses in them plain khakis
    Smack b******, no smack cam
    Closed fists, no back hands
    Pop p**** on a hand stand
    They suckin’ d*** like it’s band camp
    Call Web and then call Nitty
    Queens n***** in it’s all hoodies
    Kidnappin’ and then rob n*****
    Call D-Roc for a biggie
    P**** ass lil rap n*****
    I f***** with real trap n*****
    Pop star, icon
    But I send n***** come snatch n*****
    I’m with EBK, you on EBT
    Got a black nine, call it BET
    School n*****, get a GED
    And I tease n*****, make em B.E.G
    Got a money fetish, I’ma fly to Venice
    Got a big house I can play some tennis
    Lil Herb, what’s good?
    I’m a bad b**** and I f*** good

  12. juandizz December 11, 2017

    1 • Charli XCX feat. Tove Lo & ALMA – Out of My Head
    2 • Asia Major – All About Me
    3 • Black Saint – Never Did This Before
    4 • Azealia Banks – Barely Legal
    5 • Azealia Banks – Wut U Do

  13. TAMMAH December 11, 2017

    Um Yea- Cardi B
    Motor Sport- Cardi B
    Honey- Kehlani
    Enchante- Fergie
    Julia- Jhene Aiko

    • TAMMAH December 11, 2017

      Jukai*- Jhene Aiko: Stupid Auto Correct 🙄

  14. RoyalKev December 11, 2017

    Whitney Houston – Where You Are
    Chris Brown – Summer Breeze
    Brandy – Full Moon
    Lauren (5th H) – All Night
    Tony Toni Tone – Whatever You Want

  15. Yes. December 11, 2017

    Taylor swift-don’t blame me

  16. Ousha-Marie December 11, 2017

    1. Chris Brown- Reddi Wip
    2.Taylor Swift- I Did Something Bad
    3.Tinashe- Company
    4.Chris Brown-Questions
    5.Fifth Harmony-Deliver

  17. MUSICHEAD December 11, 2017

    Xscape – Dream Killa
    New Edition – Something About You
    Migos/Cardi/Nicki – Motorsport
    Keyshia Cole – Incapable
    Vivian Green – I Don’t Know
    Brandy – Sober

  18. Everyone’s A Critic December 11, 2017

    K MICHELLE – Takes 2
    K MICHELLE – Heaven
    K MICHELLE – Talk to God

  19. whut December 11, 2017

    1. Deadwood-Toni Braxton
    2. Something To Remember-Chante Moore
    3. Fantasy (2017 Nile Rogers remix)-George Michael
    4. Haters-TLC
    5. Incredible-Bell Biv Devoe

  20. Suicide Blonde December 11, 2017

    1- Good Grief – Bastille
    2- Drinking in L.A – Bran van 3000
    3- Summer Bummer – Lana Del Rey feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti
    4- There is a Light that Never Goes Out – The Smiths
    5- Ordinary World – Duran Duran

  21. TruthTea December 11, 2017

    1. Talk About It – Fabolous and Jadakiss feat. Teyana Taylor
    2. Soul Food – Fabolous and Jadakiss
    3. Damelo/I’m Feeling You – Rak-Su
    4. Perfect – Sheeran & Beyonce
    5. The Weekend – SZA

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