Kevin McCall Threatens To Kill Chris Brown – And His Daughter?

Published: Sunday 7th Jan 2018 by Sam

There’s no love lost between friends-turned-foes Chris Brown and Kevin McCall – but the latter just escalated things to a whole new level.

The embattled singer was shot in the foot recently  – something it was initially thought he did himself.

However, he told TMZ that it was more a case of “wrong place, wrong time.”

That should have been that, right? Wrong!

McCall clearly had time to be flicking through his mentions during his recovery, and offered a shocking response to suggestion from one commenter that Brown may have had something to do with his condition.

See what we mean below…


Naturally, this infuriated Team Breezy who dragged McCall for filth.

He deleted the tweet, but seemed resonant in his stance. He clapped back with…

As if it wasn’t clear by way of his various issues with Chris and baby mom Eva Marcille, this man needs help.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jamie January 7, 2018

    And you’re still uneducated…You’re also bipolar. I mean, don’t you have a daughter of your own? Start there!

    • Slimmm January 7, 2018

      He has 2 daughters & BOTH of his daughters mothers have a restraining order against him, as well as his own grandmother. Kevin McCall really is an mentally unstable person who is jealous that his career never took off. He wants to blame Chris for all of his problems & failures in life. He needs to grow up & accept the fact that he has no one to blame for his failure but himself.

      • Jamie January 7, 2018

        I agree with all of this, and he’s only making it worse. He should be apprehended.

      • I hate b. And w bitchexzz January 7, 2018

        noooo. .he said Chris owes him 3mil. ..would you let go…..Chris give him his $$$$$$. He wrote look at me…..come on

      • Moti January 7, 2018

        Serves him right! What person doesn’t know how shady the business can be at this point. Too many artist have come out warning people. Still your fault Kevin, now go get help!

  2. Mark111 January 7, 2018

    Well let’s hope, someone need to put that woman beater down.

    • Suicide Blonde January 7, 2018

      Dude, I don’t like Chris Brown but it’s never okay to wish death to someone, I still remember that thing you said about Jews and Hitler, remember?….But I’m the bad guy of TGJ ?

      • Jamie January 7, 2018

        Girl, you don’t even know Chris. He probably wouldn’t like you either.

      • Shade January 7, 2018

        Stfu you clown. And yes you are the cesspool of TGJ, your racist pos.

      • Shade January 7, 2018

        *You racist pos.

    • Caleb January 7, 2018

      But why did he have to mention “his seed” knowing he has a child?

  3. The Wig Snatcher January 7, 2018

    This needs to stop.

  4. Slicc Loskii January 7, 2018

    But i just checked the credits and his name is still there so what is the beef really about..

    • 1wisehat January 7, 2018


  5. Krippy January 7, 2018

    ??‍♂️ What in the entire fukk? Never thought someone could outperform Chris brown in the @sshole category but here we are…

  6. DanYiel Iman January 7, 2018

    He’s all talk for FUNDS!! Chris Brown isn’t worried about Kevin McCall..???

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