New Song & Video: Justin Timberlake – ‘Filthy’

Published: Friday 5th Jan 2018 by Rashad

It’s here!

At long last and after a week of teasing, fans of Justin Timberlake can finally feast their eyes and ears on the first single from his forthcoming album, ‘Man of the Woods.’

Titled ‘Filthy,’ the Michael & Janet Jackson-influenced visual awaits inside:


Hmm…while the futuristic visual was exactly what we were expecting given it’s the work of famed director Mark Romanek, admittedly this wasn’t what we were expecting on the sonic front.  A clear attempt to be ‘Sexy Back’s more sophisticated, funkier older sister, ‘Filthy’ – if you ask us – might be a little too funky.  At first listen the song doesn’t exactly grab you the way ‘Sexy Back’ did and feels a bit too much of a “try hard.”

Undoubtedly a grower, here’s hoping time will prove ‘Filthy’ a) isn’t completely representative of all ‘Man of the Woods’ has to offer and b) proves itself to be a risk worth the 5 year wait for his fans.

SN:  We are excited to see Timberlake hit a step or two and hope this is indicative of a full-on reintroduction of choreo to his stage shows (akin to his early solo days).

Your thoughts?

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  1. LLBoogie January 5, 2018

    It was cool.

    • China January 5, 2018

      Video was cool. Song HORRIBLE. The 2005 auto-tune vocals are Horrible. Damn justin.

    • Fancy BISH January 5, 2018

      Chile, what’s going on with Miss Timblerkake on the ITunes chart? Miss Thing hasn’t even cracked #1 after 9 hours on sale with all this unwarranted hype? GIRL lol ? I wake up and Bruno & Cardi are still sitting pretty at the top! Hit the Lil Jon OK, OK! lol ? #Finesse

      • Strawberry January 5, 2018

        Yep, the river, perfect duet, perfect symphony, HELL even Eminem & Beyonce’s much maligned “walk on water” all reached #1 on THAT easy chart within 2 hours of Release. Perhaps somebody been away too long failing at movies & hostin’ latenite comedy hour.

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 5, 2018

      This is the worst song he’s released EVER!

      • Drizzie January 5, 2018


  2. The truth January 5, 2018

    Not feeling it

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      Could you imagine if Beyonce or some other high profile non-white superstar in this current social climate, had come out with a record called “Put Your Filthy Hands on Me ” ???

  3. B January 5, 2018

    Song was ok, was expecting better
    Definitely not what I expected after the man of the woods title and visual

  4. Socivol January 5, 2018

    This is awful wtf is he thinking?

  5. Moti January 5, 2018

    Its probably a buzz cut to get people talking. He may be trying to feel people out. Music biz is tough

  6. Belladonna January 5, 2018

    I don’t know if this is Amazing or complete trash? I guess the real question is if I’m going to keep going back to listen to it to get the answer? The video was something different but at the same time just the same old sh*t. Lol I’m 50/50

    • Meme January 5, 2018

      This was my thought. I left so confused. Like do I like this or not.? I thought it was cool at some point but left feeling like ill pass.

      • Fancy BISH January 5, 2018

        The lyrics are terrible!

    • Meme January 5, 2018

      @fancy yes they were very basic. A whole lot of nothing was said.

  7. Abel Minaj January 5, 2018

    One chop…

  8. Jackx January 5, 2018

    Next, not what I was expecting. It’s a little to trying hard for me

  9. GurlWepa1989 January 5, 2018

    Issa No!! So much anticipation and what a let down this is.

  10. Ropeburn January 5, 2018

    Keep it. Did anybody else notice that part where the robot pretended to rip a piece of clothing of one of the dancers? I hope for his sake that ain’t what I just saw cause if it is he about to get dragged all up and down these internet streets.

    • DS January 5, 2018

      Yeah. Plus Janet already “did” this exact same sound a decade ago on “So Much Betta.” Everyone panned the Discipline album (with its robot/futuristic theme) but they’ll all eat it up b/c Justin did it. He’s still obsessed with Janet & MJ… move your corny ass on Justin.

      • Boytoy1814 January 5, 2018

        Discipline album is str8 FIYAAAH “So Much Betta” demolishes “Filthy” in every way!

      • DS January 5, 2018

        @Boytoy1814 I agree and the Discipline album was extremely underrated. But the production on “Filthy” was clearly inspired by “So Much Betta.” “Filthy” almost sounds like the same beat slowed all the way down and reversed…. I hope Timbaland didn’t intentionally copy JD’s production b/c this is the age of creative lawsuits.

    • Yan January 5, 2018

      I didn’t notice initially but now that you mentioned I can see how much it resembles the whole “Discipline” sound

      • iamdiego January 5, 2018

        I agree.. all I could think about was Britney spears (when he left that stage and let to robot take over)… The difference was his robot was getting it lol…

  11. Fancy BISH January 5, 2018

    Reminds me of Talking Heads….but I’m grown…so if I want Talking Heads, I’ll just listen to….well, Talking Heads lol…that’s the problem with JT…he’ll sound like Frank Ocean, Prince, MJ, David Bowie, George Michael and a country singer whenever he’s fixin’ to get ready to! But maybe that’s the….point? ? Maybe the video is alluding to the fact that he just wants to run to the damn woods and be himself instead of a robot? Notice how he was offstage? “Haters gonna say it’s fake,” meaning people are gonna think his country bumpkin image is fake when his country bumpkin image is the real JT. But I’m sleep tho lol ?

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      You’re overthinking this honey, in what i Hope is NOT a thinly-veiled attempt to apply “genius” to a basic good ‘ol fashioned BRAZEN, if formulaic attempt (see all the promos), to manipulate the media to maximize the sales and chart potential for “world domination” via this “Superbowl” of opportunities. If you really want to retreat to the woods to “get personal”, you don’t engage an all out front-street media blitz with yet another MJ ripoff (*see michael jackson’s Ghosts & trade the dancin’ skeleton for a Robot). About that Domination plan JT knows that in a justin bieber, taylor swift, ed sheran&beyonce world, this might be his only chance of pulling it off & quality be Damned if he’s not gona take it! So much for stealing away to the woods. Chile, Stevie Wonder can see SOMEbody wants to win album of da Year like taylor swift wants revenge on Kim & Kanye. The only Genius here is Justin’s accurate Bet that the Pop masses, hungry for a hip, WHITE king, will mauL down this Recycled red-meat he just threw at you, and wont notice that the act, And the man Himself is Ageing badLy.

      • Fancy BISH January 5, 2018

        lol, I feel you on that!

    • iamdiego January 5, 2018

      I agree.. all I could think about was Britney spears (when he left that stage and let to robot take over)… The difference was his robot was getting it lol….

  12. Mark111 January 5, 2018

    Will be called a buzz single in 5,4,3,2

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      When i first heard the title i thought surely this must be a metephor for societal ills or modern politics because Justin would be saavy enuff to know that in 2018, anything ELSE could be career suicide, but after hearing this afterdark jammy, …wow. He may as well have subtitled it. FILTHY (the Harvey Weinstien song)

  13. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

    I love how this is completely different from what everybody was expecting, he fooled everyone, including me, lol, both the song and video reminds me of George Michael rather than MJ or JJ like the article suggested……It is me or is Rashad’s dislike for him showing in this article, the hate is palpable around all the corners of ThatGrapeJuice ?

    • Abel Minaj January 5, 2018

      He sucks now accept it and move on

      • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

        So why can’t you do the same with the plastic doll you stand for?

    • Stephy January 5, 2018

      He was literally doing MJ’s dance moves all throughout the video… and used the director for Scream to shoot this. Give it up, he’s an MJ student. Btw the song is trash. He needs to come harder.

      • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

        That director has worked with several artists, including Madonna, and the only MJ move I see on the video was the moonwalk. He got you and the other kids acting dramatic over a song all of you think is trash, imagine if this was a SexyBack like track, the meltdowns ?

      • TAMMAH January 5, 2018


    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      In WHAT world did George michael ever dance like That? (foot shuffles & crotch grabs) .. oh, i FORGOT.. george michael is a white man. And God forbid should white Justin take his influences from a BLACK icon even though it is well documented & Justin himself has gone on Record repeatedly naming the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON as his greatest musical idoL. Wow you dont even try to HIDE your Racism anymore, do you ?*** #greetings from yet another black icon to @suicide Blonde: Queen Bee & Eddie Sheeran sends their regards from the top of the Hot 100 (for the fourth week in a row.)♡*

      • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

        Take your pills mate, the sound and video are reminiscent of George Michael. I never attributed the dancing to him, and I could care less about #1 songs on the hot 100, especially if it is as basic as that ginger guy song, but LOL at you being proud of Beyoncé finally getting a #1 after 40 years and several tries to take advantage of every possible hot single of the moment and don’t forget, thanks to a white guy ?

      • Strawberry January 5, 2018

        Except unlike yo brokedown racist justin timberlake suckin’ Black Icon hatin’ ass, Beyonce hasn’t even been on the earth for 40 years & has been sitting on the Pop throne for the last 20, and all you Racist stay shook about it. LMAO #Pop musicRoyalty #justin timberlake took even longer (10) years to return to #1 with cant stop the feelin’ & he’s older than Beyonce. #awww i know it hurts when the Queenbee stings

  14. Mark111 January 5, 2018

    Sorry, but after after that Bruno Mars video I watched about 99 times, JT comeback might have been sh!tted on. It’ll be hyped, but like Em and Taylor it’ll chart and then fall right off the following week. Again like Em, there’s more White boys in the same space now, Bieber is on JT’s @ss, Ed is out singing him, Shawn and the other direction kids are coming up, the space is no longer safe.

    • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

      For someone who claim to dislike him you care way too much about his career failing, do you have a crush on him? Aww don’t worry mate, you’re not the only one ?

      • Mark111 January 5, 2018

        Childish playground deflecting still? Like I said, it’s going to be interesting to see how he holds up with other artists in his pop/wanna be R&B space he clang on for so many years. He always been mediocre, he’s only creativity was hiring Timbaland and snatching those MJ rejected tracks. Oh, how’s that Eminem trash album holding up? ?

      • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

        If Rihanna can survive in the music industry, so can Justin, at least he has talent, not everything is about success mate, he could have released a Sexyback like track and murder everyone in the game but he clearly moved on from that Justin, I’m a fan and I like this Justin better, after all I don’t stand for commercial success.

      • Strawberry January 5, 2018

        Well we all KNOW your racist open-hole ass do.

    • Belladonna January 5, 2018

      Taylor’s Look What You Made Me Do stayed Number1 for 3weeks the video Broke The 24hour record, has over 800milliom views & her album outsold everyone in 1week with 1.2million. She is nothing like Eminem & JT. Lol But the Super Bowl May Help JT.

      • Mark111 January 5, 2018

        Taylor only have one song currently in the top 40 and it’s at #40 with an album that’s not even 2 months old. Sure she sold over a million in a week, but with all that promo and for it to be selling less than 100k a few weeks after is a flop. And I read her tour isn’t selling well at all. Pop is dead, the charts been very trap/hip hop and other genres since 2016.

      • Marcel January 5, 2018

        What promo? This era had less promo than 1989 she hasn’t now been booking talk shows or live peformances and has been selling more than 100K every week since release and even returned to #1 this past week.yeah you read her tour isn’t t doing well but Her tour is predicted to gross up to $450 Million so go on

      • Yes. January 5, 2018

        @markWhat! Taylor’s album is currently number 1 on the billboard album chart. Where did you read she’s at 40? And I see she’s flop, what does that make every other artist right now.

  15. Bounce Back January 5, 2018

    Garbage song….. track is way too busy, and lyrics are blah!

    It’s a No!

  16. robert January 5, 2018

    are people crazy and redudant. this new song is amazing fresh creatuve futuristic eerie and industrial good sound something the music industry needs! Lemonade, SZA Cntrl and now Man of the wooods are innovative inspired!!!

    • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

      LOl, no, I’m a fan but George Michael was doing this in the 90’s, and better, it’s fresh for the current music trend, not new.

      • Strawberry January 5, 2018

        But you know what ISN’T fresh? ..yo “Racist” used up asshole.

  17. Jamie January 5, 2018

    Just no.

  18. Casual-T January 5, 2018

    Who’d a thought to swaggerjack Steve Jobs? In this video, JT reminded me of Jobs at the 2010 iPad launch.

    • LT January 5, 2018

      I was wondering if it was just ME!! He totally channeled Steve Jobs here. lol

  19. Elio January 5, 2018

    Reminds me of George Michael, the visual is cool

  20. Tara January 5, 2018

    That was BAD ASS!!!!!

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      Justin Timberlake is a Hard 38. ..and it Shows !

  21. #MOTORSPORT January 5, 2018

    WTF is this ……………………….. I love Justin Timberlake but this is not it at all. I don’t know what’s going on with him and Usher. They were the head honchos of male pop/r&b but now It’s like they have lost themselves and the creative directions that they’ve taken recently has made the lane they once dominated to be taken over by the likes of Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Bieber etc. TBH JT needed a better lead single, serve much better choreo, serve a better look (he looks like a nerd in this video) & forget this whole Man of the woods crap and be the JT we all know and love. This past year Justin Bieber racked up multiple #1 hits, Bruno & CB served us with fire visuals, awesome choreography, fresh looks and crazy bangers. This should’ve fueled JT to bring the HEAT and show them who’s their maker but noooo he’s trying to “experiment”. This is not the it. I guess this is a young man’s game smh.

  22. Oh January 5, 2018

    I knew once I loved it and seen the comments that you all would hate it and I was right. I have never been told I have bad taste in music, in fact I’m always asked my opinion in my the real world. I come here and you all hate the great things and love the basic things. It’s true. You all are the GP though

    • Audreyherbsburm January 5, 2018

      You sound like a child when you say things like “I’ve never been told… etc” with the intent of creating your own validity. That doesn’t mean anything on the internet, love. For all we know, you’re blowing smoke.
      With that said, the song is not epic at all, but if you like it, f*** who don’t. I think it’s a cute listen to pop up on my shuffle… but Bruno has done this song 3 times already

    • JOHNVIDAL January 5, 2018

      Oh well… Justin is not a master as a musician though. But I admit there are many people in this blog (and many others that are not like that) that are part of a couple of satn bases and they cannot see further than that. Not musically and not in any front.

  23. Haters Gon’ Hate January 5, 2018

    Wow. That was soulless and just plain awful. It was just full of nothing. I don’t even like Justin Bieber but ‘Sorry’ and every other single JB put out last era shits on ‘Filthy’. It’s so mediocre it actually hurts to watch.

  24. tru.tea.ldn January 5, 2018


  25. Liam January 5, 2018

    I liked it…it’s definitely different than what’s on the radio but I like the song and video

  26. Audreyherbsburm January 5, 2018

    I actually like the song, but can’t help hearing Bruno mars and/or pharrell singing it… they do this sound better than him… but now I’m confused about what direction he’s going for.

  27. Jeans January 5, 2018

    Video is different, cool. The song is trash. Too busy. Just a bunch of noise.

  28. mr.m January 5, 2018

    Sounds nothing like what the album visuals/sound

  29. mr.m January 5, 2018

    He want to comeback with something different
    Just like what he did in sexyback
    Its not gonna work with this one
    Hope the album delivers a different sound

  30. Anne January 5, 2018

    There’s no such thing as “too funky.”

  31. dee January 5, 2018

    The song is pure trash! I’m very shocked.

  32. Andrea January 5, 2018

    I don’t know which was worse the song or the video. His Music is starting to be as about as good as His wife can act. Welcome to The D List.

  33. pat January 5, 2018

    When you know no one’s here for your culture vulturin so you get a robot to do it for you

  34. SMH January 5, 2018


  35. Ashanti January 5, 2018

    Have you all noticed that @ Suicide Blonde always discredits black artists? Justin has been trying to emulate black sounds since he has debuted. This is TRASH. WIll flop and he can thank God he’s doing halftime or his album would’ve flopped too.

    TGJ @ Suicde Blonde is a registered offender BTW

    • JOHNVIDAL January 5, 2018

      A registered offender? What? lol How do you know that? Only asking.

      • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

        They also claim that I’m a serial killer ? and that you send a picture of me to one of these commentators, like how can you even have a pic of me, lmao.

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      Im with you girl, i been trying to tell everybody *SUICIDE BLONDE is an Old, Neo-nazi internet Troll, who comes on every blog to celebrate white artists only & discredit the most successful black artists every chance he gets. I Love both Adele AND Beyonce & it is twisted and evil to denegrate an artist solely on the basis of Race. Lucky for TGL, there are intelligent, capable, articulate watchdogs & gatekeepers like you & me girl, to flesh them out & spray ’em like the racist cockroaches that they are. @Suicide Blonde you have met your match.

  36. Yan January 5, 2018

    This is giving me Robbie Williams tea and not in a good way.

  37. Gee January 5, 2018

    This song is hot garbage but I am sure pop radio will try and spin this to convince the masses otherwise. To be honest The Justin Timbaland Pharrell formula is stale at this point he needs to work with other producers for a change because at this point I see no growth at all it is the same sound with a few added pieces.

  38. JOHNVIDAL January 5, 2018

    The video definitely good. The song… I´m not going to say it is bad, but how does this fit at all with the title and supposed general fake feel of the era? This man has talent but has not got identity. He´s not one of the true greats music has given us that´s for sure.

    • Suicide Blonde January 5, 2018

      He has more than one influence, there are videos of him singing Country when he was a kid, he already did Country in the 20/20 Experience too, we can say Gaga is talented but has no originality too, it’s all relative, I’m just glad he’s experimenting with his music.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 5, 2018

        Gaga seems to have things clearer when she pfucking releases an era though. She´s more talented and versatile. He dances well.

  39. Shade January 5, 2018 me wannabe MJ/Usher. Just like I expected from his garbage ass.

    • Shade January 5, 2018

      Btw, the both the song and video are trash.

      • Shade January 5, 2018

        *excluding the first Grammer mistake “The”.

  40. Jj January 5, 2018

    Thank you mark Romanic The director of Janet Jackson’s got till it’s gone and scream For sabotaging this wack videoAnd not showcasing Justin at all Great jobThis video is not good at all. If you would’ve broke out dancing next to the robot and I had some different scenes it would’ve been much better but this is Janet karma

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      Only if he HAD, it would’ve been even MORE like Michael Jackson’s “leave me alone” &”ghosts” than it already is. Chile, it’s a mess..

  41. S January 5, 2018

    I was too busy watching the video to pay much attention to the music. So I guess it didn’t grab me either. It might grow on me but too early to say.

  42. Lisa Lindquist January 5, 2018

    Was there a reason several dance moves were in refrence to MJ? I did not get the song with that vid.

  43. Sad Disappointed January 5, 2018

    In this time of sexual harrassment discussions, pornography full throttle all over social media etc., I am so saddened by this talented artist and his continuing display, conversation of suggestive sexuality., which I feel demeans and objectifies women. We are so much more than this pigeonhole that we have been stuck in time and time again. Sorry to say I am no longer interested in this kind of entertainment. The world
    inhabitants needs uplifting portrayals of their genders to foster kindness, compassion and the kind of love we need to expect and nuture each other with.

    • Strawberry January 6, 2018

      Amen, sister. I’m no prude, but didnt this man promise us an introspective foray into mature themes like getting back to his roots and a newfound appreciation for his wife and children, touting this new music as his most personal yet? and while all that did sound a bit far right for what we have come to expect from Justin, at least as far as the newly single goes that was the biggest lie ever, because this man swung to the left. ALL THE WAY LEFT. and landed somewhere in the Red Light District. I Havin’ s** with random robots, lnvitin’ random folks to put their Filthy Hands on him yeah Justin. Nice tribute to your wife and child.

  44. Phyllis January 5, 2018

    It was the hottest, it was ingeniously done! I love robotics and this is remarkable ! ?????????????????

    • Strawberry January 5, 2018

      OMG you’re like suicide blonde hopped up on angel dust! ..smh

  45. Tiffany January 5, 2018

    Not sure if in the current climate a song about putting filthy hands on someone is a good PR move. I think this may be dated before it was even released 🙁 Too bad because I love me some JT.

  46. Bad_B January 5, 2018

    Sounds too try hard and over produced. Its groovy though but not a worldwide smash. You wont be hearing this blasting from cars and radios across the world. It has no personality at all. Even selena is serving stronger vocals than he’s doing here. I agree with the folks saying its a buzz track. Maybe in the U.S it will be a hit. Idk

  47. Meteorite January 5, 2018

    Sounds like a Prince rip-off with Bionic visual from Xtina’s album cover. Smh

  48. DanYiel Iman January 5, 2018

    Ok I liked the beat & I couldn’t listen to the song…

  49. The Wig Snatcher January 5, 2018

    The video was very good. The song sounded like a rough draft of Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds” song. The song is terrible. I expected far better.

  50. discooo January 5, 2018

    Sounds like a George Michael vibe to me, I like it

  51. thanosoftitans January 5, 2018

    I get a Prince meets Steve Jobs meets iRobot vibe. I want to like it but I’m on the fence.

  52. RoyalKev January 5, 2018

    It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something that continued to make me form different opinions within every 30 seconds of my first listen. There’s a portion of the song that I wish was explored a bit more. It’s the catchiest part: ‘no question/I want it/fire up/everybody smokin/your friends my friends/and they ain’t leavin til six in the morning’… that’s fiyah! The rest took it down several notches! This is very George Michael inspired! I see oodles of MJ influences (which kind of bores me tbh), I hear a little Prince, there’s a low-key Janet ‘Discipline’ feel to this! It’s a gumbo, but overall it’s just filled with too many try hard moments (like article states)! It’s a C+! It’s not trash, but it’s far from a home run!

  53. Jenny January 5, 2018

    This is STRAIGHT TRASH. The music sounds like its being played backwards, or in reverse or whatever. Sounds weird to hear a 40 year old man saying…
    “‘tsup girl.” Hang it up man…

  54. Martaevia La’wayne January 5, 2018

    I haven’t watched the video yet but I love the song. Welcome back Justin!

  55. Tino January 5, 2018

    The difference between him and Usher/MJ/CB is they don’t need no robot cause they’d do the moves themselves but some people wanna believe that’s actually justin as the robot lmao SMH

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